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12-02-08, 1:51 pm
Well its about time, I made it offical by starting a Journey. This journey will have my random thoughts, product reviews (animal of course), and as well as my struggles to acheive my bulking goal.

Current Stats:
23 years old
Been lifting 2 years

My goal is to be 185lbs (my magic number, dont ask, because I dont know, just felt achievable)

Goal was to start a non-haronmal bulk shooting for 185, I have/had 5 months.
The math behind the plan 1lbs a week x 4 weeks x 5 months = 20 hard earned pounds.

M-stak (1 can down, 1 more to go)
Pump (truely amazing stuff)
Pak (love this stuff)
Whey Protein (need some gainer)
Casesin Protein

Aimming for 3500-4000 cals currently, Will keep updated on diet and workout log, plus random thoughts throughout life!!!

BTW: animal forum rocks!

12-02-08, 11:29 pm
Today was a ultra slow day at work (I do sales), I couldn't wait to get to the gym and start throwing some weight around.

Diet today was terrible but very high in calories!! (go dirty buik!)
wake up: granola bar 180 calories
mid morning: smoothie king hulk 32 oz
lunch: half a hamburger pizza
evening: 10 oz chicken
after workout: 16oz milk, honey bunchs oaks
before bed: casein protein shake

Today was ARMs (Worked out late 7:30pm) Took pump 30 mins prior, still feeling the pump.

Straight Bar Curls 70x11, 70x10, 80x10
Incline DB Curls 30x10, 30x10, 30x10
Straight Bar Cable Curl 90x10, 100x10, 100x10
Preacher Curl 70x12, 80x10, 80x9

Close Grip Bench 135x13, 155x10, 155x10
Cable Pull downs 100x10, 100x10, 100x10
Dumbbell overhead tricep extension 55x12, 55x10, 55x10
Dips (body weight x 15), (body weight x 12), (body weight x 11)

Tomorrow, Im going to pick up some weight gainer protein (ran out a few days ago). Also plan in the morning is to pack lunch for tomorrow, so I can save money and still eat correctly.

**** This is my 2nd day off mstak, but still using pump for pre-workout**** I can say I still felt a incredible pump, and I'm stronger and actually feel harder then 2 weeks ago. Maybe its mental.

12-04-08, 10:08 am
yesterday I didnt sleep much, maybe 6hrs of sleep, and my sister backed into my car yesterday morning. So the day was pretty much shot from early morning. I did get a chance to pickup some weight gainer and some creatine mono for off days.

Recap of yesterday: Yesterday was an off day, Doing a 4 day split this week.
day 1 Chest/abs
day 2 Arms
day 3 back/shoulders
day 4 legs

Diet yesterday consisted of:
morning - garanola bar with yogurt with casein shake
mid morning - 2 slices old hamburger pizza leftovers
lunch - arbys chicken sandwitch
late lunch - protein shake
evening - creatine mono shake
evening - 3 egg whites with 3 whole eggs, with turkey and cheese.

again, I know im not on the cleanest diet, but Im not exactly throwing the fat on currently, well see when i start taking 1000 calories of weight gainer a day on top of my whole food diet.

Today is a good day, back/shoulders!! pretty stoked...

until then-


12-05-08, 5:48 pm
Yesterday was back and shoulders..
I weighted yesterday = 166.5

Diet consisted of:
Morning - garanola bar/yogurt/red bull
pre lunch - weight gainer shake
lunch - 4 oz chicken, cup brown rice
post lunch - wendy's jr bacon cheese burger
pre workout - weight gainer shake
post workout - 8 oz talipia with ko kous rice

Workout consisted of:
Barbell Military Press - 105x10, 105x10, 105x10
Forward Raise (each arm)- 25x10, 25x10, 25x10
Upright Rows - 70x10, 70x10, 70x10
Shrugs - 155x10, 155x10, 155x10

Backwards flys (dont know the name) 90x10, 90x10, 80x11
Seated pull down (machine) - 10 x10, 10x10, 10x10
DB row (each arm) - 55 x10, 55x10, 55x10
Top half of dead life - 185x10, 185x10, 185x10

I worked out at 7:30pm at night, and I ended up forgetting to take pump. Maybe it was mental but my energy level was a little lower then normal.

12-06-08, 9:28 am
Yesterday was leg day.
Weight yesterday - 165.8lbs

Workout Consisted of:
Leg Press 180x10, 190x10, 210x10, 210x10
Squats 185x15, 205x15 , 215x10, 235x10
Deadlifts 135x10, 155x10, 185x10
Calf raises 90x10, 90x10, 90x10

..... Kinda sucks, my damn legs dont fit well in my jeans!

Supplements yeterday:
Animal Pump
Animal Pak
Weight Gainer

Diet Consist of:
morning - Garnola bar/yogurt
pre lunch - weight gainer
lunch - 3 chicken snack wraps
post lunch - weight gainer
dinner - 6-8oz roast, white potatoes

I have the next 2 days off. I do start back on another can of M-Stak on monday!

I did happen to meet a very nice girl the last time I worked out. We'll see how that goes.

12-08-08, 1:57 pm
The weekend was my off day. I consumed roughly 3000cals each day.

Weight Today: 165.8lbs

This morning was my chest/forearm workout. It went pretty well. I think I overslept, I didnt have very much engery today even with PUMP, and starting back M-Stak.

Chest -
Flat Bench Dumbbell - 60x14, 65x11, 70x9
Isoslated Wide Bench Machine - 140x12, 160x10, 180x9
Isoslated Incline Bench Machine - 140x8, 130x9, 130x9
Flat Bench Dumbbell Flys SS push ups - 40x10 (14push ups), 40x10, (12push ups) 40x9 (11push ups)

Dont know what they are called, but i did 7 sets of forearm workouts.

Will update diet at the end of the day.

Overall, I feel like im getting leaner, My chest/arms are getting larger but Im getting leaner. I feel I need to eat even more!! Going to try to eat 4 whole food meals with 3 shakes a day.

Im going to buy a tape measure today, and start measuring every 2 weeks. So I can verify "getting larger."