View Full Version : Kidney Beans

12-03-08, 3:12 pm
Everyone's opinion on them? I typically have a can of them at lunch followed by a can of tuna with rice. It's got the protein, but I just wonder if I"m getting too much fiber - if whatever I"m eating will go straight through my system.

12-03-08, 3:32 pm
i dont think you can have too much fiber, it keeps ya insides cleaned out....

personally i dont eat them so no opinions...

12-04-08, 1:13 am
It is possible to have too much fiber and you would have diarrhea if you did. Unless you are getting lots of fiber the rest of the day also, I wouldn't worry about it.

On Letting Go
12-04-08, 6:43 am
Beans are a great source of Fiberous carbs plus a little protein. I dont eat them everyday, more like once a week. I mix them with rice. Good stuff. I wouldnt worry about getting too much fiber, but like atomant said, if you do eat too much... you'll know it. haha.


12-04-08, 7:25 am
While I agree that more is generally better, I do think we need to use caution in our approach in regards to all nutrients.

My uncle ate too much fiber a couple years ago, it mimicked Chrones disease (sp?) to the point where his doctor told him that is what he had. He backed off (for his caloric intake, he was getting 2.5x the recommended amount of fiber) and his symptoms completetly dissappeared.

Personally, I get more than the required amount, but if I took a ratio of my fiber to caloric intake, it would probably only be about 1.5 times what the FDA says you should have against the standard 2500 a day.

Just my .02.