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12-05-08, 9:20 pm
I grew up in the '08 graduating class. In high school due to an illness I had to repeat junior year but I rolled with the same crew. So now I'm kickin it with '09ers and its just gotten stupid.

These clowns are just all the same. Last year the coolest kid was the kid with the fake IDs who supplied booze and caused all the drama. He ran the show. His name was clay, my best buddy. This year is Ben. He's the same person as Clay. Clay's cronies and Ben's cronies are the exact same phonies. They talk about downing 30's and trying to get in drunk chicks pants. Thats fun last year for about 5 months.

Standing by the ruit table gets so damn old. Flip cup is fun I'll give you that. I'm the champ. But I've had to live this almost 1.5 years now. Its so played out. They're the same clowns,

the only difference is their names are Matt, Andrew, Ben, Tim, Pete, and not Clay, Max, HB, and AC (won't even bother listing all the poseurs that make up the wannabe posses they surround themselves with).

They all act the same, dress the same, talk the same, date the same girls, and even have the SAME JOKES as last years crew. Fuckin posuers. They like me cause they know I'm legit. Thats it. Someone real and they want to be apart of it. Leeches. I stay quite and don't take part in shenanigans. I know where it gets them. No where.

Ya see,

These dudes need a reality check. They talk mad shit. I want to knock them out for even thinking they truly know me. You can't know me. Cause I don't divulge shit. I DO NOT brag and I DO NOT Bitch. It gets me no where but its a real mans philosophy. Let them learn by being left in the dust. They're not any more unique than toys on an assembly line. The names may change but the people are still the same.

Next point.

What ever happened to being real men? None of these kids are.
What happened to being able to just grunt and mumble all your words like we're supposed to?
What happened to wearing the same damn jeans all week?
What happened to doing something just because?
What happened to bros over hoes?
What happened to just fuckin breakin stuff?
What happened to rubbing some dirt on it?
What happened to walking it off? Manning up? Pushing through?
What happened to shaving when YOU felt like it?
What happened to the bro code?
What happened to doing something more than just standing by the ruit table?
What happened to ditching the losers that you know can't hack it? It ain't my fault they're just pussies now.
What happened to bros who weren't actually secretly whipped? Today if they say they aren't they're fuckin lying don't take their shit for a second
What happened to clothes that you can afford to just lose? Vineyard Vines are you joking me?
What happened to the young men that were less judgemental than a 13 year old girl? Seriously?
What happened to family tradition and honoring it? None of them do.
What happened to being a real buddy through thick and thin? Sure I'm jaded. I have no real friends anymore. Just pussies who are in love with the idea of me.

What has happened to suburban America and Medfield Massachusetts is these "bros" need a good beat down to get their shit straight. They need to rub some dirt on it. Shake my hand and start acting like men who have a good head on their shoulders. No more clowns please.

Thanks for reading.

12-05-08, 9:33 pm
I feel the same. The exact same. I play college baseball and it is the same way within the team.

12-05-08, 10:15 pm
nobody is real.

12-05-08, 10:20 pm
The fact that its like this else where just makes me lose hope in finding anyone else who is real.