View Full Version : Vegan diet and getting big

12-08-08, 2:13 am
Is it possible to get huge and cut on a fully vegan diet?

12-08-08, 2:18 am
as long as you get protein in i dont see why not... but it maybe pretty hard

soy protein is pretty good..

12-08-08, 2:23 am
as long as you get protein in i dont see why not... but it maybe pretty hard

soy protein is pretty good..

Is it harder to convert soy protein to muscle than protein from meat?

12-08-08, 4:46 am
IMO nigh on impossible, I say nigh on as it can be done but you`d have to eat a shit load of soy to get huge but yes it could be done.

12-08-08, 10:04 am
Theres not just soy as far as your protein intake goes, you also have hemp protein as well. I read somewhere that it is a good source too. I think it is expensive though.

12-08-08, 1:03 pm
Is it possible to get huge and cut on a fully vegan diet?

Can you get huge? well, anything is possible if you go about it strictly and consistently. Now are you a vegan or just curious about vegan diets? A vegan bodybuilder is one who refrains from eating all animal products, this means no meat, fish, poultry, dairy or eggs. Now I do not eat red meat or dairy at all..I do eat an abundance of chicken, turkey, eggs and fish.

Plant foods contain the very same eight amino acids as animal foods do, only in differing amounts. As long as you are getting enough calories from a healthy diet, plant
foods can give you all the amino acids you need, by themselves or in combination with one another in addition to supplementation pre and post wo.

Some ideas on how to combine meals and make it work for you vegan style:

legumes, greens, grains, nuts and seeds tofu and soy protein..how to combine:

Corn Tacos with black or Pinto Beans and avocado slices
Oat Bran with Soymilk
Brown Rice with Greens and Tofu
Meatless Burgers on whole grain bread
Whole Grain Bread with Natty Peanut Butter (maybe containing flax and omega rich oils, not sure how strict you actually are) and natural jams
Tofu Yogurt with nuts (various types)
Tofu Cutlets with greens and brown rice
Sunflower Pate & Sprouts on Pita (organic section in grocer or organic type health food stores)
Tahini Dressing on anything!
Noodles with Sesame Seeds...even peanut butter (chinese dish)
Oatmeal with mixed nuts
Brown Rice with nuts
Avacado, Sprouts & Almond Butter on Whole grain bread
Corn or Wheat Flakes w/ Chopped Almonds & Filberts
Chickpea Hummus (made w/Sesame Seed Butter) on Pita (I love this as a snack)
any beans are fine mixed with brown rice makes it a more complete protein source

along with proper supplementation and soy protein shakes with water or soymilk...you can surely reach your goals..may or may not take longer than the next joe..we are all different. people say you cant get bigger or stronger without red meat and dairy..I beg to differ cause Im a prime example that you can reach your goals without such food in your diet.

keep in mind, protein maintains muscle..carbs build muscle...fats are either your friend or foe. its how you balance the three to make it work toward your individual goals that is key here.

12-08-08, 1:14 pm
of course there is more food you can add to this list..pot's, whole grain pasta (just look to see how it was made cause many are made with eggs)...dextrose powder to add to your shakes, coconut and rice milks, olive oils...so on