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12-09-08, 9:34 pm
Whats up Bros. Thought I would start my own Journey. I little background I started powerlifting when I was 16, I won a couple meets and decided to join a gym when i got out of highschool now 6 years later I am preparing for my first show. It took alot of nagging by other gym goers/trainers untill i decided to give it a try. Tonight was back night.

Pull Ups 3x20 with 45lbs+bw
Barbell Rows 135x12 185x12 205x10 225x10
Cable Rows stack 4x12
Lat Pull Down 160x14 180x12 200x10 stack for 8
One arm Dumbell 90x10 100x8 115x8
Cardio 30 mins with incline

12-09-08, 9:51 pm
Thought i would add my supps
Pak most have
real gains
natural sterol complex/ m stak cycle between the 2
new to list intra aid love it so far

12-10-08, 8:05 pm
Tonight we did some arm work

straight bar curls 45x20 warm up 80x10 90x10 100x10 135x6 2 forced
db curls 45x12 50x12 60x12 65x8
preacher curl machine 4x12 all slow and controlled

overhead ext. 100x14 115x14 120x14 125x14 125x14 gym only has 125 dumbells
skullcrushers 4x12 115
v-bar pressdown 95x20 115x15 125x15 135x15
single arm kickbacks 25x14 4 sets

wrist curls 50x20 4 sets
reverse curls 50x20 4 sets

Arms are pumped like crazy. It was sick i could barely lift my arm to drink my pwo shake. Another one in the books.

12-16-08, 11:25 pm
will be back on the journey full blown tomorrow.