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12-11-08, 12:44 pm
I hate the band As I Lay Dying, but this is awesome. Check out Austrian Death Machine. It is from the lead singer of As I Lay Dying and another guy. It is somebody doing a rather good impersonation of Arnold.


12-11-08, 12:47 pm
I hope they get sued.

12-11-08, 1:25 pm
Check it out first. The music is actually really good. Lyrics are about his movies. They are meant to be comical. Arnold is awesome I agree, but look at all the comedians that mock him. This is not different at all.

12-11-08, 1:28 pm
I loved it when I first heard it. Down right halarious. Who ever would have thought of a Metal song with the Lines "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers"?

12-11-08, 1:32 pm
funny concept but the music sucks. I hate that metal blade actually rpduced the album and its gets rotation.

12-11-08, 2:45 pm
Musically it is another record in the metal genre. It is not bad... for something new. I hate new metal from the last 8-10 years. It all sucks and As I Lay Crying (Dying) is the worst of them all. As far as putting Arnold in it and baseing all the songs off of a movie... It got my vote the second I heard it. My singer actually had the album first and he is not a lifter at all just likes Arnold's movies as we all do.

12-11-08, 3:24 pm
I must be getting old, cause that hurt my brain....


12-11-08, 3:43 pm
I actually like the record. Picked it up a few months back.
If I am not mistaken, there was already a thread on this back when it came out.

12-11-08, 5:49 pm
hell yeah Austrian Death machine is the shit. I love that "GET TO THE CHOPPA!" song. It's actually pretty good for lifting, but it sometimes makes me burst out laughing in the middle of a set. Still good though...

12-11-08, 7:14 pm
Haha, pretty sick imo. Nice riffs.

On Letting Go
12-12-08, 11:12 pm
Hilarious. Ive been an AILD fan for a loooong time.

12-12-08, 11:20 pm
Not really a fan of death metal...

I listen to a lot of Led Zep in the gym

I guess that impression is good, but I feel as if impersonating Arnold has been done, and better. Still cool though, and Arnold in his prime was more jacked than that weak cartoon