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12-11-08, 8:03 pm
So here I am, 18 just finished my senior season of football and I find myself at a crossroads. Do I chase ym dream of playing college football or do I chase my dream of becoming a bodybuilder/powerlifter? I guess it doesn't much matter, I love the weightroom either way. It's where I feel at home. Some people think I'm weird because I work out hard even when it's not required for sports, but they don't get it. They don't get how its's like a drug that keeps calling you back. They don't understand why I eat so much to get bigger eventhough I'm already "fat". ever since I got depressed 2 years ago the only place I feel at home is the weightroom. It makes sense to me, so I guess I'm gonna keep lifting.
Legs tomorrow...damn

12-11-08, 8:07 pm
Ohh and that's why I'm here, I have experience bulking for football but as a lineman I put on alot of garbage weight, I'm hoping you guys can give me any tips or pointers you can as I set out to get bigger and stronger, especially with nutrition, supps, and any exercise you might have picked up along the way. Thanks.

12-11-08, 8:31 pm
the weightroom is home for me too bro, weights never lie...they will always shoot you straight and that's what keeps me going back. whatever choice you make, you can still be an animal. thats my plan. i'm subscribed so i'll be in touch. good luck bro.

12-11-08, 9:07 pm
thanks man, good to know people feel the same way I do.

12-23-08, 10:55 pm
Haven't been posting ym workouts...My upper days are kinda split weird but I found it works for me, I do Day 1 with back, shoulders, traps, and Tri's and Day 2 with Chest, Bi's and forearms. Day 3 is legs, then repeat. Been losing some decent weight, down about 6 lbs. but havent lost any size except around my gut which is good. Can't squat for shit anymore ever since I hurt my knee is the summer but it feels like it might be getting better...Just started The Pak and Pump and def feel more energy than I did on no xplode and super pump 250.

01-08-09, 8:27 pm
New workout plan to help me cut while I try and get my keto diet where it needs to be...cardio on every training day for 45 mins...
6x10 BB Bench Press
4x10 DB Flies
4x10 DB Bench
4x10 Incline Bench
4x10 Lat Pull Downs
4x10 Deadlifts
3x10 Bent Rows

Day 2-Arms
5x10 Straight bar curls
5x10 preacher curls
4x10 hammer curls
6x10 skullcrushers
5x10 close grip bench
4x10 french press

Day 3-shoulders
5x10 military press
4x10 arnold press
4x10 cuban press
4x10 lat raises
3x10 front raises
3x10 bent raises

Day4- legs
6x10 leg press
6x12 squats
6x10 leg extensions
6x10 leg curls


01-13-09, 1:44 pm
So I'm finally getting the help I need, finally have learned to forget the scale, and I've lost 3 inches on my waist, my cutting is def working. It's tough since I'm trying a keto type diet to keep my energy up for working out. First carb up as per Ox's advice yesterday and it felt weird....going heavy without carbs sucks...Can't wait till my next bulk.....Tired of people at school who don't fucking get it and don't understand why lifting matters or why I want to look a certain way....Fuck that shit...First of my 2 legs days today....Should be fun.

01-13-09, 2:00 pm
I guess it's stupid to set goals four years in the future but...I don;t know, alwyas wanted to be able to do one show, just one and be in good enough shape to get on stage and not be laughed at...Time to get there before I graduate college.

01-14-09, 10:14 pm
Chest and Tri's today, kept it basic
DB incline press-3x8
Db Incline Flyes- 3x8
Cable Crossovers-3x8<---Hate this exercise, doesnt seem to hit too well for me...

Close Grip Bench- 4x8@155

Finished with abs and 45 min on the bike for cardio...Cut isn't going as well as I'd hoped yet but, gotta keep working.

01-16-09, 9:29 am
So I'm at a cross roads in my life, I really want to bulk and get bigger and stronger, but I also want to cut my fat down so that when I make gains in the future I'll really ba able to see the gains...Not sure what to do...Guess I'll cut for a little while longer... Down to 1,500 Cals a day...Legs Day #2 today as per Ox's advice, without asking him a few questions and the help of everyone on this forum who ever answered one of my stupid noob questions, I'd be lost, thanks to alll of you...Time to get back to work....

01-16-09, 9:39 am
Fuck this shit...Tired of people who yelll at me because I deadlift too loud, you don't like it? Fuck you it's a gym...Tired of people who say bodybuilding or powerlifting is dangerous and a waste of time, you know whats dangerous? not watching what you put in your damn pie hole, not counting what you eat, not working out, thats more dangerous than anything I'll ever do....Fuck you if you can't understand why I do what I do, and if you can't live with me spending more time and money on food, supplements and the gym than you, well tough I do what I have to so I can be what I want...There are some things you can't change and some you can...Being a lazy fat ass is something you change...maybe if people took lifting as serious as I do we wouldn't be the fattest country in the goddamn world...

01-17-09, 9:59 pm
So I'm about to finish a canm of cuts and I realized somethign very impotant...I'd been trying to become something I don't want to be. I became the guy who wanted the beach muscles not the guy who wanted to be fucking huge...I lost sight of my goals...I tried the keto thing and tried to cut body fat when in reality I was losing too much muscle... I realized if I eat clean and do my cardio I'll lose the belly fat and one day become the mass monster I want to be...hopefully...Just keep plugging along with my sights set on a show at some point in the next four years...Decided to stop trying to make a routine and I'm following training routine #4 now.... Time to get huge...Arms tomorrow...I hate arms I always feel like one of the ambercrombie models when I'm doin arms because everyone loves arms...I can't wait till back day....Anyway rambling...Just throwing it out there...Without this place I'd be so lost and no nearly on my journey the way I want to be...Ox and all the guys on here who've answered one of my stupid posts because I'm a noob andn didn't yell at me for it...I appreciate that...Anyway...tiome to eat again, what else is new...

01-18-09, 2:24 pm
Did arms today, felt a real good pump...Still hating arms can't wait to train chest/shoulders tomorrow...I don't know why becauser I know my body needs off days to recover but I always have a hard time sticking to the off days because I feel lazy if I don't go to the gym, I figure the least I can do is cardio and abs even if I don't do heavy lifting one day a week...Training guide #4 has a 6 day split but I'm cutting it to 5 because I can't see myself taking 2 days off a week, just can't do it. Looking forward to my college gym when I get there in September, 24/7 gym I think I'm going to heaven...Still planning on doing a natural bodybuilding show before I graduate from college...Way too far off right now But I guess it's never too early to start planning right? T-minus 4 years...

01-19-09, 1:23 pm
Chest and shoulders today, felt strong...25 reps of hammer presses killed me. I really get annoyed by kids who do nothing but concentration curls and use up a bench...Cardio sucked as always, nothing I can do about that. Just gotta keep my goals in perspective and keep on pushing on. I've come to realize my depression isn't as bad when I lift...Note to self, Legs tomorrow, can't wait...

01-20-09, 8:27 pm
Legs today, again with training guide 4. thew in Squats, lunges and RDL's just to get some extra work in, cardio and abs always suck more on legs day...back day tomorrow...should be good..Tired of people telling me bodybuilding isnt healthy, fuck that shit.