View Full Version : BB.COM Gym Of The Month....

12-12-08, 3:56 pm
Is my gym!!!

Ok, it was awarded for October, but i only found out today as they were putting up a huge winners banner from bb.com, how cool. Boy am i glad i left LA Fitness all those months back!

Past winners include Metroflex in Arlington TX & our ABC destination in 2 weeks, Temple Gym.

12-12-08, 4:19 pm
Nice one.

12-13-08, 12:20 pm
That was pretty weird seeing Ronnie with hair.

12-13-08, 2:48 pm
great news mate

12-13-08, 6:27 pm
That was pretty weird seeing Ronnie with hair.

Yea, he came to the gym for a session and seminar in May '07.
Heres some vids from a pro who trains at my gym. See him today and wondered if his DVD would be on youtube, it was. Pretty old school vid from '96, but the place still has all the same equipment, just a slightly different layout. I was studying for my GCSE Exams when this was made Lol...

12-13-08, 6:37 pm
Gotta love those pants...lol

12-13-08, 6:45 pm
Very cool!

12-13-08, 6:47 pm
Gotta love those pants...lol

You wouldnt believe some guy wore those exact same colour pants, but cut down as short shorts yesterday. Because he lost a squat off against someone in the gym, that was the forfeit. He had to do pullups whilst the owner took pictures, which will no doubt be on the wall pretty soon.

Hey you'll have to get overseas one day and train there with us. Im definately gonna get an ABC there next year.

12-13-08, 6:56 pm
That's funny. I remember last year at the Cage Wides had a pair of those, but he never got around to wearing them. Weird how cool those things once were and now you risk wearing them by losing a bet..haha. I'd love to make my way to England some day.