View Full Version : BennoAus back in business

12-13-08, 7:40 pm
Hey guys 'n' girls,
well im finally back in the action, been home a few weeks now, had the back checked out, its all good now after a bit of rest and added anti inflamatory. just sayin g'day again to you all and cant wait to hit the gym again harder then before.

Carpe Diem P.T
12-13-08, 9:27 pm
good to see you back benno!

aussie bulk
12-14-08, 8:29 pm
you bloody banana benders stick together eh??!!

Welcome back Benno, haven't seen you on the site for a while mate

12-17-08, 2:56 am
no one truely understands QLDer's man hahaha thats why we gotta stick together
thanks for the welcome back, been busy and all with work and such, but its soon gonna be a new year, new goals