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12-15-08, 1:03 pm
Here we go. A few months before the classic. Gotta step up the game. I'm relatively new in posting, so here goes. This is my training log, with my most current goal, to bring a pretty package to the arnold. About finishing my first bulk (not as successful as I would have liked, but still decent), and will start cardio and a cleaner diet soon.

I just came back from the OHIO VALLEY ABC, and it was a blast, the perfect way to start off my winter break. Squatted till I about died, and spent a good 20 minutes outside to recover. Amazing time and so many people to thank. Yes, you can expect me to come back, MOST DEFINITELY!

And now, my first log.

Today was chest and shoulders. (which i have been really lagging on, my two worst bodyparts)

Flat- warmup-135 for 2x10 (this is my first day back to barbells, as i have been using the db's for the last few cycles.
185 for 1x10
205 for 3x6
215 for 1x5

incline db press
65 for 1x10
75 for 3x8
80 for 1x6 (7 for a forced)

supersetted with incline flyes

30's for 12 (focusing real hard on the squeeze.)

Next was shoulders...

DB military press
45 for 2x10
50 for 3x7,6,4

upright rows(wide)
95 for 2x10
115 for 1x7
120 for 1x4 (WHAT HAPPENED?!?)

front raise MEGA DROP SET (i throw these in every once in a while to shock it up)
40's for 6, 35's for 6, 30's for 6, 25's for 6, 20's for 8. I did 3 sets and was seeing stars. not done yet...

rear cable flyes.
3 sets for 12 at 20, our machine's cable is warped real bad so there is extra resistance. haha.

Now for traps.
I call them House Shrugs. Saw him doing them in a ABC video. I use a lighter weight and focus on the squeeze a lot.

Giant set. 135- narrow gripx10, wide gripx10, behind the back/lean forwardx10. 2 sets.
185 for 8 reps of each. By this time, me and my partners grips are completely gone, even with the straps. so instead of 205 for the last, we dropped back to 135 for 12 each excercise. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

That ends it, chugged down a storm and some whey and stretched out. I might have overtrained today, but i felt pretty good after my workout. I have a whole month to really buckle down and get it!

By the way, my current sups are: Whey, storm, shock therapy, aminos, glutamine, and of course animalpak. im gonna switch it up and use some pump as soon as im done with the shock therapy, which i LOVE by the way. Also, uni-liver will be added as soon as im done with my current aminos.

Most of you probably dont know me or what i look like, so im gonna add in my 13 month transformation into this thread when i get time. i think ive done pretty well in my journey through this life thus far, and i only see greater things coming. You'd be pretty suprised what could happen in a year's worth of time.

Well, tommorow's back and its my best and favorite day. Ill be sure to post that. Sub if you'd like! I'd be honored if you gave suggestions or new idea's to aid me in my journey; im always up for opinions, positive or negative.

Once again, thanks to the OHIO VALLEY ABC, and everyone who made that happen, I had an awesome time and I can't wait for the next one. P.S.- you know who you are, and if you are reading this, I owe you dinner, haha.

Happy Lifting and Good luck with your endevours!

The Anti-Asian.

12-15-08, 5:18 pm
why are u anti asian

12-15-08, 6:34 pm
Cmon bro...welcome to the forum, now lets see some solid, consistent numbers. Stay strong bro.


12-15-08, 6:56 pm
why are u anti asian

cause most asians are kinda skinny and dont really do anything about it.

id like to kinda change that.

12-15-08, 7:01 pm
cause most asians are kinda skinny and dont really do anything about it.

id like to kinda change that.

First off, glad to see your wanting to do something to change your physique. Secondly, I saw some big mother f-ers in Korea. Let me just say that.

Stay motivated, and overcome your genetics!

12-16-08, 12:41 pm
ok. today was back day. favorite day btw. nothing better than a thick wide back matched with some sweeping quads. anyways...

warmup-15 chins, 15 pulls, nice and slow
warmup-bent over rows with 135 for 2x12

DEADLIFT- i like to get it done first and use a good ammount of my energy for it.
225 for 2x10
275 for 2x8
315 for 1x6
365 for 1x6

feel good after it and my partner and i strip off some weights for our working sets of bent over rows.

Bent over rows(strict form only!)
185 for 2x8
205 for 2x8

wide lat pulldowns (sitting straight up, no momentum pulls)
140 for 1x12
160 for 2x8
180 for 2x8

narrow v pulldowns
150 for 3x8

t bar row machine
2 plates for 2x10
3 plates for 2x6

storm and shake afterwards. i also did a pump this morning as i had a sample from the ABC. i liked it, good focus, good pump, but not the energy of shock therapy. Ill be making my first meal soon., 4 eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 4 ounces of flank steak and a little bit of sauce. quite a nice sandwich. ill also have an orange as we got 12 boxes from florida. its quite the sight to see. anyways, tommorow is a rest up day, only gonna do calves, abs and some rhomboid shrugs. i was planning to only train legs once every two weeks to catch my upper body with my legs, but i can bring myself to skip this week. Im gonna go a lighter weight and a narrow stance on squat and bring out the sweep a little more. friday will be arms.

happy lifting guys.

12-17-08, 11:00 pm
Hi. To everyone who might come across my journey, id just to clarify that i am not racist towards asians, because hey I am asian! I guess some people got the wrong idea, and im sorry for the hubbub. now for today...

a rest-up day (my partner is off, and i really need to bring up my middle back, calves and abs{cant see them, but i think i do, haha}) so here goes.

we made this ab roller out of a cable straight bar that some kid decided to break, and 4 ten pound wheels. its the ab roller from hell! it sucks. so i did a real nice giant set.

10 rolls, 20 oblique side/sides, 10 above the head crunches, 10 hanging leg raises.
i did 4 sets of these. the abs are feeling nice and sore right now as i worked out at 10 in the morning.

next was calves. giant set. 2 plates.
10 feet paralell, 10 heels out, 10 heels in. paused on all of them at the top.
15 feet paralell, 15 heels out, 15 heels in.
20 feet paralell, 20 heels out, 20 heels in.

rhomboid shrugs. if your middle back is lagging and you really want to bring it up for say, in my example, the python in the back double bi's pose, this is GREAT. your missing out!

115 for 2 sets of 12, squeezing hard at the top.
135 for 2 sets of 10.

i got asked a personal favor to bring in one of my heavy bags (i train in JKD and american kenpo) for the gyms new boxing station they have set up. so i fooled around with it with the manager for a good 45 minutes. hopefully, one of the ufc wannabe's doesnt destroy my bag. eh...

ate some good food today as well. and if any newbies are reading this, you need to pay close attention to what im about to say:

it doesnt matter what you lift, how you lift, how hard you lift, the wieght you lift, whatever. if you dont eat lots and lots and LOTS of good quality protien and carbs and get a good ammount EFA's, vits and mins, you WILL NEVER GROW HUGE, NEVER PUT UP THOSE BIG NUMBERS, AND NEVER SUCCEED! HONESTLY!

not trying to be a dick, honest.

anyways, i will be training SOME legs tommorow, and my second chest workout.

so until then, happy lifting.

12-18-08, 1:02 pm
here we go.

135 for 8 wide stance, 8 shoulder width, 8 narrow. 2 sets of these.
185 for 3 sets of narrow stance, 10 nice easy reps.

thats it. I cant wait for the real leg workout next week.


flat warmup 135 for 2x12

db flat: 65 for 1x12, 75 for 2x8, 90x 6,5 and then 7!
db incline: 75 for 3x8,8,7.
db flyes: 30's for 10 nice controlled, paused.

then i took 2 tens, held them together in front of my chest, and slowly raised them forward. VERY NICE! never tried these before and i will definitly use these in the future. theyre great for bringing out the inner chest.
2 tens, for 3x10.

i know it seems like im all over the place, but i swear im following a plan! haha. tommorow is arms.

after my workout, i did some posing practice. i was really suprised with how i looked! i wasnt that bad at all! especially my back, i was very impressed. i did notice a few things though:

1. my legs are pretty good! thank God for heavy ass squats.
2. my abs are very narrow and i need to train them more often.
3. my traps are finally up to par! using the house shrugs have really helped a lot.
4. my shoulders and chest have been brought up significantly. very happy.
5. my biceps are puny. extremely lacking. my most muscular was pathetic, to say the least.
6. my lower chest could be brought out to help the side triceps pose.

a few other things, but i need to go cook my chicken, so im gonna leave it here.

until tommorow, happy training!

12-19-08, 12:39 pm
arms today, i do not enjoy doing biceps, bu it needs to be done, especially when they are lagging big time. brought up my chest and traps substantially, and now its time for shoulders(already a work in progress) and my biceps. which usually isnt lacking for most people. why me!?!....nevermind, here we go.

barbell curls. (warmup with the 45 pound bar, not in the squat rack, of course.)
ez bar with 35's. 4x6,6,6,5(with two cheats for 7)

skullcrusher/closepress superset(felt like i needed something more intense today)
ez bar withe the 35's for 3 sets. 6/10, 5/10/, 6/ burnout for 19

seated db curl
45 for 3x 10 each hand.

3 sets of 20, 20, 18 (will add weight next time, someone lost the chain belt. asshole.)

seated hammer curl.
50 for 3x 8,8, 10 each hand.

super set of rope pulldowns and one arm preacher. 3 sets.
rope pulldowns at 70(our cable machine's cables are completely narled up so we cant use heavy weights at all. the 70 on this machine is like 140 on the machine at the rec. wtf.) anyways, 10, 12, 12 very strict reps.


preacher. 8 on each hand with the 30's.

thats it.

i think i may be over-training my arms. if i am, please tell me, ill take any and all advice.

im done for the week.

until next monday, happy lifting.

12-22-08, 12:29 pm
my partner decided not to show up today, so instead of chest, i did my back workout and tommorow will be chest. i wasnt gonna go about asking one of the beach boys to lift with me.

bent over rows, 135 warmup
185 for 2x8,9
205 for 2x8,8
215 for 1x6

racks from the shin ( a few inches from the ground).
225 for 1x10
315 for 2x8
365 for 1x6
405 for 1x5(pr)

widegrip pulldowns
140 for 1x12
160 for 1x10
180 for 2x8,7

narrow vbar
160 for 3x12,12,15(a little cheating on the last 2)

t bars with 2 plates
add a 35
2x8,9(a little cheat on the last one)

good to go. did a little posing and thats it. hopefully my partner shows up tommorow. damnit. ok, as always...

happy lifting.

Big C
12-22-08, 12:32 pm
I'm subbed. I was there in Yorkville with you bro. You have a lot of drive and determination and I think some big things are in your future. I'm along for your ride!

12-22-08, 12:33 pm
by the way, i got on the natural sterol complex, as i found it at vitamin world on sale. i heard good things about it and decided to pick up two bottles. well i broke two pr's today without even thinking about it, so it definitely wasnt a mind thing. i dont know, maybe this stuff is as good as everyone says. or maybe i just had a good day. who knows?

12-22-08, 12:34 pm
I'm subbed. I was there in Yorkville with you bro. You have a lot of drive and determination and I think some big things are in your future. I'm along for your ride!

thanks man, i appreciate the kind words. and yes, yorkville was a great time. thanks for joining the ride!

12-29-08, 12:20 pm
havent been on here since last week! i got sick in the first time in 9 years! kinda sucked and i didnt know how to take it. i took the whole week after monday off, which did me alot of good. felt great to be back in the gym and i kicked it up a bit. back day.

warmup- 10 pulls, 10 pulls, 10 chins

bent over rows. 135x12, 135x12, 185x10, 205x8, 205x9(10 for a cheat) didnt want to go up in weight today.

i opted out of deadlifts today cause im still a little under the weather, so instead, i busted out some heavy one arm rows.
100x8,100x8,110x8,120x6,120x6,120x8 (last ones were not perfect but i wanted a few extra reps. the rest were done with great form. i think they need heavier db's here.....)

wide grip pulldowns. 150x10, 180x8, 20(yes!)x6,20x7. I can do the whole stack perfectly now! yes!

v bar pulldowns. 160x8,160x8,160x9

t-bar rows- 2 platesx10, 3 plates for 8, 3 and 2 10's for 7(pr) ive never gone over 3 plates because the weight im pulling is so much heavier than i am, i always feel like im gonna topple over the bar. but it turned out nicely today)

done for the day! tommorow is chest!

stay well everybody!

happy lifting.

12-29-08, 7:32 pm
Good looking workout for someone under the weather, take that Pak and get better!

12-29-08, 7:34 pm
Some solid work goin on in here bro, i'll be dropping by more often to check this stuff out.

12-29-08, 9:58 pm
thanks guys, appreciate you guys droppin by.

Little Z
12-29-08, 11:17 pm
Subbed bro, sorry it took so long to get in here, didnt realize you had your journey up!

Stay strong brother and see you Jan. 10th

12-30-08, 7:09 am
Hi. To everyone who might come across my journey, id just to clarify that i am not racist towards asians, because hey I am asian! I guess some people got the wrong idea, and im sorry for the hubbub. now for today...


Yes I got the wrong idea but now its explained it is clear.

Keep up the hard work.

12-30-08, 3:52 pm

today was chest and a few pr's. i also did calves and traps. i train them both twice a week.

im focusing on bring out my upper chest, so its pretty much all incline.

Incline barbell-warmup 135x10, 155x8, 185x6, 185x7(yes!) and then 200(finally!)x4(6 if you count the two partials that i did) i cant wait to throw the 35's on. soon....

incline db- 70's for 6,7,6. supersetted with the two 10 lb plate pushouts. i got 10,10,10.
then i did 75's for 3 sets of 4,4,3. (i think i may have been burned out from the last few excercises. (keep in mind chest is my worst part. workin on it!)

incline flyes- 35's for 3x10. people ask me why i used such lower weights. i really like to concentrate on form and the squeeze, perfection is key.
superseted with the 2 10 plate thing. i got 10,10,8. (i was dead)

calveraises 2 45's 3 angles at 10 reps each, all paused for 3 sets.
leg press raises 290 pounds for 3 sets of 20.

house shrugs- 135 for 10 reps of each part. 185 for 3 sets of 8 each. (grip is dead)

done with the workout, but i had a problem. WHERE IS MY WHEY!??!?!?! WHERED IT GO!?!?!
i finally found someone who was kind enough to share with me.

thats all folks.

happy lifting.

12-30-08, 11:08 pm
well, not that its important. wait yeah it is....

TOMMOROW IS HEAVY ASS LEG DAY! My first one in 3 freakin weeks. (i was doin legs every other week to bring up upper body and then i got sick.)

i will hopefully be squatting 330-345ish for reps, and box squatting 365 for reps.

im going to bed now, gonna get some extra rest in and have plenty of energy for tommorows LEG DAY!!!

12-30-08, 11:09 pm
btw. i was reading the "call out" thread on here. DAMN DUDE! i saw guys who were repping 405 for 20some? Hot damn! thats some heavyass wieght for some fuckin rediculous rep ranges. damn....

12-31-08, 1:26 pm
wow, what a dissapointing day. last night, i would periodically wake up and cough my brains out. i couldnt sleep for an hour without coughing. anyways, im pretty sure that really took a toll on my day. anyways here we go, legs and bi's.

Squat-warmup-135 for 12,
225x10, 275x8, 315x6, 335x5, 335x4(+1 with help), 225x10, 135x27

legpress(not counting sled)-400x12, 490x10, 600x6, 600x7, 650x4(+2 with help)

hack-at this point, i had to sit outside in the snow for 10 minutes, i was gonna puke, so fatigued and so sick for some reason.
(especially for hack, i go down until i almost touch the bottom, with no bounce. i see guys load up 4 or 5 on each side and only hit half the range.) anyways...
4 plates for 8, 6 plates for 5, 6 plates for 4(+1 with help).

bi's were just miserable, i had no heart to do them.

standing barbell curls-warmup, then ez bar with 35's. 3 sets of 8 each. last set had a little bit of body english.

sitting alternate db curls 40's for 3 sets of 8 each arm.
sitting hammer db curls with 45's for 3 sets of 8,8,7.

one arm preacher- with the 30, trying to bring my left arms peak so...6 reps on the right arm and failure (about 8-10 each time) for the left. 3 sets.

my first leg day back wasnt as great as i had planned, but nonetheless, it was good to be back doing legs again.

happy lifting guys.

12-31-08, 2:03 pm
Hey bro, main thing is you still made it in. Dont get too down, maybe just a little bug ya know, 24hr flu or something.

Rest up take tomorrow off, and then friday, own that shit.

01-01-09, 1:59 pm
well i hope everyone had a great and safe night! happy new years everyone. i was the D.D last night (like all nights, i refuse to drink). a did my friends dad a favor and bartended his party. i finally got out at 2 in the morning and got my buddies home by 3 ish. eh.... oh well, at least it was a good time. funny thing is, i dont drink at all, and i know how to make hundreds of drinks. i guess thats what happens when you work at a county club.


i got to the gym at 11 today, hoping that it would be open. nope out luck. so i went to a freinds house who had some plastic weights and a straight bar and screw-on dumbbell handles. soo my workout consisted of like 4 excercises.

db press( on a lawn chair leaned against a support beam, i got creative)
35(warmup)for 10, 45 for 3x8,7,8 50 for 2x5.

upright rows- we only had 100 pounds of weights, so 4x8,8,7,6(last two sets were completed to 8 but with cheats)

skullcrushers- well, theres no bench to do close grip and not enough weight really, so i layed on the floor and "unracked" the weight off of couch and did 8 sets instead of my ususal 3-5.

with a straight bar, for some reason i get more weight and more reps. perhaps maybe it was the cheap plastic weights? who knows...

70 for 1x10, 90 for 5x8,8,7,7,6 all followed by 10 close grip presses. then 100 for 3x5,5,4 followed by 8 close grips on the first two and a close grip burnout to 21 on the last one.

lateral raises/front raise superset with 30s. 3 sets 6,5,5(with cheats on the last two) for the lateral and 8,8,8 to each arm for the front raises.

i really liked doing the skullcrushers with a straight bar. for once, my wrists didnt feel like hell. so, not really the most effeiciemt workout ever, but at least i didnt skip.

so, i hope you all find your way to a gym today, and as always...

happy lifting.

01-05-09, 2:35 pm
chest and bi's today, something new, switching it up.

flat bench, didnt go to heavy today, kept it around 8 reps instead of the usual 4-6.
135x10, 135x10, then working. 185x10, 195x8, 195x8, 195x8, 195x7. not bad....eh, i wish my bench press was a lil heavier, but then again, a huge bench isnt my main goal. hopefully, i may see some improvements.

incline bench- 135x10, 155x8, 155x8, 185x6, 175x8, 135x12

flyes-ss with- 2 10 plater's-5 sets. 35s with the flyes 12,12,12,10,10. plates 10,10,10,8,9.


cable curls, warmup 70x15. 100x8, 100x8, 120x5, 130x5
seated curls 2 sets of 45's for 6 each hand, 2 sets of 35 for 8 with each hand.
rope hammer curls-eh, i forgot to write the number down. 3 sets of 8 i know for sure.
one arm preacher with 25. 8 on the right, failure (10-12) on the left.


special shoutout to little z, hope everything gets better man.

happy lifting.

01-05-09, 2:36 pm
well, i have to post this. With this next post, I officially become a plebian....i think. lets see.

01-05-09, 2:40 pm
Glad I found this. I know you will do work as I have witnessed it in person. I'll be along the rest of the way.

01-05-09, 2:41 pm
Glad I found this. I know you will do work as I have witnessed it in person. I'll be along the rest of the way.

Thanks so much! Glad to have you join me.

01-05-09, 2:46 pm
I like what you have going on here. Consider me subbed.

01-08-09, 3:08 pm
thanks for your guys support.

i havent posted in a few days, but i assure you that the workouts are all being done in "animal acceptible" manner.

no new pr's, the workouts were about the same as last weeks for me from monday forward. however, 2 things were different.

1. i usually keep my rep range, when doing flat bench around 4-5ish. however, this week i dropped the weight slightly and upped the reps to around 8-10. WTF!?!?! today is thursday and i am still sore! i have been eating like a pig, as usuall (i am currently eating oats and eggs, yes its almost 3 in the afternoon, haha) and have been supping right, eating plenty of protien and carbs. i think it was about time for something new....i will be doing this for the next few weeks, i kinda like being sore. =).

2. ladies and gentleman, this has been an extremely productive winter break. first day of break, i weighed in at 174ish (pointer scale is kinda sketchy). yesterday morning, i weighed in at 186 pounds. yes. 12 POUNDS OF MASS IN A MONTH AND A HALF!!!! and the kicker....

I STILL HAVE ABS!!! theyre not as great as they once was, but damn. one of my mentors had me make it a goal to hit 190 pounds before i even thought of competing. well, at this point, it looks like im gonna acomplish it very, very soon!

tommorow will be shoulders, calves and abs. this week was kinda mumbo-jumbo cause i had to make room for a back workout on this saturday, due to.....

THE AKRON/CANTON ABC!!!! cant wait....

special shoutout to bsatellite, who is in competition with me for the most improved physique in a 3 month period....you better be workin your ass off buddy!

also, not that it affects any of you really, but id also like to send my love, respect, and gratitude to my Uncle Jack, who passed away on new years day. he was a really, truly honestly good man, and it really really hurts me that i will never see him again. I will remember his good ole italian dinners and especially his pasta. but most importantly, i will remember that he was a giving, caring and humble man, who looked out for everybody. so, i will dedicate this saturday's workout to you, and make damn sure that i am giving it everything i got and more, cause you always did. thanks for everything, i will model my life more towards you and practice your ways to better myself.

Happy lifting everybody.

03-30-09, 6:00 am
Your coming to London, then you can train with me bro. Im really busy work wise, but sundays are good if your around London then. If i can make it i would definately get a session in with you. If i cant make it, then you still need to go to my gym, its only 5 for a day pass and has 220lb dumbells you can play with. Its a great, if busy gym.

Little Z
03-30-09, 6:11 am
guess who?!?!

yeah i know.. its me.. your bro.. Little Z.. haha..

definitely stayin tuned for this adventure bro.. hope to catch up with you soon..

keep your calendar open for April 25th, you are headin to Barbenders Gym with me.. check my ABC thread..

03-30-09, 10:23 am
haha. holy shit! i thought this thread got deleted! well, i guess i gotta keep postin then, baddass!

Z, you got it man, well make that happen.

thanks thirdeye, i cant wait!

03-30-09, 10:40 am
wow, havent posted in here for a VERY long time, i guess i just had too much on m plate to log. SOOOO much stuff going on its rediculous.

anyways, Im back to loggin it, HAVENT BEEN SKIPPING ON TRAINING, THATS FOR SURE. Got a lot of good things planned this year, namely this bulk that i am holding until next summer for my first show that i plan to do. im following the footsteps of guys like Roo and doin the cardinal classic. I weigh in at 186 right now, but a little leaner than my previous 190 bulk during the winter break. body fat is at 10% right now. IM GETTING BIGGER ALL THE TIME!

Im goin under a 2 week split right now focusing on bringing up my upper body to match my legs. doing back and chest 3 times both in this 14 day period and one leg day. ive dropped the heavy barbell squats and have gone to repping out towards the 20's. The pump is sick and the detail ive been getting is noticiable, even while im bulking. I still hack squat in the 6-8 range to throw some mass movement in there too.

Ive also gone back to my way of training back in the day. pretty much all compound. i do a shitload of sets for only a few exercises now. no concentration curls, no cable crossovers, etc. Ill do 10 sets of barbell rows 5 sets of tbars or one armed, and then 5 sets of pulldowns, or something to that matter. for chest, its 8 sets of incline, 6 of flat, and then pressing on the hammerstrength. i figure i grew the most when i did this, back when my diet wasnt even that great. now that my diet is in check, this is gonna get good!

yeah, my diet is doing pretty damn good as well, getting 42 meals/shakes in a week with 2 of them being cheaters.

I also got picked for the new Real Gains testing, so expect a very detailed log and some NEW MASS!!!

Summer is almost here, and i want to make some good gains while im out of school.

Ill have a back workout in about 3 hours, gonna go slam a pre workout meal and head to class.

later bros!

03-30-09, 3:01 pm
as promised, rows, rows, rows.

bent over rows
135x20, 185x12, 185x12, 225x8, 225x8, 245x6, 245x6, dropset from here 225x6, 185x10, 135x15.

one arm rows
100x8, 100x8, 110x 6, 110x6, 120x5, 120x6

chin pulldowns-PERFECT FORM ONLY.
140x12, 180x8, 180x8

widegrip pulldowns
160x10, 180x8, 200x5

barbell curls-hold at peak, focus on the negative.
85x8, 85x6, 85x6, 85x5+2 cheats

Hammer curls
45x8 each, 45x8 each, 50x8 each.

db curl
35x8, 40x8, 45x8, 50x5

thats it for today, chugged a shake and here I am now. gonna have some noodles and chili when i get home from classes. hopefully the real gains will be here soon! I cant wait.

03-31-09, 2:24 pm
Got a good chest workout in today. Tired as all hell from studying last night, but the numbers were pretty decent.

bench press 135x12, 135x12

Flat DB press
75x8, 75x8, 85x8, 85x8, 85x8, 85x8, 90x6, 95x5. 8 sets in all.
supersetted with seated calve raises on all sets.

Incline DB press
75x6, 75x7, 75x6, 75x8 (at this point, i am soooo out of it)

precor incline plate press. (5 second negative, its tough)
35's for 12, 35's for 10, 35s for 8, drop 30s for 5, drop 25's for 5.

i threw in 3 sets of cable crosses today for the pump.

Thats all folks!

03-31-09, 2:28 pm
damn, looking back to december, i was only pressing 80s for 5-6ish, now i can get the 100's for that much. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!

04-01-09, 7:59 pm
hams and deads. my quads have overtaken my entire body, and not to sound like im itchin my ego haha, but they sorta have the shape of ronnies with a little bit more hang (but a lot smaller) haha. but yes, the focus is on my hammies, and today was a good day.

Stiffleg deads- 135x20 warmup
185x12, 185x12, 185x12, 225x8, 275x6 (a little slopier than i would have liked on that last one)

straight into 3 sets of rack deads. 2-3 inches below the knee.
315x12, 365x10, 385x8

Ham curls
3 sets of twelve with a 5 second negative. the last ones are killer!

leg press with the heels up high to focus on the hams
5 plates a side for 20 reps, 6 plates a side for 18 reps, 8 plates a side for 12 reps.

Ham curls again.
same as the last one, 3 sets of twelve with a 5 second negative.


04-01-09, 8:08 pm
your workouts are looking good man, keep it up

04-02-09, 12:12 pm
Shoulders and abs. (on 4 hours of sleep!)

DB press
30x15 warmup
45x12, 45x12, 50x10, 50x11, 60x8, 65x5 dropset 50x8 im gonna go lower reps/higher weight next week.

upright smith rows.
135x10, 145x8, 155x5

Side/front/rear fly giant set

3 sets of 8/12/12 at 30, 35, 40. SOOOO TOUGH

rear cable flyes
4 sets of 12

rope crunches/ leg raises/ bridge superset
3 sets of 25/20/20 reps.


Big C
04-02-09, 12:14 pm
What's up Beast?! Killed those shoulders man I like that workout. Keep up the good work.

See you at Barbenders ABC??

04-02-09, 6:18 pm
HELL YEAH. You know it bro!

04-03-09, 2:33 pm
Back day and bi's today. last night was rough, ive had 2 bio tests and two physics tests these past two weeks. i average about 4 hours of sleep a night. i decided to take a nap at 12 last night. woke up at around 12:30, studied till 2 and then fell asleep till 6, and then studied till 7. Fuck this semester haha. i used a little lighter weight today to keep my form good and intensity up. tired as fuck haha.

Bent over rows- 135x20, 135x15 slow,
185x12, 185x12, 185x12, 225x8, 225x8

chin pulldowns (really trying to bring out my lower lats, good squeeze, slow negative)
5 sets of 12, 12, 10, 8, 6 at 140, 160, 160, 180, 200

wide grips
3 sets of 12, 10, 8 at 140, 160, 180

cable rows
3 sets of 8,8,8 at 140, 160, 180 (i think i care about form too much, mabye i should bend back a little bit?)

standing cable row (for the lower lats)
200 for 20. 2 sets for a good pump.

alternating curls (hold at peak, good negative
40's for 3 sets of 8 on each hand

alternating cross hammers
45, 50, 55 for 8,8,6 on each hand

rope hammers (hold at top, slow negative)
80,90,100 for 10,10, 8+two cheats

yeah ive been focusing on the negatives alot lately and they have brought great results.

hope everyones workouts have been off the chain!

happy lifting!

Big C
04-03-09, 2:42 pm
Damn Anti that is some serious volume and an extremely solid workout. Standing cable rows hmmm...I may have to give those a whirl tonight. Interesting...yeah get that back stretched on those seated cable rows...dont keep it completely stiff I see a lot of guys doing that.

So what are you majoring in? I'm heading back to school this summer for the physical therapist assistant program at Stark. Are you doing something similar?

I have one degree but dont like what im doing anymore....I gotta get into the medical field like the rest of my family lol. Great lifting man keep it up and see you on the 25th!

04-06-09, 8:20 pm
back day.

wide grip pull ups warm up, 10, 10, 10

bent over rows- 135x15, 185x12, 185,12, 185x10, 205x10, 205x10, 225x6 (not a great day, grip was extremely weak and straps got stolen.)

t bar supported rows ( the one were you actually lie on the platform)
1 plate for 12, 2 plates for 10, + a 25 for 3 sets of 6. a lot harder because theres no momentum pulling at all.

wide grip pulldowns
160x12, 180x8, 180x8

reverse grip pulldowns
180x8, 180x7, 180x8 (a little cheating on the last set)

very lightheaded at this point....

cable rows- 160x10, 180x8 200x8 200x8 ( a lot better using a little momentum, but gettin the full stretch. i love learning new things)

cable curls- 120 drop set to 80. 5 sets of 5 and 5. 8 on the last dropset at 80. (cheats)

alternating curls 3x8

alternating hammer curls 4x6


i got a big order of 3 citrus burst intra-aid, shock therapy and storm coming in soon, I CANT WAIT!!!

04-08-09, 12:14 am
Great looking back day -- I can understand why you were light-headed -- all the blood was in your lats!

04-08-09, 4:39 pm
Great looking back day -- I can understand why you were light-headed -- all the blood was in your lats!

thanks bro. haha yeah back day is my favorite day! and its like kai greene says, i think a little over-training is good!

04-08-09, 4:41 pm
lol, great going mate, stick with it.

04-08-09, 4:49 pm
Chest yesterday

Bench press 135 warmup 15 for 2 sets. 185 warm up for 12.

db press, 80x8, 80x8, 85x8, 85x8, 90x5, 90x6, 90x5

weighted chest dips 3 sets of 6-8

incline precor press- 35's for 8, 8, 7 reps. 5 second negatives 3 sets. then giant drop set. 35 to 30, 25, 20, 15, 10's. 5-6 on each one.

cable cross overs- 3 sets.

triceps-just a wind up. got it in an article by toney freeman.

tricep rope giant set. pulldowns/overhead standing, overhead kneeling.

2 sets of 12,10,8.

like ive posted before. the citrus burst intra aid is like crack to me. haha. amazing stuff, i suggest you pick it up with the 2+1 deal at BB.com. its like 65 bucks. i also got another can of shock therapy. oohhhhhh yeah!

tonight is hams and shoulders. a good day because they are 2 of my laggin parts.

happy lifting to all!

04-08-09, 4:52 pm
lol, great going mate, stick with it.

haha thanks sanga, gotta step up my game, especially if you guys are planning a big ABC across the pond! i cant wait to train in a few gyms in the UK!

04-08-09, 9:12 pm
shoulders today (gonna do hams tommorow), was gonna go heavy, but i was definitely feeling the 6-8 today.

oh yeah, good things happened today, i havent been at canfield weight room for a while now,(i lift at the college rec but i had to go home today and wait for my shipment of shock therapy and CITRUS BURST INTRA-AID) so i decided to pay a visit. I started workin with my hoodie on, and i saw alot of the guys i went to high school with look at me. As soon as i got into the presses and the XL hoodie came off, a bunch of the guys started staring and a few kept on telling me how huge i got since i left hs and asked to train with me in the summer. not an ego-trip, but it definitely felt good to know people are recognizing the hard work i put into this. people were askin me questions and stuff, and ive never really been used to that. i introduced a few guys to the ANIMAL/UNIVERSAL line and got a few hooked on CITRUS BURST INTRA-AID. haha then i thought about some of the guys on here and realized how small i am haha. anyways....yes shoulders haha.

warmup bb military press- 135x15, 135x15

DB military press- 50x10, 50x10, (why is one of the 55's missing!?!?!) 60x8, 60x7, 65x6, 65x6+1 with help, 70x4

upright rows on the smith.
135x8, 155x6, 155x7+2 forced.

lateral raise/ front raise superset

30's 8 and 6 (each arm) for 2 sets, 35's for 6 and 6 (each arm) for two sets, 40's 6 and 6 (each arm)

rear delt flyes on cables 3 sets of 12

DONE! i hit shoulders a little harder now, them and hams are laggin.

gonna hit up some flank steak, rice and brocolli and maybe some homemade oats, raisin and cinnamon cookies!

btw...in case you guys havent gotten the picture yet..... CITRUS BURST INTRA-AID!!!!!

Big C
04-09-09, 10:48 am
Yeah man it's always good to hear that kinda stuff from other people. I was a runt in highschool.....you are putting in solid work man with how busy you are w/ school etc. Good lookin shoulder session too........I think thats what Im gonna train at Barbenders if you're down you are more than welcome to train w/ me!

04-09-09, 12:39 pm
Back and hams today... ALL supersets and giant sets.

bent over rows and stiff leg deads
135 for 15 and 15, 135 for 15 and 15, 185 for 12 and 12, 185 for 12 and 9 (too much into that last one haha), 225 for 8 and 8, 225 for 8 and 6.

wide grip pulldowns and single leg ham curls.
12 and 8, 10 and 8, 8 and 8, 6 and 8

reverse grip wide and single leg ham curls.
8 and 8 for 3 sets.

cable rows/gluteham machine/rope cable rows
3 sets of 8/12/8

wide grip supported pullups/calve raises/single leg ham curls.
12, 30 at 3 angles, 8 for 3 sets.

some serious training this week, maybe overtraining, but a little of that is good i guess. the eating has been really good, EATING A SHITLOAD OF FOOD. Next week will be a good week, im doing REAL LEGS on wendsday again. I CANT WAIT! i m doin one real day a month and another is a pump session full of 30 rep squats and such. after next week, im doin a new routine to switch things up.

happy lifting guys.

04-10-09, 2:36 pm
something on my mind, gotta share.

im sure most of you have seen kai greenes video on the stairmaster, some of the realest, deepest words youll ever hear. Theres a few that stick out to me so much.

and if i gotta die tonight,....if i gotta die tonight....im in the place i want to be. right here in the gym.

i thought these words at the beginning at every set, whispering that last sentence as i got that weight up for my first rep. every set was so intense, so easy, so focused. rests were shorter, pump was sick, every rep went deeper than usual. i dont get it, but whatever happened today, that feeling, im gonna go for with every set i do from now on. and i though that i was intense before today...yeah right.

heres the workout. i decided to try a max test on bench before i started chest. not gonna share that yet haha, but it was 25 pounds heavier than the last time i did it. EASILY, like i could rep it, i should have done more. im gonna go for it again next week, this time with 20 more pounds. keep in mind the last time i tried to max, the weight just crashed into my chest when i tried to bring it down haha.

afterwards...chest, house shrugs and a SICK pump set of squats.

db press

80's for 3 sets of 8, then 90's for 2x7, then 95's for 2 sets of 5

incline db press

80's for 3 sets of 8,7,7 kinda new for me, but those words...im tellin you....

incline flys superset with 10lb plate pushouts

2 sets of 12/10 with the 45's, 1 set of 8/10 with the 50's.

house shrugs on the smith

225 for 10 front shoulderwidth, 10 front wide, 10 behind the back leaned forward. 3 sets


stripped a 45 off each side and started to squat till my ass hit my calves....for 74 reps. every rep was a random thought, a random quote, someone saying you cant, someone saying you could, whatever. the pump was one of the the sickest ive ever felt.

so if you havent seen that video yet, make sure you do. its well worth the time.

everybody be safe and train hard as usual, if not harder!

happy lifting everybody!

p.s. citrus burst intra-aid is the greatest supplement ive ever had. thanks Z and mrmuscles22.

04-10-09, 2:40 pm
Nice one mate, focussed!

04-15-09, 7:54 pm
been kinda busy lately with bio and physics so not much postin action here.

got in an arm workout on friday, back on monday, chest yesterday, and LEGS today.

warmup on squats-
135 for 5 narrow, 5 shoulderwidth, 5 wide. 2 sets.
225 for 8
275 for 5
315 for 5
330 for 5
345 for 5

stiff legs.
135x15, 185x10, 185x10, 185x8, 225x6, 225x6

single leg ham curls- (BRINGIN EM UP!)
5 sets of 8 on each leg

leg press (i never count weight, i just load the plates up.) heels up.
5 plate warmup for 15
7 plates for 10
8 plates for 8
8+25 for 6
9+10 for 6

hack squats (legs are fried, so light weight SLOOOOOOW negative.)
135 for 8-10 3 sets.

and then.....
the trademark 50 rep widowmaker on the smith.

im suprised i didnt blow chunks. haha.

happy lifting to all and to all a good night!

Big C
04-28-09, 11:15 am
Hey Alex it was good catching up with you this past Saturday. We had a great time at the ABC. Anything you need bro feel free to PM me as always, I will try to help you any way I can.

However, it doesn't look like you need it to me. You are light years ahead of me when I was your age. You looked a lot bigger than the last ABC man. Whatever you're doing...keep doing it. Stay strong ....Big C