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C Daddy
12-15-08, 6:29 pm
Been on here for almost a year now,already went through one cutting journey in the spring to summer with great success. Unfortunatley as I started my post summer bulk I suffered a minor set back as I aggrivated an old football shoulder injury,nothing serious but it prevented me from doing any shoulder work for a good month. After the aggrivation of the injury, life got in the way of my goals as a new girlfriend entered my life. (currently engaged) She didnt dissaprove of my training but as any new couple does we spent most of our free time together, seriously limiting my gym time. Next on the list was diet. My diet wasnt exactly junk food, but it wasnt as clean as I normally like to keep it. Eating out every weekend and popcorn at the movies is not my idea of solid nutrition. I adapted to what was happening and went on a three day split in the gym,thus leaving me with 4 days off from the iron, more than enough to keep the GF happy. Or at least I thought. The three day split tapered off to two day a week marathon sessions,then eventually I got discouraged and took a whole month off. I arose from that month off with a new found motivation and fire in my eyes for the iron. I have been on auto pilot since i finished my cut,but now its time to get huge.

Height- 6'00
Current weight- 195
Goal Weight- 215



In the gym I will be doing a 4 daysplit. It will look like this:

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- Chest and Biceps

The three days off should give me enough rest to recover for the next week. I gave legs and back thier own days because i really like to concentrate on completley destroying those two bodyparts.

Diet- A rough guideline of what I will be eating

6:30- Protein shake
7 Am- 4 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, bowl of oatmeal,1 bananna,pak
8 Am- Pump,M-Stak
11 Am- Torrent (PW)
12 Pm- Large Chicken Breast, 2 cups Brown Rice. Broccoli
2 PM- Ground Beef 2 cups Brown rice,asparagus
4 PM- 2 cans of chunk light tuna,sweet potatoe
6 Pm- Protein Shake(52 Grams)
8 PM- Natty PB on slice of whole wheat bread
10 PM - Bowl of cottage cheese,with almonds and strawberries

I will adjust the food intake as nedded depending upon my results. Looking forward to sharing my results with everyone. Time to strap in and get ready for the ride.

C Daddy
12-22-08, 12:08 am
Been really busy lately so havent been able to post any updates about the bulk. The first couple weeks of it have passed by very succfesfully. Im getiing all my calories in easily most days,while at times its a struggle to choke down those last couple of meals. Im taking in 3900 calories a day. The ratios are 50% protein 30% carbs and 20% fat. Ive gained 3 pounds in the last two weeks ,not monumental but deffinately a positive sign. For me life is all about goals. Some big and some small. To reach those larger goals you first have to get the smaller ones completed. So for starters my small goal is to hit 200 lbs by the end of the week. Im really hitting the gym hard as usual and seeing some awesome gains. In addition to the balls out workouts I do,the supplemental combination of Pak,Pump,M-Stak and Torrent is certainly what its craked up to be. My energy in the gym is through the roof and my pumps have been incredible. My fiancee told me yesterday that my shoulders were looking significantly larger than normal,and my chest looked fuller. Thats something I could never get tired of hearing. Its still early in the bulk but I dont appear to be adding too much bodyfat, I think my gain is striclty in lean mass. Heres a sample leg workout from last week since I didnt post any.

Squats- 135x15(wu)245x10,275x8,295x8,305x5,310x2(PR)
Leg Press- 270x12,360x10,450x8,500x5
Leg Extensions- 4 sets at 150, on last set immediatley dropped weight to 110 and did ten reps,then a static hold for one minute on the last rep.( Hurt like hell)
Lying Leg curls-4x10
DB Lunges across gym floor- 3 sets with 45 lbs DB( almost fell over on these)

Huge pump in the ol wheels. Its leg days like this that make me love the iron even more.

I had two cheat meals this week. One being one of those huge Mcdonalds b-fast with the eggs saugsage and pancakes.The other was a pizza buffet. In which I crushed a huge plate of pasta, and had 4 or 5 pieces of pizza. Not too bad. Looking forward to Tuesday and the chest workout.

C Daddy
12-23-08, 2:52 pm
Destroyed the back today

Deadlifts- 225x10(Wu) 275x8, 295x8, 315x5,325x2
T-Bar Rows-4x8-135 1x5 at 155
Lat Pulldowns- 140x10,150x8,150x8,160x5
Bent Over BB rows- 4x10- 155
Seated cable rows- 4x10- 140
One arm DB rows- 4x10- 65 lb DB

Pretty good back day. Trying my damndest to get that 400 pound deadlift.Diets staying solid and the bulk is going well. I weighed in this morning at 199. Almost reached my weekly goal.I will deffinatley shatter that weekly goal by Friday. Christmas is around the corner and im looking forward to spending time with the fiancee and the family. I have to work Christmas day so I'll miss out on the great Christmas feasts,so ill be at work cooking my chicken rice and lean beef for the holiday. At least I have the day after Christmas off. The gyms closed on Christmas Day so im gonna hit it up early in the morning and get my shoulder work in. Then the day after Christmas Ill hit the legs.

C Daddy
12-24-08, 8:33 pm
I crushed two huge pieces of Pumpkin roll today. Thankfully this is a bulking journey so I dont feel as bad.It was some damn good stuff too. haha. Didnt get to do shoulders today,the family decided to open presents today since I had to work evening turn today and evening and midnight tommorrow.Not the best of holidays so far,but im getting through it allright. The day after Christmas Im off so ill be doing a two session training split. Morning will be shoulders,traps,and calves then evening will be legs. Looking forward to it should be an interesting change of pace for the day for me.

C Daddy
12-25-08, 4:51 pm
Checked the scale after a GIANT Christmas dinner and it read 204. Damn right

C Daddy
12-29-08, 1:44 am
Did arms today,felt pretty good

Close grip BB press- 4x215
Skull Crushers- 4x10, dropped weight and went to failure on last set
Pressdowns-4x 10,10,8,5
Overhead DB extensions- 3x10- 75lbs
BB curls- 4x 10,8,8,5
EZ bar curls- 4x 10,8,8,5
Hammer Curls-3x10

Still eating big and getting my macros in. Almost finished with my M-Stak cycle,one more week left. Im deffinately impressed with the effectiveness of it. Of course without the hard work ive put in im sure my gains wouldnt be as big. I'm weighing in around 205. almost 210 at night. My squats have went up tremendously along with my deads and bench, and pretty much every other lift. I can visually see a big difference in my traps and shoulders. Its still a work in progress but im making some good steps in the battle

C Daddy
12-30-08, 6:11 pm

Flat DB Press- 5x5- 85lbs
Incline DB Press-5x5-80 lbs
Decline Db Press- 5x5- 80lbs
Hammer Strength Incline-4x10
DB Flyes-4x10
Pec Dec-3x10
Cable Crossover- 3x10- High,Medium,Low posistions
Dips-2x15 supersetted with pushups-2x15

Went with all DB's on my heavy pressing movements today,just to change it up and keep things fresh.Good workout and an even better pump.

C Daddy
01-05-09, 5:46 am
Workouts from last week


Wide Grip Chins- (BW) 5x5
Deadlift- 135(WU)225x10,315x8,365x5,385x5
T-Bar Rows- 5x5 at 225
BB rows- 135x10,155x8,185x5,205x5,215x3
One arm DB rows- 4x8 at 100 lbs
Lat Pulldowns- 4x10 at 120(nice and slow to really feel it)
Seated rows- 4x10 at 120(slow and steady again)


Seated BB press- 135x10(WU) 155x5,165x5,185x5,195x5
Supersetted with
Standing DB lateral raise-5x 15,10,8,8,5

DB front Raises-5x 15,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
Rear lat machine- 5x 15,10,8,8,5

DB Shrugs- 3x10- 110 lbs
Hammer Strength shrugs-3x15


BB curl- 5x 15,10,8,5,5(heavy on the last three sets)
Alternating Db curls-3x10
Preacher Curls-4x10,8,8,5
EZ Bar Curl- 3x10

Close grip Bench press- 185x8,205x8,215x5,225x5,225x5
Pressdowns-5x 15,10,8,8,5
Skull crushers- 5x 15,10,8,8,5
Dips-3x to failure


Squats- 135x15(WU)225x10,275x8,295x5,315x5,355x1(PR)
Leg Press-5x5 -540 lbs
leg extensions- 5x 15,10,8,5,5 - Last set dropped weight and did static hold for one minute,then repeated
Leg Curls-4x10
Walking DB Lunges- 3x across gym floor- 60 lbs

Pretty solid week with a new squat record and that deadlift keeps moving in the right direction. Finished my M-stak Cycle. Probably going to go with the pump pwo, intra aid during my workout and torrent post. Might cycle in some Stak soon.

01-05-09, 6:58 am
looking good last week

C Daddy
01-05-09, 3:08 pm
looking good last week

Thanks bro appreciate ya dropping in.

C Daddy
01-05-09, 3:19 pm
With all the things ive got on my plate right now like helping my girl plan a wedding(which I have no fucking clue how to do) searching for a house,and working I dont have much time for sleep. I usually log seven or eight hours except on Sunday when I work a fucked up midnight then evening turn swing shift. But today I got home from work and couldnt go to bed because I had to meet the realtor to look at a house we were considering buying. So im running on about three hours sleep right now and dont get off work until ten. I try to get my rest in on my three days off I have on the weekends but i usually end up staying up late playing xbox then waking up to the sound of my girl wanting me to cook breakfast at eight in the damn morning. This has to change. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of recovery and its the only area im lacking in right now. Hell maybe ill take Saturday and lock myself in a dark room and just sleep all damn day. Chest and Biceps tommorow

C Daddy
01-06-09, 3:32 pm

Bench Press- Bar x15(wu) 175x10,185x8,205x5,215x5,225x5(2 Forced)
Incline Bench Press- 135x10,155x8,185x5,205x5
DB INcline Flyes- 40x15,45x10,50x8,55x5,60x5
Decline Bench Press-5x5 at 185
Cable Crossover- High, medium Low- 3x10 on each

Pre workout- Pump

Ez Bar Curls-4x10
Supersetted with
Seated DB curls-4x10

Preacher Curls-3x10
Supersetted with
Hammer Curls-3x10

Post workout- Torrent,powerade

Sipped on a gatorade during,will do until the intra aid gets here.
Bieps I keep simple and fresh by doing bb curls one workout and EZ bar curls the next. The bis are still growing so no plans of changing any volume to my bis workout. Chest got a sick pump as usual. Actually got 10 hours of sleep last night. finally

Carpe Diem P.T
01-06-09, 3:34 pm
heya, that diet looks rock solid. do you feel you are sticking to it well?

C Daddy
01-06-09, 3:43 pm
heya, that diet looks rock solid. do you feel you are sticking to it well?

Thanks bro. Yea im sticking to it pretty well. I have kinda put some changes into slightly. I make sure to at least get 4 whole meals a day and three shakes. I never let my tank get empty. If im hungry and still have an hour or so til my next meal, ill slam a shake. Hunger is not a good sign on a bulk. I like to mix chicken with lean beef and steak.Right now im eating at least a steak every day with two or three of the other meals being lean ground beef. I still use chicken every now and then but I find the beef is packing on the mass like crazy.

Carpe Diem P.T
01-06-09, 3:51 pm
Thanks bro. Yea im sticking to it pretty well. I have kinda put some changes into slightly. I make sure to at least get 4 whole meals a day and three shakes. I never let my tank get empty. If im hungry and still have an hour or so til my next meal, ill slam a shake. Hunger is not a good sign on a bulk. I like to mix chicken with lean beef and steak.Right now im eating at least a steak every day with two or three of the other meals being lean ground beef. I still use chicken every now and then but I find the beef is packing on the mass like crazy.

i feel ya there. you need the real meals for sure.

i bet you are getting sick of cooking all that shit ;)

C Daddy
01-06-09, 3:53 pm
i feel ya there. you need the real meals for sure.

i bet you are getting sick of cooking all that shit ;)

haha youre damn right bro. Its enough to make a man wish he had enough money for a personal chef. haha

01-06-09, 6:03 pm
solid workout there

C Daddy
01-06-09, 9:18 pm
solid workout there

appreciate it. Hope to one day be writing down numbers like yours bro.

C Daddy
01-07-09, 4:13 pm


Widegrip chins- 5x5 (BW)
Deadlift- 225x8,315x5,315x5,335x5,395x3,225x10
T-Bar Rows- 4x10,8,8,5
BB rows- 135x10,155x8,175x8,185x5,205x5
Seated rows- 4x 10,8,8,5
One arm DB extensions- 4x10,8,8,5
Lat Pulldowns- 4x10,8,8,5


01-07-09, 7:14 pm
nice looking back workout there

Carpe Diem P.T
01-08-09, 2:16 am
you are choosing the harder exercises thats for sure. it will pay off though. only pussies skip the wide grip chins ;)

C Daddy
01-08-09, 3:35 pm
Pre workout- Pump

Seated BB press- 135x15(WU) 155x10,165x8,175x8,205x5
Side Lateral Raise-4x 10,8,8,5
DB Front Raises- 4x10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
Reverse Pec Dek-4x10,8,8,5
DB Shrugs- 5x10 -110 lbs
Hammer strength shrugs-5x10-360 lbs

Skull Crushers- 4x8
Overhead DB Extensions-4x8- 70lbs
Triceps Pushdown- 4x 10,8,8,5

Postworkout- Torrent

C Daddy
01-08-09, 3:38 pm
you are choosing the harder exercises thats for sure. it will pay off though. only pussies skip the wide grip chins ;)

Haha damn right bro.Between that and the deadlifts, pussies need not apply to these workouts- ;)

C Daddy
01-08-09, 9:54 pm
Ive eat BIG and CLEAN all week, time for my reward starting tommorrow after my leg workout. Not sure what im gonna have this weekend ,maybe some pizza,or chinese buffet,but no matter what deffinately some ice cream. Been craving that shit all week.Looking forward to wheels tommorrow and the weekend pig out. ill be postin legs tommorrow

C Daddy
01-10-09, 2:03 pm

Leg Press- 270x15(WU)540x8, 590x5, 600x5,620x3
Leg Extensions- 4x 10,8,8,5- Last rep dropped weight for 10 reps then held the contraction for 30 seconds
Leg curls- 4x10,8,8,5
DB walking lunges- 4x across gym floor
Seated calve raises-4 plates- 5x20

Legs are officially destroyed.

01-11-09, 2:04 pm
way to crush those wheelz

C Daddy
01-12-09, 12:18 am
Got some good rest this weekend along with a couple cheat meals. Lots of carbs for the coming week. Cant wait to hit the iron on Tuesday. Im considering adding maybe one or two days cardio. Not too much just 15 or 20 minutes on two or three days. Just to experiment a little,never really been a fan of cardio on a bulk but im gonna give it a try. Off Monday then Tuesday brings me to chest and bis.

01-12-09, 9:32 am
good job on crushing those wheelz

C Daddy
01-12-09, 2:34 pm
good job on crushing those wheelz

Thanks bro, its always a good sign when you can barely wallk to your car after a leg day.

C Daddy
01-13-09, 4:14 pm
Incline DB Press- 60x15(Wu)70x10,75x8,75x8,80x5,90x5
Bench Press-135x15(Wu)155x10,175x8,185x5,205x5,225x5
Incline machine press-5x 10,10,8,8,5, dropped weight and did ten reps then a negative on the last rep.
DB Flyes- 4x10,8,8,5
Pec Deck- 5x10,8,8,5,5
Cable crossovers-3x12- nice and slow to really feel the contraction
BB curls-4x10,8,5,5
Supersetted with
Alternating DB Curls- 4x10,8,8,5
Preacher Curls-4x10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
Hammer curls- 4x10,8,8,5

C Daddy
01-14-09, 4:17 pm
Deadlifts- 135x15(Wu) 225x10,315x5,315x5,355x5,365x3,225x10
Assisted wide grip pullups- 5x10
BB bent over rows- 4x10,8,8,5
T- bar rows- 4x8,8,5,5
Seated rows- 4x10,8,8,5
One arm DB rows-4x10- 85lbs
Lat pulldowns- 4x10,8,8,5

abs- crunches- 5x20
Leg raises-5x20

Sick pump in the ol back. Went home drank my Torrent and relaxed until i went to work.

01-14-09, 5:28 pm
Good looking back day -- you're giving me ideas for mine . . .

C Daddy
01-14-09, 5:54 pm
Good looking back day -- you're giving me ideas for mine . . .

Thanks for droppin in man, thats what its all about sharin ideas with other brothers in iron

01-14-09, 6:24 pm
great back work out c daddy

C Daddy
01-14-09, 6:34 pm
great back work out c daddy

Thanks for your continuous support bro

C Daddy
01-15-09, 3:14 pm
Seated BB Press- Barx20(WU)135x10,175x8,185x8,195x5,205x5,215x3
Side lateral raises-5x12,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
DB front raises- 5x12,10,8,8,5
Smith Machine upright Row- 5x12,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
Reverse Pec Deck- 5x 12,10,8,8,5
DB Shrugs- 5x10- 85-120 lbs
Hammer Strength Shrugs- 3x12- 5 pies a side

Close grip Bench Press- 135x12,155x10,175x8,185x8,205x5
Supersetted with
E-Z Bar curls- 5x 12,10,8,8,5
Skull Crushers- 5x 12,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
One arm DB Preacher Curls-5 x 12,10,8,8,5
Tricep Pressdown- 65x12,75x10,85x8,95x8,100x5
Supersetted with
Machine Preacher Curls- 5x 12,10,8,8,5

It was hard turning the steering wheel on my truck driving home after this one. Wheels tommorow. Gonna try the 10,20,30,40,50 rep style on the leg press tommorrow,burn those legs right off.

01-15-09, 7:21 pm
great job in the gym. like always looking stong as fuck

C Daddy
01-16-09, 1:31 pm
Squat- 135x20(WU) 225x15,275x10,315x8,365x5,375x5 Drop 225x12
Leg Press- 1 plate a side x 10, 2p x 20,3p x 30, 4px26( not quite to 40,this is hard as fuck) 5 plates a side x 8 6p x 5 , 7p x 5. ( Damn close to puking)
Lying Leg curls- 5x 12,10,8,8,5 dropped weight on last set and 2 sets of static holds
Leg extensions- 5x12,10,8,8,5 Dropped weight and did 2 sets of static holds.
DB walking lunges- 3 sets across gym floor 40 lb DB(Once again almost puked)
Standing Leg curls- 5x 12,10,,8,8,5
Seated calf raises- 5x20
Standing calf raises- 5x20

Absolutely nothing left after this one. hell of a leg day. Squats are moving on up 375 for 5 reps is a new PR for me. Im closing in on the 400 pound club and hopefully one day get the big boy status of 500. Enjoying my torrent right now mmmmm. Three days off comin up. Shit I need it after today.

01-16-09, 1:34 pm
Sweet leg day -- enjoy the days off -- you'll need 'em to walk off the DOMS!

C Daddy
01-20-09, 3:32 pm

Bench Press- 135x15(WU) 185x10,205x8,205x5,205x5,225x4,135x15
Incline DB Press- 65x10,70x8,70x8,80x5
Hammer Strength Incline- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
DB Flyes- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
Pec Deck- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
Cable crossovers- 4x15

BB Curls- 5x10,10,8,8,5
Tri-set- EZ bar curls,DB preacher curls,hammer curls- 5x10,10,8,8,5

Post- Torrent

01-20-09, 4:27 pm
great job on the workout bro

C Daddy
01-21-09, 2:45 pm
great job on the workout bro

Thanks brotha

C Daddy
01-21-09, 2:56 pm
Pre- Pump

Deadlifts- 135x15(WU)225x12,315x8,315x8,365x5,385x4-PR
T-Bar Rows-5x 12,10,8,8,5
Bent Over BB Rows- 185x10,195x8,205x5,215x5,225x2
One arm DB Rows- 85x10,90x8,90x8,95x5,100x5
Seated cable rows- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
Lat pulldowns- 5x10,10,8,8,5
Assisted Pullups-5x10


Overall pretty good back session. New Pr on the deadlift, i feel like i couldve done a couple more reps but i wasnt really trying to see what my max was and the grip slipped. I think sometime next week im going to do a max session just to get an idea on my numbers. Time to shovel down some ground beef. Later

01-21-09, 6:57 pm
awsome back workout bro and congrats on the PR. looking strong

C Daddy
01-22-09, 2:46 pm
BB Shoulder Press- 135x12(Wu)155x10,155x18,185x8,195x5
Single arm DB side raises- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
DB Front raises- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
Seated rear laterals- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
Reverse Pec Deck-5x 10,10,8,8,5
DB Shrugs- 5x15 100 lbs
Hammer Strength shrugs- 5 pps 4x10

01-22-09, 2:49 pm
Those boulders are gonna be too heavy to carry if you're not careful! Better build the back and traps and chest to hold 'em!

Good work!

C Daddy
01-22-09, 3:02 pm
Those boulders are gonna be too heavy to carry if you're not careful! Better build the back and traps and chest to hold 'em!

Good work!

haha Thanks bro.im dong my best to build it all for the total package. Those boulders are deffinately sore after that killing session. lol

01-23-09, 8:11 am
great looking workout bro

C Daddy
01-24-09, 12:56 am
great looking workout bro

Thanks bro

C Daddy
01-24-09, 1:04 am

Leg press- 5 pps x 10, 6 pps x 8, 7 pps x 5, 7 pps x 5, -drop 3pps x 20
Leg curls-5 x 10,10,8,8,5
Leg extensions- 5 x 10,10,8,8,5, drop 1x10 static hold on last rep
Seated calf raises- 5x20
Skull crushers- 5 x 10,10,8,8,5
Overhead Db Extension- 65x10,65x10,75x8,75x8,80x5
tricep pressdown- 5 x 10,10,8,8,5 i was 2 notches away from the whole stack on the set of 5

I had to throw triceps in with wheels cause i didnt get to do them on shoulder day as i was pressed for time and barely got my delt work in that day,let alone triceps.

C Daddy
01-24-09, 1:21 am









I've come a long way brothers,but still not satisfied

01-24-09, 7:59 am
awsome leg and tri day bro

C Daddy
01-27-09, 2:57 pm
Pre- Pump
Intra- Intra-Aid

Incline DB Press- 65x15(wu) 75x10,80x8,80x8,90x5,90x5
Bench Press- 135x15(WU) 185x10,205x8,205x8,225x5,225x5
Decline Bench Press- 5x 10,8,8,5,5
Hammer Strength Incline- 5x 10,8,8,5,5
DB flyes- 5x10,8,8,5,5
Pec Deck- 5x 10,8,8,5,5

BB curls- 5x10,10,8,8,5
One arm DB preacher curls- 5x 10,8,8,5,5
supersetted with
EZ bar curls- 5x 10,8,8,5,5
Machine preacher curls-21's


Had to shovel snow for an hour after this, not fun. haha

01-28-09, 12:07 am
So: what you're saying is that you got your cardio in after your chest and bis were done! <grin> Good stuff!

C Daddy
01-29-09, 5:18 pm
So: what you're saying is that you got your cardio in after your chest and bis were done! <grin> Good stuff!

haha exactly,some very hated cardio.

C Daddy
01-29-09, 5:37 pm
Wedsday- Back

Deadlifts- 135x20(wu) 225x10,315x12,315x10,315x8,385x5,395x2
T-Bar Rows- 5x 10,10,8,8,5
BB rows- 1x10-135, 5x5- 205
DB Rows- 90x10,90x10,95x8,95x8,100x5,100x5
Seated Cable rows-5x10,10,8,8,5
Assisted pullups-5x10
Lat pulldowns-5x10,10,8,8,5

Thurday- Shoulders/traps

Db side raises- 5x12,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
DB front raises-5x12,10,8,8,5

Behind the back cable raises-5x12,10,8,8,5
Supersetted with
Reverse Pec-Deck-5x12,10,8,8,5

DB Shoulder press-5x 10,10,8,8,5

DB Shrugs- 80x20,90x20,110x20,115x20,115x10,90x20,80x20,65x30
Hammer Strength Shrugs- 4ppsx20,5ppsx10

Doing the pre exhaust on delts felt good and was a good change of pace. Wheels are tommorow

C Daddy
02-25-09, 12:13 am
The bulk has been going really well but with a possibility of a better job oppurtunity at another fire department im going to have to put the bulk on hold and start throwing in alot of cardio. The physical test for the job is the CPAT and it mimics the duties performed by firefighters at an actual fire. It requires alot of endurance and cardiovascular capabilities, something that is not covered during a bulking phase. So for now im going to change things up and do some low weight high reps and the dreaded cardio. Heres the plan....

Tuesday- Chest and Bis Intervals on the treadmill for 10 minutes
Wednesday- Back and Tris- 30 minutes moderate cardio
Thursday- Shoulders/Lats- Interval cardio
Friday- Legs- 30 minutes of light cardio
Saturday- 60 minutes of moderate to light cardio.

Im going to keep the rep ranges high at around 10-15 and the weight moderate. Cardio sucks but it will be nice to see my six pack again.

Ill post the diet tommorow

C Daddy
02-25-09, 5:26 pm

Meal 1- 4 egg whites 1 whole egg,bowl of oatmeal or two pieces of whole wheat toast w/natty PB
Meal 2- 2 cans of tuna,2 pieces of whole wheat bread
Meal 3- Grilled Tilapia,steamed vegetables,brown rice
Meal 4- Protein shake w/ 54 grams of protein,1 apple, 1 serving of almonds
Meal 5 Grilled Chicken breast,steamed vegetables, brown rice, 1 apple
Meall 6(before bed) cottage cheese, 1 serving of almonds

Its been rough being strict after being on the bulk for so long,but its slowly getting easier.

Workout today- Back and tris

Deadlifts- 135x15(WU) 225x12,255x10,255x10,315x8
Weight assisted pullups- 4x12
One arm DB rows- 75x15,80x10,85x10,90x8
Seated cable rows- 110x15,120x12,130x10,150x8
Lat pulldowns- 120x15,130x12,140x10,150x8
Close Grip bench press- 135x15,175x10,185x8,215x5
Triceps extension- 70x15,80x12,90x10,100x5

Cardio- 30 minutes on eliptical

C Daddy
03-16-09, 1:07 am
Cardio has been the story of my life here recently.Me and my buddy have been getting up at 7 AM every morning and hitting the cardio hard. we do 3 days of 30 minute sessions on the treadmill and 3 sessions of sprints at the track with a 20 pound weight vest on. The weighted sprints are probably the hardest thing ever but weve gradually built ourselves upo to where we can do 20 40 yard sprints with the vest on. As far as weights go ive kinda shifted gears. A friend of mine got us an old truck tire to work out with.we drag it push it pull it and beat it until were worn out. Its deffinately different but its getting me in serious shape. Not sure what its doing for my strength but ill let you know