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12-16-08, 1:59 pm
15 days left on my bulk. in the past 5 months ive went from 165 8% body fat to 195lbs 12% body fat. lookin to be a solid 180 for now until i decide to do my next bulk. my goal for this time next year is to be pushin 220 to cut down to a solid 200 lbs. lets hear everyone elses goals

12-16-08, 2:18 pm
My goal is to win my first bodybuilding show in the Fall '09

On Letting Go
12-16-08, 2:43 pm
Im 6 weeks into a bulk. Started at 175 with a goal of 200, Im currently at 186. My goal for the upcoming year is to bulk to 215 - 220 and cut down to a lean 200lbs.

12-16-08, 2:55 pm
rehab back to 100% and be injury free in 09.