View Full Version : Journey To 225 very lean in 2 years.

12-18-08, 12:36 am
Hey bros Im 15 yearsold Ive been training for about a year now atm Im weighing 193 lbs at 5 ftt 8 and 15 % bf. My short term goal is 225 lbs very lean in 2 years. So far in this game ive gained around 70 lbs but im sure that wont happen again.

Ill be posting in here very often for the next 2 years :)


12-21-08, 8:21 am
good luck with the training bro. i wish i would have started young like you did. these are the most important years for you in the gym. your body will grow fast if you do it right. keep up the bulking ( cleanly ) and base your lifting off of a power lifting style, you will grow

12-22-08, 1:09 am
It was a hard training today fucking hot as hell. It was fun tho one of the best days of the week my arms are nearly 17 pumped now I consider this a decent size but i want fucking bigger, people say I'm already bigger nuff and that my body was more attractive a year ago , i say fuck them I love bodybuilding fuck you telling me i should run this is called bulking bitch......

12-22-08, 9:05 am
stick to what you want to do. if everyone else wants to be little bitches then let them

12-23-08, 3:53 am
I really have to start waking up earlier so I don't miss a fucking meal..No training today just rest and eating eating and eating.....Well tomorrow Ill have to join a new gym as my one shuts for 1 month or more fuck taking that time off. I feel great ATM ready to train. Ive been thinking about how far id like to go in this sport and a dream of mine would be to get a pro card...

but fuck it man I gotta get big first....

12-23-08, 4:06 am
just noticed that.... well broz its gonna be a long and rocky road ahead of me wish me luck god its gonna be hard as fuck lets hope the training pays off....

12-23-08, 11:13 pm
Not many gyms are open over christmas ive decided to take the rest of the week off it will do me good, ill be stronger than ever.

12-29-08, 2:58 am
I trained arms today I ended up going to the ymca gym its a peice of shit I had to get my blood presure tested and had to fill in a form just to go in...It was a good hard training 28 degrees outside..

Ive added cardio into my off days and cleaned my bulk diet up abit to get more lean (its summer here)...

12-29-08, 3:05 am
Ive actually gained around 5 lbs so far (i actually started at 189 and now I'm 194) no point in lying....

30 lbs to go

02-16-09, 2:27 am
Went 0n holiday broke ma fucking hand now im in a hand cast its ok tho im stil training its just man pinky i get it off on thursday after that its hardcore from then on. ive been training light...for the last couple of weeks ive gained 1 kg 1 inch on ma quads and chest its all gud

05-18-10, 5:48 am
17 yearsold atm ive far surpassed my goal im around 255 20 bf feeling strong competing next year in september along fukin cut lies ahead 25 weeks of shit.....