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12-28-08, 5:28 pm
I hope this is posted in the right place, I'm having difficulties getting bodybuilding supplements (especially Universal's) from here in Iraq.

Purchasing online is easy but Ministry of health is causing troubles, so if you're in Iraq and willing to help please let me know.

Many thanks!

12-28-08, 5:48 pm
Is it possible for your family members to get it for you and then ship it over like a care package?

12-28-08, 9:39 pm
have your parents or friends buy them, have them sent to their house. then have them send it to you in another package. i dont know whats going on over there, but you should be fine doing it like this.
what angst said

12-29-08, 4:35 am
The thing is I'm an iraqi, Ministry of health announced that anything comes from outside iraq via fedex/dhl needs to get an authorization from the ministry. Last time I hardly got an one after days of communicating with them.

I find it very funny, steroids are all over this place and being sold in front lines of stores for cheap prices and no one is taking care of that.. and when it comes to receiving supplements from respected and legal companies in the US such as Optimum or Universal; they'd stop it until an inspection is made.

I know that soldiers of US army get their supplements without any kind of troubles, and shipped items within iraqi cities won't require any inspection.