View Full Version : Brown Rice!!

12-30-08, 12:23 pm
How do you make this, where can it be found?

Please -____- no stuff like Zattarans or microwavable products. Seen there labels...Not very tempting.

12-30-08, 12:38 pm
Its found where the other rice's are in the supermarkets. Instructions are on the box/bag depending on what you get, its very easy to make.

12-30-08, 1:09 pm
Success 'boil in bag' rice. That's what I use. 10min in boiling water. DONE.

12-30-08, 1:15 pm

birds eye steamfresh brown rice, pick it up in the freezer section at wal mart

12-30-08, 1:17 pm
Almost any grocery store that will sell any rice products will have Brown rice in either bags, boxes or containers. how u would prepare it is strictly water. still you the 2cups of water to every cup of rice. That is what i do and my rice comes out perfect all the time.

12-30-08, 1:28 pm
you get it at the store. you cook it in water...it takes forever (45 minutes) i used to eat it all the time thinking it was better...but it just makes me sluggish..I stick to white rice that cooks in 5 minutes. there is not that big of difference in the GI between the 2