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12-30-08, 6:02 pm
Im 6'1 330 lbs. and I want to start a diet and get down to 295 lbs. All i read is talkinga bout how many calories you need and how much protein and carbs but its always for a people that are under 200lbs. I need some help trying to figure out what i need to eat because I am 300+ lbs

12-31-08, 4:17 am
Do you know your calories now and are you maintaining?

Once you know this then its just a matter of dropping calories i.e. carbs to lose weight.

Do you do cardio? If not and you are maintaining then all you need to do is add in some low level (walking) cardio 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes.

12-31-08, 6:12 am
yeah we need to figure out what you are doing it will be cool if you post the macros of your current diet or the diet itself

01-01-09, 8:44 pm
300x18 = a good guide to your maintenance calories.. start there and watch your progress.
if you dont lose weight.. cut 250 calories/500 calories. then watch your progress. keep cutting calories until you reach a point where you are loosing 2 pounds a week. once you stop losing weight.. cut more calories. etc etc.

alot of people will tell you 50/30/20 for macros.. [carbs/protein/fat] but dont listen to them.. carbs are overrated :]

do a 1/1/1 ratio to start if you wanna keep your carbs..
go keto if you don't mind losing your carbs.