View Full Version : Ever went Too far?

Carpe Diem P.T
01-02-09, 1:30 am
I was just going through old pics and came accross this pic. Im sure a few of you have done it. You were fat and the weight started to come off so you kept going and going and going and before you knew it you were too skinny.


lol its embarrassing but a good reminder to not eat less to lose weight. ya just gotta eat smart!

The pic is from about 8 weeks after i got divorced. I lost about 18kg but did it all wrong. That was the only gift i got that year. my friends knew i like fish...nuff said.

01-02-09, 9:38 am
yea bro before i did all the bodybuilding stuff i was working out just to get toned and loose weight....i wasnt as skinny as you in the pic but was pretty thin...funny thing is when i looked like that i got more girls then ever.

01-02-09, 3:28 pm
Exactly after i had by bad times in my life and decided to loose the weight but didnt know how. So yea i did the eat less to loose weight. I had no clue had to loose it right. So now i am just regaining all muscle and its working awesome.

01-02-09, 3:32 pm
yeah def a good reminder... on both sides; either to cut too much till you're flat or bulk until you become too fat

01-02-09, 3:33 pm
There was that time I puked in my mouth and swallowed it back.

01-02-09, 4:13 pm
Used to be a fat kid. Until i was 6'3" tall, and 135 pounds. And I was gross. Have put on 25 pounds of solid muscle since then.

... still fucking gross in my opinion. Too skinny now. I can never win.