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01-03-09, 1:50 pm
hey fellas im starting cutting in a couple of days and i have ordered pak cuts and nitro as my supplements has anyone tried this stack and did you get good results from it.i have a question though when is the best time to take them i was going to take pak first thing with breackfast at about 9am then lift at around lunch time take 1 pack of cuts 45mins before i lift then nitro immediatly before and after weights then about 6.30 7pm take last pack of cuts 30mins before cardio does that sound about right or is there better times of the day to take them to get the full benefits thanks for any advice guys.

01-04-09, 2:47 pm
Thats a solid combo- I followed a similar supp program for about 3 months and I went from 11% bf to about 8.3% - Cuts really showed the striations in the muscle. As for timing I took cuts immediately upon waking, then whenever I ate my first meal I took pak and Nitro pre-workout. I tried to space the cuts and nitro by 4 hours so you may have to adjust depending on your workout time. and then I took my last cuts 4 hours after the workout or just before bed. Keep a solid diet and the stak should definately work for you

01-05-09, 9:08 am
Thanks Aduro Any More Advice Guys

Feel The Power
01-05-09, 9:58 am
I did this exact same stack, but I also did storm and sipped on EAA stack throughout the day. I did cuts before AM cardio on an empty stomch and nitro post. I came home ate breakfast and took the pak. Then went to work all day and sipped on EAA stack in my water bottle. After work I took storm preworkout which I lifted first and did a second cardio session afterwards. Post cardio I did a second nitro. This worked awesome for me as I got an AM boost with the cuts and a Preworkout boost with the storm. I only did 1 pack of cuts a day, but if you did 2 I guess just do it instead of when I took storm. Most important cutting advice I have learned is still... EAT CLEAN!!

01-05-09, 2:08 pm
How Does This Sound Pak At 9am With Breackfast.cuts 30/45mins Before Weights At 1pm And Nitro Straight After Then At 7pm Last Pack Of Cuts 30/45mins Before Cardio And Last Pack Of Nitro Straight After Would That Be Ok.

01-05-09, 2:55 pm
Thanks Aduro Any More Advice Guys


Adding in Omega helped me out a lot.

545am: Cuts
6am: Run
7am: Breakfast/Pak
10am: Meal 2 Omega
1pm: Meal 3
4pm: Meal 4/Cuts
7pm: PWO meal Nitro
720pm: Lift
930pm: Meal 5

Try that out

01-05-09, 3:57 pm
Hey Fellas Im Cutting Soon I Want To Lose Some Bodyfat I Have Just Ordered Animal Pak Cuts And Nitro Has Anybody Tried It Did You Get Good Results From Them.im Not Quite Sure When To Take Them Though I Was Thinking Pak In The Morning With Breackfast At About 9am Do Weights At 12 Take Cuts 45 Mins Before Workout Nitro Before And After And Last Pack Of Cuts At About 6pm 30 Mins Before Cardio And Im Going To Be Drincking A Whey Protein Shake Aswell

Pak with breakfast is what many guys here do so you're on target. When do you lift and when do you do cardio?

Feel The Power
01-05-09, 8:45 pm
what time do you usually go to sleep?? If you take it too late it might keep you awake..

01-06-09, 4:01 am
I Usually Go To Sleep At Around 11pm

01-06-09, 1:50 pm
Pak with breakfast is what many guys here do so you're on target. When do you lift and when do you do cardio?