View Full Version : Pump and football (soccer)

01-05-09, 12:25 pm
I was wondering if this supplement is suitable to take before a football match to give you an edge.

01-05-09, 12:28 pm
the new md had some studies about creatine and soccer players, creatine seems to help a lot i said go for it

01-05-09, 12:33 pm
Ok cool, I think I'm going to give it a try tonight.

01-05-09, 12:36 pm
yeah not once did I take supps before playing a soccer match haha... pump would be great

I sometimes do 2gr l-carnitine for endurance with a bit of maltodextrin and whey, maybe get fancy with some glutamine or creatine

01-05-09, 2:01 pm
I would definitely give it a go. I would mix some creatine in an empty Gatorade bottle drink 1/3 pregame, 1/3 at halftime and 1/3 after the match was over. I've since put the keeper gloves away. Decided to give Rugby Union a try (pardon the pun) and I love it. I continued the creatine tradition through my Fall Rugby Season and it worked great for me. I'm looking forward to the spring season even more!