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01-08-09, 12:37 pm
Alright guys, heres the deal. I have been working out for around about a year now. I started last feb and have been going strong. My main goal for the time being is to lose weight, so far down from 350ish to 240. I have started taking Cuts along with my Pump, M-Stak and Pak. Things are going pretty well so far.

On the Cuts tin it say to take it on waking, then another 4-6 hours later, that's cool and so far that's what I've been doing. I don't do any cardio in the morning and am currently following a 4 day split(Training split #7). I do my cardio after my workout, usually HIIT. My workouts happen in the evening due to work, although I might be starting morning cardio if the price is right(Gym in work building). Now would it be better for me to take Cuts before my workout and then the other one after it? Something like this:

8:30AM - Pak/breakfast
3:00PM - Cuts #1
5:15PM - M-Stak
5:45PM - Pump
6:00PM - Workout
8:00PM - Cuts #2

Before it was split something like this:

7:30AM - Cuts #1
8:30AM - Pak Breakfast
1:30PM - Cuts #2
5:15PM - M-Stak
5:45PM - Pump
6:00PM - Workout

Also, is M-Stak the best option to be taking on a cut? I have been taking it for 2 cycles so far and have some pretty decent strength increase with no fat gains, still losing consistently. Or would it be better to put Stak in instead of M-stak?

Cheers for the help lads. :)

01-08-09, 11:14 pm
No stacking m-stak + Cuts if fine. Most people use that stack with great sucess it helps low bf% as well as maintaining lean muscle mass.

01-09-09, 11:16 am
I thought it might be. I have seen plenty of threads on the forums about it and seems everyone has different opinions.

01-09-09, 11:31 am
I would also prefer the M-Stak/Cuts combo for your goals than Stak/Cuts. The M-Stak adds two dimensions that would be of benefit to you--the thermogenic component as well as the nutrient-timing component (help preserve lean mass). Just be sure not to overlap the Cuts and M-Stak because of the thermogenics--spread it out over the day.