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01-12-09, 5:05 pm
well I have a serious mental block and hard time swallowing pills, I could always take X with ease, so I look at the cuts as X pills.

Well, the other 4, I have to pretty much bury them one by one in about a half spoon full of grape jelly to get them down...

How bad is that jelly going to actually hurt my progress on my cut?

01-12-09, 7:36 pm
get sugar free jelly!

01-12-09, 9:28 pm
As long as it's not a large amount, you should be fine.

Little Z
01-13-09, 2:03 pm
if you are worried about jelly pick up some PolanerŪ All FruitŪ jelly.. its 100% natural bro, it tastes amazing..

I was told about it by another brother here on the site..

01-13-09, 2:22 pm
As other people have already stated: get some sugar free jelly and you'll be fine.

01-13-09, 4:43 pm
Alright, thanks a lot.