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01-13-09, 2:08 am
Hey everyone I wanted to start a journey to help me with my goals. I am currently 305 to 295 depending on water and everything. I am 6'3" I currently have 30% body fat. I have been lifting for a year as a hobby I guess you would say and now I am looking to kick it into overdrive.

Any help or questions you guys have is appreciated.
Tonight I had a speed focused workout with minimal rest because i have class early tomorrow. I went to anytime fitness tonight and made due with what little they have
start time 11:15pm end 12:30am
first set was a superset
cable high rows 95*12,105*7, 105*8
cable t bar rows 95*8, 95*7, 95*10

behind the neck smith press ( i never count the bar as any weight on smith)
95*10, 115*8, 125*10, 145*6

military smith press 95*10, 115*8, 125*6, 145*5

smith shrugs 145*12 190*15, 240*10, 310*5, 310*4

reclined pullups ( which are new to me) 4 sets of 5

front dumbell raises 30*8, 25*10, 25*10

terrible life fitness machine rows 90*10, 110*10, 120*10, 135*10

machine pull downs 135*6, 135*7, 135*6

then twenty minutes of hill climber machine full incline full resistance I got the calorie meter to 250

01-13-09, 2:12 am
meals today

730 am two packets instant oats
1 glass skim milk
1 banana

11:20am cliff bar

530pm half pound shredded chicken breast with a bit of wing sauce
1 nutrigrain bar
1 banana

1015 half pound shredded chicken breast with a bit of wing sauce
1 nutrigrain bar
1 banana
animal stack

130am 1glass skim milk

01-14-09, 12:17 am
today is an off day because of lots of school and work

730am raisin bran crunch with skim milk

1pm 1 cup egg whites, 2 packets instant oats, 1 glass skim milk

6pm half pound shredded chicken, nutrigrain bar, banana

12am glass of skim milk

01-14-09, 12:29 am
Theres deffinately a lot of room for improvement on your diet, but thats what we are here for. For starters, you should add some sort of protein to your first meal, such as whey protein or egg whites. I just posted up my diet that I started last week in my thread if you want to check it out to get a guideline of protein/carbs and what not. Best thing is to just keep it simple...

01-14-09, 2:12 pm
thanks man I will give yours a look and see if I can borrow some of your ideas. Off to work now.

01-15-09, 1:20 pm
Didnt have time to post last night
start 11:40pm
yesterday was a fast arm workout and cardio. if it wasnt a superset there was minimal rest

rope pull downs 37.5*12,42.5*12, 47.5*12,47.5*12
cable curle 42.5*8,42.5*10, 42.5*8,42.5*6

reverse cable curl 32.5*10,32.5*9, 32.5*9, 32.5*8
tri cable chop 47.5*12, 52.5*12, 57.5*10, 62.5*11

pushdown machine 130*12, 190*10, 190*8

hammercurl 30*10/30*10/35*8/40*5

cable ground and pound (resistance punches) 42.5*10/42.5*15/52.5*20
incline curl 30*8/30*6/30*6

30 min hill climber full resistance full incline finished 12:53 am

01-15-09, 1:23 pm
yesterday I didnt have much of an appetite

two packets instant oats
1 cup whites
1 glass skim milk

nutrigrain bar and 32oz gatorade

6pm half pound chicken breast with honeu mustard, one banana

two am one glass skim milk

01-16-09, 12:01 pm
no lifting today with homework and going to work so here are the meals from thurs.

noon two packets instant oats, glass of skim milk

three one nutrigrain bar, one banana

6pm half pound shredded chicken breast with honey mustard.

9pm one banana

1130pm two cups fat free yogurt with frozen black berries

01-16-09, 4:50 pm
Alright man, i wanna see you get this so we're gonna do some tweaking to your diet and how many meals you are eating a day. We need to up the meals and subtract some stuff out.

01-17-09, 1:40 am
Thanks lats get with me on what you have in mind

01-19-09, 2:07 am
the new plan. Havent been on for a couple days. The indy/ southern indiana abc was on sat and it was bad ass. latimer helped me re align my diet so there are good things to come

02-10-09, 12:48 am
Just an update I havent been faithful to posting. This is my first semester of working full time going to school full time and getting lifts whenever i can.

Latimer helped me with my diet
I have been losing a couple pounds every week. My goal for the cage was to show up at 285 as of my monday weigh in i am 286.4

I have to learn to play jingle bells for my music fundamentals class. later

02-10-09, 5:43 am
Good shit man..I really think 280 is reachable by the classic man and I think you should shoot for it