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01-16-09, 1:55 pm
Well here goes... I am 18 years old and i am going to start a journey to track my progress as i prepare myself to compete. Maybe i will be able to keep up with this computer stuff, im not to technical.

01-16-09, 2:01 pm
I woke up this morning at 8:00 i had a protein shake and two packs of oatmeal. I ate my first meal and did 100 crunches. As i was putting on my jogging pants and hoodie i had to check out some animal pak ad's to get motivated. I hit my one mile run in 10o farenheight temp. i couldnt feel my face so i couldnt tell if my nose was dripping snot or if it was sweat. When i got done running i came in and ate my second meal of the day, two grilled chicken breast witha baked potatoe, plain. I wish i had my animal pak to take but it has not gotten here yet, should arrive today, i ordered pak and pump. I will work out about two o'clock in the afternoon, its shoulders today. I sure wish i had that animal pump...

01-16-09, 7:08 pm
I finally got my pump and pak in the mail, me and one of my training brothers and we hit shoulders at 3:44 in the afternoon. Here was our routine:

Seated Military Press- 4 sets 95x12, 135x10, 155x8, 135x8.
Overhead machine presses- 2 sets 140x8, 180x7
Cable lat raises- 3 sets 20x15, 30x10, 40x8
Front delt barbell raises- 3 sets 40x12, 50x14, 60x14
Rear delt cable raises- 3 sets 20x12, 30x10, 40x8
Reverse flys- 20x12, 30x10, 40x8

Front barbell shrugs- 3 sets 135x12, 185x10, 185x10
Rear shrugs- 1 set 185x10
Upright rows- 3 sets 50x12, 60x10, 70x10

We were so pupmed by that time we decided to do a light bicep exercise to finish the week off because thats what we need improvement on, here is our bi workout:

Barbell curls- 4 sets 135x3
Barbell curls- 2 sets 60x12, 110x6
Seated dumbell curls 2 sets 45x4, 35x6

I could really feel the animal pump kicking in, i had the best shoulder day i have ever had. It is 7:00 right now and i still have my pump. i took it about twenty minutes before we started and i took my pay about forty minutes before we started. I felt really good today, I had my protein shake right after the workout. Time to eat again!

01-16-09, 7:35 pm
Just had my post workout meal, had 3 pieces of grilled chicken, should be around 85-90 grams of protein. had water to drink. I will have another protein shake before i go to bed. Daily totals:

Calories: Apx. 2670 (trying to cut bodyfat)
Fat: Around 70 Grams
Protein: 285 grams

01-16-09, 11:04 pm
I just had my last meal of the day three egg whits i also drunk two raw eggs, water to drink. Ive probably drank about a gallon maybe more of water today. Cant wait to get up tomorrow and see what the weather is gonna be like, i hope its warmer maybe like 20 would be nice with no wind. I will take tomorrow and sunday off except for my cardio and diet.

01-18-09, 12:16 am
Woke up this morning and ran a little over a mile. First thing when i woke up was a protein shake, about thirty minutes later i had three packs of oatmeal, vegetable juice and animal pak, then i did my run. A few hours later i had my second meal, two chicken breast grilled with a plain baked potatoe, water. I went to the gym after that and did twenty minutes on the stationary bike, im really gonna try to kick things into gear with my cardio, i have slacked on it in the past. After that i had my third meal, just two chicken breast this time, water. About two hours later i had another protein shake.

I just got home its 12:00 and i had my last meal, a turkey sandwich and one scoop of muscle milk to wash it down. Its just time to let the body recover and get ready for another week of hard ass lifting. Im not gonna total my stuff up nutrition wise, all i know is im trying to take in a lot of protein and keep it as lean as possible so i can slim down. Right now i weigh 267 pounds and my body fat percentage is not really that high, if i could burn this fat off and keep the muscle i have now i would probably weigh around 220-230, but i want to keep working out hard that way when i have my fat gone i will have an ass-load of muscle.

Anyways tomorrow is off day except for cardio and diet, i will probably check back in about monday after i work out it should be shoulders monday, i need the most improvement on them so im gonna move them to the front of the week and move chest to the end.

01-20-09, 10:12 pm
Yesterday was monday and me and my pals hit the gym hard, we did another shoulder and bicep day. Our routine was pretty much the same as it was last time except we went heavier on barbell curls up to 155lbs. we also did forearms in addition to biceps and shoulders. I didnt get to do cardio because of snow, but i did on sonday really hard so it didnt hurt me to take that one day off.

Today we did legs and triceps. Pretty much the basics, leg extensions, leg press, squats, then we hit tris, skull crushers, decline skull crushers, cable push downs. then we hit our calves with some standing calve raises.

I went back to the gym a few hours later and did cardio. I did 40 minutes on the stationary bike.

Tomorrow is back day, time for some deads!!

01-31-09, 9:32 am
Last week was crazy, me and my crew hit two body parts a day:

monday legs
tuesday chest tris
wed off
thursday back bis
fri shoulder chest
sat off

Really steppin things up with the cardio, gotta trim this fat from the edges.