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Sgt Rock
01-18-09, 6:46 pm
An American Flag should/could be displayed inside the Cage, and we should recite the pledge of allegiance each day before we start. Animal stands for much more than heavy lifting, its about being an animal in and out of the gym, and that includes RESPECT. That is my suggestion. After serving my country and being recalled during a time of war, it made me rethink many things, and one is the importance of the flag.

Semper Fi

01-18-09, 7:18 pm
Well put Sgt. Rock. Couldn't agree with you more.

Big Wides
01-18-09, 7:26 pm
Sgt. Rock I totally agree with you on this.....the flag and the Pledge means a lot to many people no matter what walk of life they come from

B Con
01-18-09, 8:16 pm
I like this idea Rock. Great suggestion.

01-18-09, 8:26 pm
I agree...

I am a teacher and we say the pledge every morning. There are times that some just don't "understand" why. As I get older, I understand more and appreciate the meaning and the reason I pledge my allegiance....

01-18-09, 8:44 pm
Thats truly leading by example. I like it too. It'd be badass to show all of our support and respect by doing something like that.

01-18-09, 8:46 pm
great idea rock. people need to love their flag

01-18-09, 8:51 pm
Well said rock, independently of where you are from, you show respect for your flag and give thanks each day you can lift weights....its a fucking privaledge.

Brick By Brick
01-18-09, 9:16 pm
I agree 100%.

01-19-09, 2:18 am
great idea rock. people need to love their flag

I come from a country where it has become taboo to raise the flag, through fear of being seen as a totalitarian racist (yea, i dont get it either). So i say you guys go for it. A lot of people here respect your country for the way it does honour its flag and is never ashamed to do so.

01-19-09, 8:15 am
nice post man, besides being bonded by are animalism, we are also bonded by the love of our country.

01-19-09, 1:13 pm
I agree in God/Country we trust!!!

01-20-09, 1:11 pm
100% agreed. Proud american. Raise that flag high.

01-21-09, 8:05 am
I agree also and I think that showing respect for our flag reflects perfectly the values that we should all strive for as a brotherhood of animals and as Citizens of the United States.

Great suggestion Sgt. Rock.

01-21-09, 11:44 am
Badass idea...I'm down!

01-21-09, 12:23 pm
Totally agree, Rock. I think it would be a great idea, and I completely support it.