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Big Nick 54
01-19-09, 1:11 am
This is my journey back to the iron. Ive been out of the game for about a year and half so my goals for now are to get back to where i started... then ill go from there.

5 Day Split
Mon: Legs
Tue: Arms
Wed: Off
Thur: Chest
Fri: Back
Sat: Off
Sun: Shoulders

30 min Elliptical Mon-Sat (AM)

Big Nick 54
01-19-09, 9:28 pm
Weight: 234

Cardio: 30 Min Elliptical

Leg Extension: 3x12 @ 75lbs
Squats: 3x10 @135lbs
Straight-Leg Dead Lifts: 3x10 @ 135lbs

** Taking it slow for the first few weeks.

Big Nick 54
01-20-09, 9:57 pm
Cardio: 30 Min Elliptical

DB Curl: 3x12 @ 30lb-DB
BB Curl: 3x12 @ 60lbs
Tri Extensions (Cable): 3x12 @ 6
Tri Extensions (Rope): 3x12 @ 4

Big Nick 54
01-23-09, 1:18 pm
30 Min Elliptical

DB Bench Press: 3x12 @50lb DB

DB Inc Bench Press: 3x12 @ 40lb DB
DB Inc Fly: 3x10 @ 25lb DB

BB Bench Press: 3x12 @ 135lb