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01-22-09, 11:51 pm
When i first started college in the fall of 2004 i wanted to find myself changing my life for the better... no i'm not talking about anything but changing my health... when i first decided to enter the game i was 5' 10" and 195 and worked pretty hard for the first 3 years to change myself down to 178 with muscle mass growing... it was after this point in my life that i got sloppy... classes and 2 jobs got in the way of me reaching a solid physique while working to be as strong as an ox... ya me and my roommate or i should say brother from how long we've known each other lifted inconsistently... later on i fell in love (with hopefully my soon to be wife who've i've been blessed with her support) and from there i stand here today 5' 10" 218lbs... and needless to say that it sucks knowing how the hard work i put in was just pissed down the drain and i didn't do anythin to stop it but a few maintainence lifts here and there....

the point i'm trying to get here is that i've finally got my ass in gear and decided to never let this happen again... started reading animal and forvm articles again and the inspiration came for me to post my journey here... this way there are no excuses... no easy way out of skipping a day and what not... and MOST IMPORTANTLY not failing all who follow me... and myself in the end... i'm at debt officially now and i plan on paying this debt daily until God decides it's time ...

so here is my journey goals...
my set goal weight is 170!
my diet is set for this weight loss permenantly with a program i learned from my nutrition class... by the way i'm an exercise science major ... so i figure i need to be a better example than what i am...
finally my training will follow textbook steps from the acsm strength and conditioning program guidelines... although i will add my personal twist to it since i know what works for me

i will be using the training routine #3 from animalpak :) and will vary it up
my goal is to average 20 minutes of cardio after every lifting session... and to hit cardio and core up 3 to 4 mornings during the week... my volume will increase with time then eventually drop off for intensity and periodization purposes

my stats as of now... not impressive by any means... but i'm working on it:
bench: 1rm max 250.... 5rm max 215
shrugs: 455 12reps
Squats: 180 5reps

i will post other stats later with my program write up...

wish me the best guys, i definitely respect everyone in this game ... and i hereby will dedicate my life everyday to live the ANIMAL lifestyle!

thanks for checking in!

01-28-09, 10:30 am
Glad to have you brotha. Now where are the damn write-ups? Hope your not slacking already!

01-28-09, 6:05 pm
not slacking just still working out some kinks... GUARANTEED they will be up for view by tomorrow 1/29 at 12pm... sorry for the wait... but they will be there...

01-28-09, 6:10 pm
It's always good to see someone as determined as you seem to be to get back in the game. I'll be following this.

When in need of motivation, I think about the fact that my fellow animals would be disappointed if I wasn't putting in work. So, I quit bein' a bitch and pay my dues. That's a good thing to think about if you find yourself wanting to "skip the gym today", etc.

Looking forward to some good shit!

01-29-09, 1:21 pm
well here is the workout layout... by 6 tonight i'll have my diet plan up :)
STRICT FORM IS KEY IN ALL I DO... and i critique myself along with my workout bro chencho


Bench: **starting weight 175
bar warmup for 10r, 5lb plate rotator cuff warm up, 135 for a stretched out 8r
4 working sets consisting of 8r, 25lb jump 8r, 10lb jump, 5r, 5lb jump 5r (these last two sets change with progress... ideally i want to be able to get 4 sets of 8... when that hits i will move up)
1 drop set to 10lbs over starting working set weight for 8r

DB Incline: **starting weight 75
4 sets of 8r going up 5lbs each set

DB flyes: **starting weight 60
3 working sets of 8r going up 5lbs each set... later on i will add a drop set of 8r that is 15lbs from the first set for 8r

Peck Deck: **starting weight 170
3 sets of 10r going up 10 each set... (later will change this to pyramid out or just go up 20lbs between each set)

Preacher machine curls (hammer strength):**starting weight 130
1 warm up set of 70 for 8r
3 working sets with a rep range of 8, 6, 4 with critical form i move up 20lbs each set

Straight bar curls: **starting weight 95
3 working sets of 8r with an increase of 10lbs each time (strict form is goal and moving up comes after completing 2 straight weeks of 8r last set... won't fall below 6r for last one if so i will move down)

Seated DB curls: **starting weight 50
2 working sets of 14r or 7r in each hand
1 burnout set of standing db hammer curls

Reverse curls: ** starting weight 55
3 sets of 12r... strict form and increasing 10 each set


Lat pulldown wide pronated grip (varying every 4 weeks to close/med neutral grip:
** starting weight 150
4 sets of 10r increasing 10lbs each set

Shrugs: ** starting weight 365 (pronated grip)
1 warm up set of 135 for 12r
4 working sets of 12r jumping 50lbs from first working set, then 20lbs there after each set

Rear Shrugs: **starting weight 335 (pronated grip)
4 sets of 12r increments of 10lbs each set

BB Row: **starting weight 185 (will alternate to Tbar row after 5 weeks) pronated grip
3 sets of 8r and increments of 10lbs each set

Seated Row (using the hammer strength isolateral machine or the weighted cable row.. will switch every 5 weeks) ** starting weight 180
4 sets of 10r with increments of 10lbs each set

DB (low) row: ** starting weight 85
3 sets of 8r with increments of 5lbs each set

bar curl (supinated): **weight 80
4 sets total; 2 sets of wide grip for 20r, and 2 sets of narrow grip for 20r



Rear Delt DB flyes on Incline Bench: **starting weight 30
4 sets of 10r with increments of 5lbs each set

Seated DB Mil Press: ** starting weight 55
1 warmup set of 8r with the 25's
3 working sets of 8r with increments of 5lbs each set

DB Front raise or inclined bar raise (will vary every 6 weeks): ** starting weight 25 or 55
3 sets of 16r or 8r in each hand with increments of 5lbs each set
3 sets of 10r with increments of 5lbs each set

standing DB Laterals: **weight 20
3 sets of 16r or 8r in each hand

Rope pulldowns: *starting weight 90
3 sets of 10r with increments of 10lbs each set

Close Grip Bench: ** starting weight 135
3 sets of 10r with increments of 5lbs each set
1 set of 10r with an increase of 10lbs from the 3rd set

Skull crushers: ** weight 85 (straight bar)
3 sets of 10r

Weighted Dip Machine: **starting weight 170
4 sets of 8r with increments of 5lbs each set

backside v-bar tri pulldown: *weight 40
4 sets of 12r
single hand preacher curls: **weight 50
4 sets of 20



Leg Extensions: **starting weight 80
4 sets of 8r pausing at the top of every rep

lying leg curls: **starting weight 60
4 sets of 8r

Squats: **starting weight 135
2 warmup sets; bar for 10r, 95 for 10r
4 sets of 8r, 8r, 6r, 5r jumping 20lbs each set until only 10lbs for the last set

lunges: **starting weight 45lb plate
2 sets of 24r or 12r in each leg

standing calf raises: **starting weight 45lb plate in each hand
4 sets of 20r...standing on 2 45's ... changing feet angle and width each set


there is it... critique as u may :)

just to note my cardio and core workout:

eliptical (30 to 45min): 4 days a week depending on my work schedule

superset weighted ab machine: **starting weight 70 (2 days a week on the same morning as a cardio session)
4 sets of 35r
incline sit ups:
4 sets of 25


6 sets of 40
side raises: **25lb plate
6 sets of 25
(2 days a week on the same morning as a cardio session)

01-30-09, 4:17 pm
Looking good man. Lets get going. Wheres the diet? haha. Glad to see your pushing through brother.

02-20-09, 8:54 am
the diet plan will be posted and officially in effect tonight at 6pm sharp.... i need feedback on this... much would be appreciated... reality set in yesterday and there is no turning back from this point on... nothing will get in my way of reaching my goal set early rather than the grave itself...

look for it brothers...