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01-25-09, 12:11 pm
Hey guys.

I need some advice. Im 511" and weigh about 160lbs and my fat percentage is 14%

I want to bulk up and go up to around 175lbs and under 10%

Im now using another brand of creatine, protein and pwo products.

Ive been checking out the Animal pak and stack and the pump and nitro.

What would you guys reccomend for me to bulk up for the summer?

01-25-09, 12:33 pm
Pak, M-stak, lots of meals incl as much steak and potatoes as poss

01-25-09, 12:36 pm
Welcome to the forum mate.

Lots of solid food, 6-8 meals a day, real gains in those meals, Torrent PWO, Pak, Omega IMO.

01-25-09, 12:39 pm
oh dat dere .... ....

01-25-09, 1:39 pm
um, drop what your using, if you bought it at gnc, take it back and get your money back. not gonna elaborate on that haha (damn thier advertisements).

im gonna eventually write up a huge post about the importance of diet, etc.

seriously. it is all about what you eat. if you dont eat big, you wont get big. it doesnt matter what you lift, how you lift, how hard you lift, what you take, it really comes down to what you eat. lots and lots of it.

check past posts for good bulking foods. (there are plently of posts)

when you get your money back, go online (for better prices) and check out some pak and real gains. actually, if you had the money for all that stuff you just bought, then also consider storm or shock therapy for some good pre/post and torrent.

but definitely look up your pak and real gains.

oh yes, btw, for future references, refer to the 12 rules, as you are not supposed to post other brands, products, etc. just lettin you know. good luck.

01-25-09, 1:48 pm
buy a whey, casien and gainer in bulk size.

THAT IS FUCKIN IT. i cant count the times people get wrapped up in all these gimmicky supplements and after a year and a few empty wallets look the same as when the started their quest on BUYING muscle.

if your not 30 pounds over what your mass index is and thats keeping in mind with a good BF%, you dont even need to consider more "x" factor supplements.

go ask john cena if you want, i got to. hes sponcered by another supplement company and he doesnt even use their "gimmicky" shit. just the protien powder. and he doesnt pay for it either, no shit.

and remember, hes jacked, probably has a better phsyique then you ever will, no offence but he is a freak. he benchs 455 effortlessly. thats with a WWE schedule, raw and natural.

what you need to be concerned with is simply eating 4 big ass whole food meals a day, a 1000 calorie gainer shake and maybe another home made high calorie shake. i dont count my water, just keep it commin in often. never fails me.

your program needs to have PROGRESSION in it. an "arms,back,chest,legs" program is gonna get you no where. there is no PLAN to it. you must not go in with an attitude thinkin "im gonna go train arms today", but instead, a cerebral attack on how you are going to.

like louie simmons (aka westside god) says, if you dont have a plan, you plan to fail.

i reccomend the westside for skinny bastards 1 routine for you, or mark rippetoes starting strength.

01-25-09, 1:50 pm
oh dat dere .... ....


01-25-09, 2:00 pm
when i had my diet sorted (or perhaps not then) i began relying too much on whey protein and ground oats in shakes when i couldn't eat, but this became bfast, some through the day, around gym and then before bed. it was only when i was recording my eating i realised like 4-5/9 meals were shakes

it was too much solution in my system, as soon as i changed and made sandwiches and kept eating solid good food especially steak and potatoes my size went up so fast. its hard for a new person to overlook supplements often the supps are a nice mental drive and nice to see on your shelf, i know i still feel this way. just definitely take whatever you buy with many solid food meals throughout the day, lots of water, good sleep and about an hour of tough love in the gym.

everyone realises at some point if you miss one of those you won't grow, simple as that. solid food + your weakness for the supplement market. good luck!

01-25-09, 2:11 pm
Real Gains definitely, its still a staple for me. The House posted his real gains recipe somewhere. That will put some mass on ya in a hurry. I think it was like 24oz of whole milk, 1 cup of oat bran and 3.5 scoops of RG.

Then when you hit a plateau, get the M-Stak to help ya bust through(of course change up your routine too, but you know that right?).

Storm is awesome too, if you've got the cash. That should set you up.

01-25-09, 2:25 pm
one of the best food articles i've read in a while...


keep in mind food is your friend for bulking and not just supplements (as they are just that, supplements to add onto, help with food intake).i think you should get in at least 5 real food meals per day with 2-3 shakes added between. and keep the supplementation simple with the basics. Pak (of course), your choice of NO (Pump or Shock Therapy), a good creatine (Storm or Torrent), and the absolute best protein, Real gains. combined with hard azz training and you can't help but grow.
Carry On !!!