View Full Version : The diary of a kid!

01-31-09, 2:07 pm
hey guy, its Darius I am 15 years old and I am in 10th grade. I lifted my first weigh when i was 12 years old in my basement. I couldnt even lift the bar haha...I would all was watch my brother and my dad workout it mad me want. I was way 2 young to be working out my mom would always tell me. I all way was in 2 sports so I would run every time my dad was working out. I played football an wrestled. My 8th grade year i weighed 135 ya I was small ,but i always want to be big like Arnold! I got ever book he was in and movie...i was the best...so it was February 28 i remember it like it was yesterday. My grandma was coming down and i wasnt here to be proud of me so I took my training to a new level. I had me a diet a workout plan an was ready.....

Darius Watchorn

02-04-09, 12:24 pm
Looks like a good start. Keep it coming brotha.

Jay Hanisak
02-04-09, 10:50 pm
You sound motivated. Kepp working hard and you'll reach your goals. Its great to see the younger guys dedicating time to hitting the weights. Lifting has always been one of my favorite things to do.

02-10-09, 7:27 am
your starting young which could help you if you stick at it...good luck bro