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02-06-09, 4:44 am
i remember when i was learning how to handle bike alone bymyself fell down again n again still remember older boys laughing at me still remember the saying " you suck you cant do all by yoursellf you need a hand " n after falling down getting hurt i finally learned n none of them was laughing , talking shit but props i heard one of them saying "good job kiddo never stop "...in this world there are 2 kind of ppl wolf n sheep , weak n strong one like to take easy road n the other like to challenge himself ...one take shit n live with it other take shit dont stop n keep moving ...one give up after getting hurt other get hurt again n again but dont stop
weak ppl wanna live smooth life no ups n down everything perfect but we bros we bust our ass in gym for what ? money ? pussy ? fame ? naa thats all outter shit ..we work hard to get what we made for not what we want cus everybody want they want ferrari they wanna bang pamela its about what we have in ourself the force the power the energy the haters who push us beyond our limits n seperate us from the weak ones its easy to spot em bitch boys aka club boys who look at us like freak cus we dont giva fuck bout pussy when plates n pounds is on our minds we dont giva fuck bout none of that bullshit cus we gotta do what we gotta do
i love pain cus pain wakes me up
i love hardwork cus hardwork tells me im still alive
i love bein animal cus animal is not a name but THE LIVIN...

02-06-09, 5:00 am
awesome post man, true from the heart and thats what matters.

02-06-09, 8:51 am
Good post, bro. True words.

02-11-09, 12:09 am
good stuff, pretty much every guy in here can relate to that...i know i can