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02-06-09, 3:48 pm
Yo what up everybody. I'm going to be documenting the next 6-8 weeks sort of as a prep contest prep, prep. During the next 2 months or so I'm going to start gearing my diet and training toward a very clean off-season which will go on for 10 weeks, and then following that I will go into a 10-12 week contest prep for a local show that has yet to be determined.

Lil about myself, I'm coming off a pretty drastic cut. The lowest and leanist I've ever been. Which brought to my attention my lack of good lean muscle. As of right now My bodyweight is 170.5 lbs with sweats and a tank. I noticed a good deal of strength difference between sitting at about 200 lbs and 170. However I also noticed a HUGE deal in cardiovascular conditioning and the east at which I can perform normal tasks. I am not nearly as taxed.

Anyway I'm 5' 6" tall 18 yrs old. Been training for 4.5 years now 2 of which was geared toward powerlifting, 1 toward bodybuilding and I'll be honest I didn't know what the fuck I was doing for a year a half when I first started.

Diet looks like this roughly:
Pre-Training: 1 carton egg whites (50g pro), 3 whole eggs, 2 packs low-sugar oats.
Post-Training: 3 scp whey pro, 8oz. Red wine
M3: 2 packs lowsugar oats, 2 scps whey, 1 scp Natty PB
M4: Tub of lowfat cottege cheese, 8 fish oil caps
M5: 10-12 oz chicken or steak, salad (fat content is adjusted dependent on meat choice), 1 pack low-sugar oats
M6: 3 scp whey shake.

I work midnights so my diet is intresting at times. Haha.

Anyway thats that, Heres today:

Bicep tricep split supersets:

Standing DB curls: warmups, 60X6 drop 50sX6 drop 40sX6 drop 30sX7
Supersetted with
Weighted dips: warmups, 4platesX6, 3platesX6 2 platesX7 1 plateX9 bodyweightX10

Rest pause Ropepushdowns: 120X18, 120X9, 120X8
Rest pause BB curls: 75X13, 75X8, 75X5

Burnout BW Dips, not sure how many but I'd have to guess around 50-60 reps

couple sets of leg raises.


Also anyone with any experiance using chains that has any useful tips on how they use them, Spit it here. I LOVE using chains for my big movements and am always looking to get more out of them.


02-08-09, 1:17 pm
Life is weird sometimes...Your mind can take you to some scary, insane places sometimes...

Deads from 1."5 off the ground.

30* BB rows:
135X10,10 overhand,underhand

BW+25X14 drop set BW chins for like 8

3 sets of abs
supersetted with
Cable pullovers 140X20X2

The splits I'm cycling between are as follows:
1: Back +Chest
2: Quad dom, 2ndary hams
4:Shoulders +Bi+tri
5:Ham dom, quad assistant
6: off



I swap every week.

02-08-09, 1:34 pm
Wine PWO? Hahaha I'm loving this journey already. You actually do have an interesting point, stuff's awesome for heart health and I can see it being a good source of carbohydrates after a workout. You're having a glass a day and that's been scientifically proven to be really awesome for your health. Your split looks really good, best of luck.

02-10-09, 9:25 am
Yeah, The red wine works but in reality I'm justa buzz junkie haha.

Had a chest workout nothing special with weights I find it harder and harder to handle the weights I used to due to my drop in bodyweight, Its a hit to the self-esteem man...But gotta remember I'm in it for bodybuilding now.

02-11-09, 12:24 pm
Hit some bis and tris today. Real quick workout. Did some supersets but with same muscle group, IE Dips close grip bench. Body weight is staying consistently 170-171. Not much has changed as far as diet. I throw in a high carb meal post workout every few days just to ramp the calories for a stimulus.

02-12-09, 9:14 am
Hit shoulders:
Arnold presses supersetted with side raises:
75X8, 20X11

Barbell front raises supersetted with upright rows:

DB rear delts supersetted with machine rears:

4 sets of abs roughly 20 reps a set, 30ish seconds rest between sets

10 mins of cardio, and I think I'll go out out for a jog in the park by my house. Can't go wrong when your surrounded by green right? Haha.

Stay up yall.

02-12-09, 9:37 am
The phrase go with the flow has always bugged the shit outta me. Like someone telling you to bend over and take it like a bitch. Mannnn, I swear to god I've lost faith in the majority of mankind. This world is filled with grimey-jenkie ass motherfuckers.

If your not satifyied with something in the world, in your life, in anything. Take hold of that mother fucker and grip it and rip it. I see too many people just go through the motions of life, just letting time pass not really progressing or falling back in progress just staying in neutral.

There are so many things to see, think, touch, feel and experiance in life if people would only take a step outside their bubble to get their hands dirty.

That look of monotony will cripple mankind I swear. I see people going through life, Not living life. I can only compare the look of monotony to the look of a prisoner or inmate. If you've been in jail or to a jail you know the look I'm talking about.

Your not in lockup, so don't put a cage on yourself. Be free, Free to express, experiance and live life.

I'm really typing the above because I myself am guilty of it sometimes, just going through the motions, I think a reminder every now and again is a good thing. So I'm calling myself out to get my ass in gear, in all aspects of life.

And thus ends post workout happy hour haha.

02-13-09, 11:49 am
Hit up some legs today...Ugh was gonna jog a bit after but it would have been dangerous so I passed for now, might hit up the park later for a jog and a spark haha. Here it is.
High Bar position BB squats supersetted with Leg extns
225X10, 200X10
315X6, StackX8 drop 225X6, 140X8 drop 135X12, 70X7

SLDLs supersetted lying leg curls
135X15, 80X20
225X12, 140X12
225X10, 100X20 drop 135Xfailure(around 17 I beleive give or take a couple.)

1 set BW sissy squats.


No abs, no cardio. Think I might try and get some pics up here for reference and suggestion in the next few days

02-14-09, 3:10 pm
Today was an off day. So naturally I went in and did some abs, calves and forearms areas neglected every other day. Also hit up some various forms of cardio for about 15-20 mins. Did some grip work as well nothing special just another day.

Although I did have a chance to do a little posing and heres what I came up with:
I need more sweep to my quad.
I need to work on glute hamstring tie in area.
Drop some bodyfat on lower back as well as oblique region.
I need my lats to be thicker, wider and tie in lower.
Give the front of my abs more POP, while minimizing the work being done by the obliques.
Work on the upper portion of the chest to create more of a shelf.
Side delts are dwarfed by traps, sides need more meat and rears could always use work to compliment the V. Fronts are in reletive proportion to bicep which is ok.
But biceps and triceps could always use more size.

Overall I just need to have a good long slow clean productive off-season.Although with spring around the corner I think I'll see what kinda shape I can get in, possibly do a show and then jump on the lbm train.

Well the booze is out and so am I. Peace. Stay up!

02-15-09, 11:23 am
Some chest and back:
Pullups supersetted with Bentover rows: (forgot my straps and couldn't find the dip belt)
BWX25, 135X15 underhanded
UHG BWX17, 155 X12 overhanded

Giant sets: DB press, flat BB narrowgrip bench, Dips
60sX20,135X13, BWX14
135X25, flies 50sX10, dipX11

Streches 12 mins cardio.

02-16-09, 11:44 am
SLDLs supersetted Leg curl
225X15, 140X10
315X8 drop 225X6
BW leg curls for about 10 reps or so.

some quad exnts
2 triple drop sets, single and dbl leg

2 sets sissy squats following those sets.

Deep stretches.

If my legs aren't still hit later I might go out for a jog in the park.

02-16-09, 12:34 pm
SLDLs supersetted Leg curl
225X15, 140X10
315X8 drop 225X6
BW leg curls for about 10 reps or so.

some quad exnts
2 triple drop sets, single and dbl leg

2 sets sissy squats following those sets.

Deep stretches.

If my legs aren't still hit later I might go out for a jog in the park.

One thing i have learned since atarting competeing last year. Dont do cardio on leg day. I have found that personally you should have trouble walking let alone doing cardio on leg days. Let them rest as you have tore them enough in the gym. Add more to the list if you dont think your hitting them enough. Calves, leg press, squats, hack squat, lunges.

02-24-09, 8:20 am
I am a bodybuilder I work my muscles enough to stimulate growth. Not blow them away. Funny thing, It took me a while to find the right niche for workload vs. volume. And I have never responded well to high volume. I think I'm best with abnormally low volume...Or maybe I'm just lazy, niether of which would surprise...

Anyway its been a sec for this thing, I find myself forgetting things quite a bit, Come to think of it...Not exactly sure what day it is...Haha.

Um I hit a solid PR (I think) for weighted pullups the other day, got BW+75X6. And my bodyweight was at 166 as of 2 days ago. I can't even comprehend how light I am now. I used to walk around at 200 pounds easy. I was even up to 230 at one point. Really makes ya wonder how much extra you are carrying around....Or maybe I lost muscle mass? Scary thought...