View Full Version : Yo guys any advice? been a jacked up day

02-08-09, 10:04 pm
So ya im just going to use this to bitch a little here see if anyone has any good idea's or suggestions. So after months of hard training i had a bad creak and pain in my knee went got an mri, torn acl, mcl, and patella tendon...again. Fuck just what I need right? So ya that sucked but i said ok ill figure out how to work around it. Then my girl comes over today and damn she has been bitchy lately. So ya she got mad at me cause i said i wouldnt stop lifting, right you guys know how it is. Well she starts off on this cotangent about who knows what. So then it comes down she is pissed at me, so i just said i wont stop lifting its my life. She said well then you can live it with out me and just left. So i said fuck it ya know can find a new girl. Went to the gym today busted my ass tore up the damn chest and back shit is still sore. So my buddy that i havent seen in a few years comes up to me and was like yo man your getting huge how did u do it. I laughed and i normally dont offer advice but all i could say was hardwork man hard fuckin work. So he goes to say na i gotta be on something and i told him na just good diet and protein and animal pak occasionally ill throw in some cuts but nothing special. He wouldnt listen to me so i told him to meet me 2 morow at the gym, fuck it right guys just motivation to hit that shit twice as hard and flirt with the cute trainers when im done right fellas little support here any suggestions?

02-08-09, 11:19 pm
Hey bro...We've all been there. Luckily, my current fiance is hella supportive. In an article I read here a long time ago, it talked about how you have to find someone who supports YOU for what YOU love, not for what THEY love. They gotta understand, guys like us can't be going out at 12:30AM when we have a 4:00AM lifting session. What I did is when I first met her I asked her if she could handle it and told her I would hold no ill will towards her if she couldn't. Just make sure she knows that you've dedicated yourself to something greater than all of us combined; You're a brother of the iron.

If she can't handle that, then she ain't worth it.

02-08-09, 11:28 pm
hell yea bro i never thought of it like that, at first i was all hurt but then i just said fuck it motivation ya know what i mean man thanks for the support bro gotta keep kicking ass

02-09-09, 3:45 am
ye bro dont wry bout it there are lot other fishes out dere for us to hold on till than workout like a muthafuka

02-09-09, 6:56 pm
hell yeah guys just finished a brutal fuckin work out and finally got over the hump i think it squats made a p.r. today just busted my ass and got it up did it 3x3 i was amazed fellas gotta love the extra motivation from outside ppl HELL YEAH!!! Cant bring me down off this high the feeling of the blood rushing in my quads ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i fucking love it

02-09-09, 8:39 pm
damn, squats on a torn acl, mcl, and patella tendon.... you are hardcore brother. Just train smart, you dont want a knee replacement at 25.

02-09-09, 9:44 pm
i have torn it before when i was playing football in college, i just strapped up the old brace, ortho said its best to build the muscle mass as much as possible to help graft new tendons when it comes down to surgery. Its just pain tho right bro