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02-11-09, 1:49 pm
alright heres the deal, i know right now i am a follower starting a thread but really i dont give a damn. i am freshman in college and all i do is eat, go to class, lift, and eat so i need a place to right down my thoughts if you dont read it its okay but if you do and you see something you want to comment on feel free.
Liftin started for me as an essential to football, if i was not big and strong i was not goin to play so i hit the weights. I now look back and notice that i was not big by anymeans just a big kid by genetics and when i lifted i just went through the motions. After an unbelievable senior season i had colleges looking at me, elite d-2 and d-3 nothing to spectactular. When i was training for college ball i got on the internet for better workouts and stumbled accross this site. it transformed my brain, i began to hit the weights harder then ever, and with the extreme body transformation i found a new love. I knew my new love was not goin to be excepted by my family but i didnt care i just wanted to be bigger then anyone i knew. now for just over a year of lifting with passion i feel i have accomplished a body i never thought i would have. to me the transformation from footbball player to bodybuilder came when i noticed that this is the only thing that no one can take from me but myself. everything in life that a person can do wether it be a sport or a relationship can be screwed up by someone else. what can someone else do to ripp my lifting away? nothing...
i am goin to write my thoughts on here daily maybe sometimes twice and also i am goin to keep a personal journal of my lifts and workouts. any questions just hit it up. i may also need some inspiration to some of you true animals of the weight room.
i am currently six foot three inches and 240 punds i have not measured anything in a long time and i have no idea how to measure body fat, but i assure you that i am your typical lifter with big traps, arms, legs, chest, and developing back and i am here to stay.

02-11-09, 7:10 pm
Woke up 20 minutes late today, went to class and failed a damn test, got out of class and it was poring rain out and went to the financial aid office, waited and hour only to find out there computers were down top top the day off it was leg day. I dreaded every meal today and it fealt like a god aweful day in the real world. then i stepped foot in the gym, i hated the world all day and there was nothing to do about it, but when i got to the gym i felt that this was what i can do about it. blow this shit up. did my stretches and my warm up of 135x20, 225x15, 315x10. i felt good so when i started my 4 sets of 8 i wanted to go big and tear my shit up so 395 went on the bar after four sets i still felt good even though my legs were tore up so i threw 415 on the bar and killed it for my 4 sets of 4. i finished my leg workout and didnt want to leave the weight room because i knew once i walked out into that rain the world was gunna come back to normal, me being just a spec in the universe.

The Young One
02-11-09, 8:11 pm
damn, speaking the truth man. u could b having the worst day ever, once u step into the weightroom, nothing else matters. keep posting!

02-12-09, 3:24 am
i totally agree with you bro the gym is my shrine...i cant wait to be in there at the end of the day, and sometimes in the morning haha. its a great escape from all the bullshit outside, people can lie but you can either move the weight or you cant no bs there.
keep postin

02-12-09, 9:32 pm
Today i noticed something different about myself, i have always said man i wish i could play the guitar like that guy, or i wish i could race a bike like that guy, or i wish i could be as big as that guy... well today when i was doin shoulder presses i looked into the corner and noticed a group of guys watching me, they were talking amongst each other but i could just tell they were talking about me. i have no idea what they were saying but once i was done doin my last set they walked out. are they thinking the same thing i think about other freaks. do they realize that i am a freshman, this feeling is unbeleivable but i dont get to caught up in it because i know that in the weightroom down the road there is another freshman with better genetics that has worked longer than me and i see a long road ahead of me to be the biggest.

02-13-09, 2:08 pm
so when i was in highschool i was a fat bitch, i always thought i was big just because i was bigger then everyone else... somehow i landed a hot ass girl maybe she thought i was funny or something, we dated for a while but then on my prom night i was sick with mono and she cheated on me with one of her fellow track teamates... i of coarse beat his ass and never talked to that bitch again... so last night i get a call and her name comes accross my phone, she says lets hangout. haha of coarse i agreed ass is ass so she comes to my place and i do what i gotta do, i get a text this mornin when i wake up "damn you got huge" direct quote! thats the way to put her away. the next time it happens she wont know what to think!! just thought i would put it down cause i know everyone has that time with their ex that is spontaneous and unbelievable but they still hate that bitch!

02-14-09, 10:56 am
i just had an unbelievable reading and i want to refer every college student to it. you may rethink the way you are goin about being the biggest or the best.


read it and keep it going. this thread was not done by me just another brother that i thank for sending the best inspiration of the whole site.

02-14-09, 7:35 pm
its a good thread,

02-16-09, 8:50 pm
weighed in for the first time in six weeks today six weeks ago when i stepped on the scale the damn thing wouldnt move above 230 for the life of me, but i put everything aside and said i am going to kill it, when i stepped on the scale today and it said 242.6 i about shit, damn it fealt good. Im young so i am in a constant mass cycle, i dont know when exactly i will cut but im sure the time will come and i will know it is time. when i got into the weight room i fealt on a higher scale then before, hell im over ten pounds heavier, so i put on ten more pounds on everything i did for chest and for some reason everything went well, i didnt get everything but i worked my ass off and fealt acomplished when i walked out.

02-25-09, 7:43 pm
internet was out for a while but its back now. i have been having good gains through this bulk stage. im getting stronger and visually bigger. i have put on a lil fat but nothing that catn be cut (the abs are still somewhat visable) i have been doin a pretty clean diet that consist of 6 eggwhites and 3 whole eggs 1 slice whole wheat bread a.m., 2 tblsps pb on whole wheat bread 2 scoops whey a.m., 6 oz tuna and handfull of greens mid day, 2 6oz chicken on whole wheat bun p.m., workout, 6oz tuna or chicken in 1/2 cup pasta, 8 oz. beef w/ greens and 1 scoopp whey. then 8-9 hrs of sleep. it is rough to eat it all but i have been getting unbelievable results and am almost ready to cut in march after i take the week of spring break off.

02-27-09, 8:40 am
i sat at the table this mornin eating also reading an essay required for my english class today. the essay was on the concept of art, how beautiful it is and how it does not always have to be on a white canvas with pencils and paint, the author explained how art can be found any where in our world. this brings me to the thought of body building as an art. she explains that for one to enjoy art they must be on the lookout for the smallest change. most people notice the big guy in the corner of the gym but no one notices that he has gained 10 pounds of muscle in the last two months and this is what gets him by. the rair and the few that notice his body as a canvas and the man as the sculpter creating a statue unlike anything else ever seen before. as a painter uses his brushes and paint a bodybuilder uses the weights and his supplaments as tools to shape this wonderful statue. he has only the best of goals of creating something beautiful to his mind.
just had some thoughts about it and thought i would throw it down, if there are anythoughts out there like this throw it down here i love to read anything to get my head goin.

03-02-09, 5:40 pm
ive learned that i am a man of memories. every chance i get i think of something that has happened in my life and what it has done for me. whether it be the time i rode 25 miles with my cousin on bike for no reason or the time be and my buddies took my shit ass truck through a cornfield and got chased for miles. one day all these memories will mean something, when i am old and weak i will remember these times and want them back. this makes me think of the weight room, what will i remember when im old, will i remember the first time i squated five hundred. more than likely not but i will remember what the iron did to my mindset, it forced me to think more about life and how to go about living. live to be big but have a damn good time doing it.

i know all you brothers have some memories that you cant get out of your head or even random ones that make you laugh in the wrong place. heres your chance to write em down to remember for the rest of your life.

03-03-09, 4:56 pm
i' m listening. keep the posts coming.

03-04-09, 11:35 am
its only wednesday but i am having a great week. next week is my week off before i start to prepare for a contest and i really dont want to. i have been making great gains lately in size and strength. i came to a conclusion to just hit this shit as hard as i can this week so at the end i dont only want a break i need a break. hit chest on monday and i tore it up, then yesterday went in a killed my back and bis to the point that when i got home i couldnt wash my damn hair. woke up today and just knew that i was gunna die tonight when i get home after my leg workout. this is my last day to go in their and put a shit load of weight on the bar, have everyone watch me and kill it and then get home and wanna cry. its the pain that makes the lifestyle the best.

03-05-09, 3:03 pm
i know many of you may be very religious and i respect you for that so do not take offense to anything is say.
today in English class i was assigned a paper to write, it calls for me to think radically on any subject of our life. I chose to talk about christianity and religion as a whole. this really got me thinking. My whole life i have grwon up in a somewhat religious family and i understand christianity for mth emost part, i dont know all the insides and outs but her is my opinion.
Christianity states that it is a monotheistic religion, yet it worships the father, the son and the holy spirit. Christians then talk down on Islomic people (by the way i am not islamic) but i dont understand why. in retrospect islam is more pure than christianity, they actually only worship one god, Allah who is the same thing as the christians "God". Islamic religion gives great respect to Jesus, moses, abraham, etc saying that they are prophets of god.
I feel that christianity is exactly the same as anyoter religion in the fact that it is just another thought to explain how we got here and what our purpose for being here is. I want to bring up the thought that we are here for one thing and onething only, to live die and be remembered. I do not believe in any after life, what you do on earth has no reflection on what happens to you after you die, once you die you are nothing more than a memory. This then brings up the thought of what am i going to do with my life here on earth, some dedicate it to knowledge, some dedicate it to fortune, and some dedicate it to drugs. But there is then that select few that dedicate it to being the biggest fucker on the block. I am one of those select few, i worship nothing but the weights, and my nutrition. I may be very wrong and maybe burn in hell for eternity but that does not matter to me. All that matters to me is my own strength and persiverence. i want to be considered the biggest guy that my friends know when i die, i want them damn machines to shatter when they lower me six feet under. I want the doors of the hearse not to be wide enough for my big ass to fit. I want that bitch to sag to the ground because of the weight of my hard earned muscle.

just my ideas dont hit me too damn hard, i respect you for what you believe.