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02-14-09, 12:49 pm
A little about myself..

5"9' Currently 164lbs.

Going thru a 6 month transformation. Goal, a lean 175

Some history for ya,

Started lifting 2 years ago on my first middle east tour, thats when i discovered the best Products ever, from a company called Universal. These packs of pills designed for each area of physique enhancing supplements. Needless to say, I showed up over hear in 2006 5'8" 132lbs with a bench press of 145lb. Tried a bunch of supplements within 3 months, with little to no results. My first stack I ever slammed was Pak, Stak, Stak 2, Pump along with my protein of choice. That stack with my diet and excercise routine got me up to 155lbs with a 250lb bench press reps. Once I was back in the states, I had too much going on with the military and family to keep lifting so I took some time off and hit rock bottom with the bottle if you know what i mean...

Now that im back out here in the middle east, I have a kid on the way with my beautiful fiance, now its time to start again...

I got out here in November with Animal Products on my mind. I was 148lbs when i arrived here this time. Now for my supplement lineup..

The first 1.5 months, I adjusted to being out here and hit the gym to get loosened up with the Help of some supplements (a N.O. , Protein, Creatine product) Once I finished those, I was up 5lbs and ready to hit it hard.

My first Stack this time is....

Animal Pak
Animal Test
Animal Stak
Animal Pump
Protein Shakes

Now I am up to 164lbs and lovin it. My progress is right on track...

My next stack will be...

Animal Pak
Animal Nitro
Animal M-Stack
Animal Cuts

That should put me right where I want to be. I have low body fat around 6% so this should be interesting to see how i turn out.

I just want to say, Hello to everyone and I love this shit.


02-14-09, 1:10 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum, all the best to you.

02-14-09, 2:23 pm
Welcome... Best of luck with reaching your goals...

We love it too...

eric downey
02-14-09, 2:53 pm
Keep Pushing Bro And

Thank You For Your Service