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02-15-09, 8:33 am
The below pretty much says it all in my book, not a new article but relevant all the time.

Positive Perception Pays
by Vinny Galanti

So, has everyone stuck to their new year's resolution of getting in shape, or did ya fall off the band wagon? This time I'm here with a different approach about staying focused, then what you are used to reading in a bodybuilding publication.

Today I'm here to talk about positive thinking towards your fitness, or bodybuilding goals. I don't care if you are a 65 year old grandmother, a high school football player, or just like my friends on the Animal site, you have to focus on what your goals are.

Everyone knows the tale of Aladdin and his lamp, “Your wish is my command” said the genie. Well if you think it, it will happen. If you say, I've been in the gym all of January and I don't see any results, I have been on my diet since New Year's Day and my stomach is still fat, this program doesn't work. Well guess what, it's not going to work.

When you focus on what you don't want, that's exactly what you get. It is called the law of attraction… You get what you attract. If you focus on the positive of what you are doing, and are grateful for the good things you have, you are on course to attracting the results you want.

When I tore my bicep tendon last summer, I started to immediately vision my arm healed and curling 135 lb barbell--a weight that was a struggle to get up, since I started training after my 1 year hiatus from the gym. I thought if I could imagine doing something that I couldn't do, and then about how great it would feel to just do half that weight again.

After 6 weeks of only picturing training in my head, I was now able to start training again.I started out with 10lb dumbbell curls, placing the arm on my thigh for support, and moving the weight very slow, imagining the weight to be that 135lb barbell.

As the months passed and I started to gain strength back in the bicep, I still wanted to train smart and not re-injure the tendon, so I took it one step at a time and imagined every increment of weight that I went up week after week to be 135lbs.

For the last 8 weeks I have incorporated barbell curls back into my training, and as of this past week, I curled a 120lb barbell for 8 solid reps and was ecstatic with the outcome of the set. Not once did I ever think of failure or doubt or negativity. From the beginning I thought, “I will do this.”

When we go after the goals we set for ourselves in the gym, we need to believe them, we need to see our selves with 21 inch guns or a 405 bench or whatever our goal may be. Whether the goal is big or small the bottom line in achieving is that you need to believe.

02-16-09, 4:42 pm
AMEN. Great guy with a great attitude towards the game. I met him at the ABC and def has a awesome amount of knowledge. Great post.

02-16-09, 5:02 pm
AMEN. Great guy with a great attitude towards the game. I met him at the ABC and def has a awesome amount of knowledge. Great post.

I have a fair amount of contact with Vinny, he has helped and inspired me a lot, I have a lot of time and respect for him, I`ll be training with him at The Arnold this year, really looking forward to it, just over 2 weeks to go.

02-17-09, 9:49 am
Another great article by the Man. Thanks Vinny

02-17-09, 5:03 pm
Another great article by the Man. Thanks Vinny

Agreed! This article should come with all the gym contracts that are signed in Jan.. and forgotten about in March.

02-17-09, 6:03 pm
what a great article, if you have a positive attitude towards your goal than anything is possible but if you doubt yourself before you even get there then you will never get there.

02-18-09, 3:20 pm
thanks for putting that up sanga. Nice words of encouragement as always from vinny

02-18-09, 3:25 pm
thanks for this post! this is exactly what i need. ima keep on training hard and start visualizing my win next year, and hopefully a gladiator avatar in the future!