View Full Version : Kai Green's Jeffersons

Big C
02-22-09, 7:33 pm
Looks like a nasty glute/ham exercise, never seen these done before. He supersets these with a leg abductor for failed reps.

Definately gonna give these a shot on my leg w/o Wednesday. I'm always looking for new things to try so here is the video.


02-22-09, 7:40 pm
Not for the guy with short arms, ouch!
I gained a great delt w/o from those vids he done on MD.

02-22-09, 9:10 pm
I did this superset last friday

my legs hurt like hell afterwards, and I only used a 10 lb plate on each side. First time i ever tried this exercise.

02-22-09, 11:28 pm
oh yeah jeffersons are great
i thought more people knew about em

02-23-09, 2:47 am
my glutes are already too big lol

some kid posted a vid of him doing that in the powerlifting section on bodybuilding.com the other day i didnt know it was for real