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02-23-09, 5:38 pm
Why Train? Why Diet? Why Be Sore? Why , Why,why?

Because I Want To Be Different. Not Many People Are Dedicated To Acheive The Body That They Want. There Are Too Many Talkers. Very Few Doers.

There Are Too Many Who Don't Have The Will-power To Plan, Train, Eat Right, And Get Enough Rest. They Have Too Many Excuses.

Dec. 26, 2008. I Was 320lbs. Today I Am 284lbs. My Goal, Whatever Looks Good For Me. Then, I Benched 165lbs. Now 225lbs. 8 Times. My Goal, 400lbs. Will I Get There Next Week Or Next Month? No. But I Will Get There.

Why? Because I Want To. Because I Need To. Because I Have To Be Different. I Am Dedicated. I Have The Discipline And The Drive. But Most Of All, I Have The Heart.

I Might Have Started The Journey Late, But I Will Finish First.

The Finish Line? 6'4" 250lbs. 8% Bodyfat, 400 Lb Bench, 600lbs Squat, 200lb Dumbell Curl, 300lb Overhead Press.

That Is My Finish Line. Why? Because I Choose It To Be!!!

02-23-09, 5:58 pm
Welcome and you seem to be really dedicated. Lookin to see a big transformation. Subb'd

02-23-09, 6:00 pm
Solid post brother. You a beast. Period

02-23-09, 6:27 pm
...The only time it's to late to start, is when you are in a fucking pine box...

...Strength and Honor...