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Vinny G
03-03-09, 9:36 am
What brings you to the CAGE?

03-03-09, 9:47 am
What brings you to the CAGE?

U. And the badass mentality in the Cage.

Big C
03-03-09, 10:00 am
The brotherhood, friendship and respect!

03-03-09, 10:05 am
What brings you to the CAGE?

The heavenly voice of whoever is MCing. If I wander off, that voice always lures me back, lol.

03-03-09, 10:31 am
The family of Iron!! There are no better people in the game than those who will be present at The Cage...

Plus Vinny is the best MC

03-03-09, 10:43 am
I wish i could be there! The past two Arnolds have been crazy! The Cage is the number one place to be at the expo hands down! If you don't make it to the cage you might as well save yourself a trip and not even go at all! Maybe next year Ill be able to make it, gunna miss you guys

03-03-09, 10:43 am
What brings you to the CAGE?

Originally mate, you! Its still you but there is so much more on offer too, all the pros and bros to meet and see, all the events taking place, the feel, the noise, the excitement, the whole deal all rolled into one, for me its the trip of a lifetime, can`t wait!!!

Ragin Asian
03-03-09, 10:51 am
Strong sense of belonging.

03-03-09, 11:21 am
Finally to shake hands and hugs for the sisters off all my ANIMAL family who have been there for me in my journey. And to witness the best thing on earth.

03-03-09, 11:23 am
The roar that you hear upon entering the building. The thumping music. The insane lifts.

These are all what brought me to the cage in my younger years.

The bonds of friendship and brotherhood is what has kept me coming back year after year.

03-03-09, 1:23 pm
I agree with Fury, I remember my jr yr in college and my friend got me hooked on this webiste, he actually doesn't come around or workout now due to relationship and work schedule, which is sad, but ever since he told me how amazing it was, and my Sr. yr. I got to experience it, I havent missed once since.

The friends I've made, the people I've met, all whom respect the time and effort and sacrifice we put in daily, in order to be different from those around us.

Alot of it for me also has to do with being around those that understand and share similar beliefs and desires. Alot of my coworkers and friends think Im nuts, eating the same foods, spending 1-2 hrs a night training weights/cardio, not sitting around watching TV and hanging out with them, or going to a happy hour, but instead, getting done what I want to do.

I enjoy the knowledge that is shared as well, not to mention, all the people are just so fucking cool.

03-03-09, 1:59 pm
well said madkat.. all the looks and stares one gets for walking into the gym a couple times a day , ipod in hand , and suit case for my two hr. journey into the iron valley. but it also is the smirk on my face after seeing all the new year dropouts that turn their membership card into the front desk saying that working out is just not fittin into their schedule..
ha this is my schedule.. this is my day..

see ya at the arnold.

03-03-09, 2:10 pm
I have not been to the Classic in some 15 years. And I am sure when I walk in I will say "Wow it has gotten huge!". The thought of going into the new surroundings but with a group of people that are trying to keep the brotherhood of lifting alive is what draws me to this site and this company. I imagine this is the way it was in the early Venice days when all the greats trained together without the egos.

03-03-09, 2:18 pm
I don't know where to begin but we all understand.

03-03-09, 2:20 pm
The pursuit of knowledge and self-betterment.

03-03-09, 3:20 pm
It is a great opportunity to get all the animal brothers and sisters together to celebrate what we all stand for.

Vinny G
03-03-09, 4:14 pm
I don't know where to begin but we all understand.

you hit the nail on the head.....we all "get it"

jugg and i have been with the company for the same time, and we have worked together over the years and have seen many changes....the CAGE by far is the best thing to happen to bodybuilding in a long time.

03-03-09, 4:20 pm
I'm excited to finally get to my Arnold and the Cage. I can't wait to mix it up with the people I've been friends with on the Forvm for years now.

It's been said a lot, but what draws me to the Cage? It's a big family.

03-03-09, 4:24 pm
We definately "Get It"!

03-03-09, 5:13 pm
I don't know where to begin but we all understand.

I couldn't have said it better........looking forward to meeting everyone there.

03-03-09, 10:37 pm
The brotherhood, friendship and respect!

Yeah. All that and my husband.

Looking forward to meeting you all at the cage.

03-03-09, 11:28 pm
Me? Looking for inspiration and some new motivation -- it's not that I don't want to train, but I need a kick in the pants to get this last 8-9% BF I want to get rid of. I've gone from 34% to 20% since July, and am headed for 12% before I start kicking up the mass.

I'm also wanting to be around people who, as Juggernaut said, "get it". I don't want to be told "Don't get "lumpy" or "Don't go too far" or "Don't get obsessed." I'm happier and healthier than I've been in over a decade -- I ain't stopping now! The Forvm crew is the most supportive, friendly bunch of people I've found, and I am really looking forward to putting faces with the names (for those of them, unlike Vinny, who don't have their own webside or magazine shoots . . .*grin*)

The chance to be around and train with pros has really gotten me fired up!

THAT'S why I'm coming.

03-04-09, 10:07 am
It's the mentality..the brotherhood..it's the journey that never ends..The Cage is a real life display of what we are about..