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03-13-09, 10:23 am
Taken from Powerlifting Watch, this is amazing:

"Texas Burkburnett High School junior Lorenzo Barnes (shw) squatted 825 pounds at the THSPA Region 6 - Division 2 Regional Meet on March 7 at Decatur High School in Decatur, Texas. The squat is the highest ever recorded in division 2 and the second highest ever in the THSPA. Barnes eclipsed the former 820 pound record of Jordan Barret in division 2. The state record across all divisions is 835 pounds, held by Eugene Johnson (in division 1). Barnes added a 500 pound bench press and 560 pound deadlift for a 1,885 pound total.

The USAPL Teen 16-17 American Record squat of 804 pounds was set in 1990 by Jason Wisner."

Video can be found on Powerliftingwatch.com: http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/10799

03-13-09, 10:43 am
pure insanity...a giant feat for any aged individual...much less a high school kid...they do it right down in TX

03-13-09, 5:08 pm
Mindboggling. I do not care what ppl say about not hitting it at depth in the comments. You cant tell from that angle anyway. But just think about it. Highschool kid with 800+lbs on the back. Look at him UNRACK it. He is eating it up like candy. It appears the squat is plenty deep. A monster. Mad props to him!

03-13-09, 5:10 pm
thats insane!

T o m m Y
03-13-09, 5:16 pm

J Wong
03-13-09, 11:46 pm
My hero! haha

03-13-09, 11:50 pm
HOLY SHIT!!! I thought I was strong for a 17 year old... Suited or not he destroys me.

He was so comfortable walking out with that... Damn...

03-14-09, 12:33 pm
There is NEVER a dispute with USAPL, IPF, THSPA, and USPF squat depth like there is in other powerlifting federations. You can trust if a lift got whites from one of these feds, it's as good as it gets so all these depth comments are nonsense. He's just so damn big that you need a bit more judgement to see whether or not the hips broke the plane of the knees. Notice I said breaking the plane of the knees, not just "squatting to only parallel" like most guys try to do. This is what the USAPL/THSPA rules require and if he got white lights on this lift, then there's no dispute. They will red anyone who tries to squat just to parallel so this depth debate is over.

03-14-09, 12:47 pm
Damn, that kid is strong. Just when I thought my squat was good. jeez!

03-14-09, 4:29 pm
Someone get that young man a single malt and a Monte Cristo!