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03-17-09, 8:24 pm
Recently I completely plateaued on bench.. So I started a 5x5 sort of deal for bench, and it worked out alright.. Then later I switched it up and started warming up, then jumping right into my one rep max and working my way down..

I've had some of the best chest days of my life training like this, but progress is kind of harder to judge.. I know a lot of guys say "you should be putting more weight on the bar every week".. Well with this routine I'm not really changing the weights all that much, I'm progressing in rep ranges..

So here's what my progress is like.. Every week I've been adding 1 rep to my maxes.. So for example, here's what progress would look like

week 1- 225x1
week 2- 225x2
week 3- 225x3

Anyway, it's continued like that, and my 1 rep max 5 weeks ago is now my 5 rep max.. So since I'm not actually adding more weight on, its a little harder to judge my progress.. What do you guys think?.. Should I ride with this routine as long as it works or is the progress nothing special?

03-17-09, 8:34 pm
That is progress. You went from only being able to do a weight once to doing it five times. That is good progress. I would reccommend eventually increasing the weight though, depending on what rep range you want to lift in.

03-17-09, 8:39 pm
Great job, I would say that any progress is good progress. Now that you can do 225 for a set of 5, try using a new weight. Try working up to a set of 5 with 245.

03-18-09, 3:36 am
Sounds like you have had some progress.
after being a trainer/ gym manager for many years, I finally got offered my dream job as a deputy. Anyway, I was sick and tired of the gym as i would spend every day there, and it really wasnt for me.
But when I came back(2 years later), i was barley pushing up 135. I couldnt believe how i let myself get so bad. So I did a program like yours there. Keeping 225 as my base. well, before I knew it i was pushing 225 for 8, then 12, then14 reps. Now im working on 315 for 5.
May not work for some, but if it works, go for it.

03-18-09, 10:14 am
You could also try changing it up,
and shocking your muscles.
Try a high rep day?

03-18-09, 10:17 pm
That's great progress. Good for you.

03-18-09, 10:22 pm
Sounds like your progressing. Only you truly know, we don't know if you are really pushing yourself for that last rep, whereas we can see higher weights.
As long as you are pushing yourself, it looks like your making some real progress. You'll be pushing 12 reps in no time and be ready to throw 250 on there!!


03-18-09, 11:22 pm
looks good to me

03-18-09, 11:26 pm
Strength gains are the best way to gauge progress, and whether it's an extra rep, or 5 more lbs, it is progress. Just be sure to keep good track of it and strive to beat your PR's each workout and you can't go wrong.