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Blitz N Destroy
03-24-09, 12:37 pm
What's up FORVM? I've been a longgg standing Animal, and have bled it's vision since my first weight was lifted. I've posted on bodbuilding.com for 4 years now. After meeting a couple of you at the Arnold, having dinner with Derek,Hola,Big C, hanging around The Cage all day and lifting at the ABC, I figured it's about time to get it rockin' over here.

I'm going to chronicle my days on here, good or bad. I'll let loose a little bit more than I normally would, and give a deeper outlook on things.

I've got an athletic background in pretty much anything you can imagine..hockey,football,wrestling,MMA,powerliftin g,bodybuilding...

Right now I'm focusing on the bodybuilding aspect with a little powerlifting sprinkled in to get back into it. I competed last year in the Natural Michigan, but was not conditioned and took 4th out of 5 in the teen class, although I got a second place vote.

After posing for seconds with Vinny, it was decided I need to bring up my upper chest and triceps(the result of 2 torn labrums in highschool) and I have made the decision to forgo competing until I feel they are where they should be. I cannot feel confident stepping on stage incomplete or unbalanced, and right now my lower body is way too over powering compared to my upper, especially my arms.

Every day will be a battle, and every won will be 1 more step towards winning the war.

Until next time,

Blitz N Destroy
03-24-09, 3:57 pm
Deadlifted last night for the first time in a while...what seems like since my car accident. Hit 465 very cleanly...amazing to go from 6's to 465..it was humbling for sure.

Goal: Deadlift 600 again.

03-24-09, 5:33 pm
Looking forward to watching your journey, Blitz

03-24-09, 6:12 pm
welcome brother. Glad to have you. Keep pushing my man.

Blitz N Destroy
03-24-09, 9:24 pm
Sitting in my apartment alone for the 78th day in a row, I am realizing that there is one thing that is there every day for me. Yeah, I've got a girlfriend. Haven't seen her in 2 weeks though. No family here. No friends. Just my girl, and who knows how long that will last. No, the only thing that is a true day to day is the iron. No matter what it's there. It won't cheat on me. It will never leave me. It is, truly, the only constant in my life...the one thing, no matter what, that is concrete in my life.

When life is rough..such as now, I can find solace knowing it's there. Just me and the iron....and it will never go anywhere...


Looking forward to watching your journey, Blitz

welcome brother. Glad to have you. Keep pushing my man.

Thanks guys. I assure it will be one worth watching.