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04-17-09, 3:02 pm
wassap dudes,

the date is april 17th, on July 25th i'm going to step onstage for the first time at the NASF Virginia Open. I'll be competing in two classes, novice and young mens class.

For those of you who didn't read my last thread (because i got caught up in the game of life and didn't have time to update it anymore) i got into the game to match my dad's maximal lifts in the squat and bench press. those goals have kept me sane and grounded, and i've already broken his bench record recently. His max squat (450) however is proving to be difficult because of my height (i'm 6'7). But along the way i've discovered a love for size as well as strength and it's because of that that i'm entering the Virginia Open on July 25th.

with my dad supervising my training, I hope to take both classes and in essence take my first step into a bigger world. Right now i'm at about 250 lbs i hope to be competing at about 225 (around 4%). So stay tuned because in my mind this is worth it all baby.

also, much love to the Animal Crew for the Cage @ the arnold this year, it was a hell of a show. Very humbling and very knowledgeable.

keep it real, stay (sic)

04-17-09, 4:19 pm
Nice brother. Big things coming! The first show is always awesome. Good LUck!

04-17-09, 4:29 pm
(i'm 6'7).

Right now i'm at about 250 lbs i hope to be competing at about 225 (around 4%). So stay tuned because in my mind this is worth it all baby.

Now those are some stats!

04-17-09, 4:49 pm
Now those are some stats!

x2 do it up big

04-23-09, 5:44 pm
What da fuck is up guyzzzzzzzzzz

so i've had a problem, i can't mix any of my protein shakes in that good 'ol H2O. it tastes so bland, so terrible that i have to gag it down. but i am pleased to say that i've found a way around it. I got some of that good 'ol Univeral Iso Whey, fruit punch flavor, that stuff is awesome, goes down smooth.

Also i could never eat oatmeal, i've tried instant, the good 'ol fashioned stuff, none of it was any good, even w/ shit tons of splenda. but i am proud to say that after doin my research here in the forvm i found a way to eat my oats in the morning. here is my current before breakfast shake:
16 oz water (hoorayyy)
2 Tbsp natural peanut butter
1 cup oatmeal
2 scoops chocolate whey

blend it for a minute, goes down real smooth. i'm lovin it. now i can eat my oats. i'm pissed that i didn't think of the forvm sooner, there's a lotta good knowledge here. i could be so much bigger now if i had applied some of the nutritional ideas i've found here. but you live and you learn right?

i'm starting to cut for my show on July 25th today. As the weather gets warmer i get those butterflies in my stomach because i know my very first show is fast approaching. you always here about how you stumble through your first show and you can use it as valuable experience to win your next show. i believe that whole-heartedly but i gotta be honest with you guys, i'm a sore loser and i don't want to just use this as a learning experience, i want to win. i train too hard, and i'm going to diet too hard to expect anything less. with you guys behind me, i mean what more can you ask for.

I appreciate the support you guys have given me so far. much respect to all of you.

keep it real, stay (sic)

04-23-09, 5:47 pm
Looking good homie. We are all very eager to watch new competitors rise. 13 weeks out is solid .. i have a show this saturday, next saturday, and the next. Good luck brother.

04-24-09, 8:53 pm
You know i remember the day i first benched 100 lbs. what a day that was, i came home with my dad from the gym and i found my mom and beat my chest for like an hour. then came 200, then recently 300. and most recently my 350. it's because i felt so good when those things happened that i wonder what it's like to know those lifts made u massive and now you stand as #1 and you're recognized for that. but it's so much more, it's the diet and the 9 pm bedtime so you can get your ass up at 5 and do it all over again. People don't understand, how could they? i don't even understand it myself but all i know is i crave it. i don't know why, i gag down the tuna, the veggies have no taste at all, but i fucking love it.

i started lifting when i was 15, and now at 21 it's all been leading up to july 25th and i know i'm following in the footsteps of the forefathers of this sport and my dad before me and i want to make them proud. so much respect to all of you, everyone better than me and those who have yet to pick up a weight, you all make me better, everyday.

keep it humble. know ur role, shut ur mouth, lift the weights.

stay (sic) guys, i'll be in touch

04-27-09, 8:35 pm
started cutting today brothers, wooooooo

here's my diet for today, suggestions are welcome as always

MORNING SHAKE-2 scoops whey protein
1 cup oats
2 Tbsp natural peanut butter
16 oz water

6 Uni-Liver Tabs, Multi, Fish Oil and Green Tea

Pre-Workout-1 scoop Iso-Whey & banana

Post-Workout-1 serving Torrent

Lunch-1 chicken breast and 1 cup rice

2nd Lunch-4 oz Tuna
1 scoop Iso-Whey

3rd Lunch-8 oz Tuna
1 banana

Dinner-2 cuts of steak
2 cups raw vegetables
6 Uni-Liver Tabs

2nd Dinner-1 chicken breast
6 Uni-Liver Tabs

I'm not quite sure what to have before i head to bed, any suggestions? also lemme know if i can add or subtract anything, it's my first time cutting and i'm trying to keep my carbs to a minimum outside of breakfast/post workout.

Thanks in advance guys, it means a lot

04-29-09, 8:51 pm
i'm on my second day of dieting and this already sucks big time. i've read pretty much every article on this website about dieting and now i know exactly what everyone is talking about, and i'm only on my 2nd day. this sucksssssss but i've gotta hang tough.
got my 1st posing practice with my workout partners tonite. runnin on about 100 g of carbs for today. hurtin pretty bad.

so now that i realize what everyone goes through, much respect to every bodybuilder, this is no joke. i believe though i will discover a whole new meaning to the term mental discipline. i will be better than i was yesterday. believe that.

05-01-09, 6:40 pm
i'm on my 2nd of 3 rest days right now. still getting my diet in check but i think i'm getting the hang of it. i've dropped 4 lbs this week and i'm hopin it's all fat and not any of that precious lean mass. i'm gettin myself siked for this next week of workouts i want to get muh legs outta the way first on sunday...then i'll trudge right on through the end of the week cuz that's what i do. gonna have some pics up soon so ya'll can track my progress.

i'll be in touch

stay (sic)

05-04-09, 8:45 pm
I'm down 7 lbs...so far so good. haha thank god i didn't try hydroxycut eh?! i feel i'm maintaining my mass but i think im losing weight too quickly, it's only been a week and a half. i'm naturally very skinny so i think i'm going to try to add more fat into my diet in the form of more peanut butter, i already go through a jar every other day or so. i love the stuff it's pretty much the only thing keeping me from going insane during this dieting phase. i got that hunger, all the time now. but i know it is worth it. and 13 weeks is a small price to pay for glory.

i read in an article somewhere on this site, that bodybuilding is a very lonely journey. and it's so true man. my girl, she doesn't understand why i'm doing this to myself. i just graduated college and i cannot go out and have some drinks to toast my efforts over the last 4 years...i cannot give, and i cannot break. i'm giving this all up for an experience unlike anything i've ever done before. because like the article said, in the end, you're the one who steps up on that stage, alone. This suffering, this hunger, and most of the time my workouts, are done all alone. so why have it any other way.

in a way, a very real way, this is a very spiritual experience to me, they say you find yourself during the hardships in your life. i feel this is true. especially with this. we all have to reach down and find that discipline, that patience, that drive. i'm only a week and some change into this beast and i'm loving every second. so i say bring it and let's do this.

until next time, stay (sic)

05-11-09, 4:19 pm
what's up guyzzz another day on the road to the show.
protein has gone up to about 300 g's a day because i feel like i'm shrinking, literally shrinking. i've never done this before and i feel like no matter what i'm losing lean muscle mass. i've got 7 meals a day at least and my carbs stay steady around 100-150 g's for now. i intend to drop them lower in the upcoming weeks temporarily but man this is some difficult stuff.

posing practice has been going smoothly as well. i get together with my friend from work who also is into bodybuilding and we do our thing for about 90 minutes every wednesday and then every night on my own i pose. i can see new definition coming in and i can't wait to see where this diet will take me.

side note: been using Univerals Uni-Liver for about 8 weeks now and i can already feel a difference with my body, my recovery time has been shorter and i just feel, i dunno the word but i feel better. props to universal and mucho thanks to the guyz here on the forum for pointing me towards them.

strength is down in the dumps, energy sucks, but i keep trudging forward and every week is a new battle and i'm ready to rock. keepin my spirits high. gonna show ya'll waht's up come july.


05-15-09, 7:02 pm
I'm kicking it into full gear now. i'm down 14 lbs as of yesterday. strength is a hit and miss as far as workouts go but my diet is in check and until i plateau/stop losing weight (fat weight) i'm going to keep my diet the way it is. ya'll know the saying if it ain't broke, don't fix it baby.

strength is comin and goin but i've been having some great workouts and i think i've finally understood what i intend on looking like because even tho i feel like i'm shrinking i think my brain finally understood that i still look big, or at least i hope.

I have a chick that is entering the contest with me in the figure competition. Shes been a lil flaky as of late, missing 3 consecutive weekly practices. So i found another girl that works out in the same gym as i do who wants to do figure too. got a nice little competition going between the two of them. they're like me guyz, competition only fuels the fire. When i am down, i workout with my dad and since he can eat whatever the hell he wants, he strength is massive and he puts me to shame. that just pushes me even harder to get better.

side note: i am very very excited to start working out at Golds...there's a Golds opening walking distance from my house...opens this coming wednesday, just in time for my last workout for next week. I'M SIKED.

i've been readin up on the words of my idols like House, Machine, Schak...these guys have taught me so much and i am truly grateful. I have gained so much knowledge and i hope that i can dial it in just right. It's like I read from my man G-Diesel the only persons who can judge me is walking every step of my journey in my size 16's with me.

much respect, keep it humble, stay (sic)

05-21-09, 3:37 pm

i'm kickin it at work, on my break, thought i'd let y'all in on what's been shaking down here in VA. we are nearing the end of the first month of my diet. I weighed in this morning at 231.5 almost 20 lbs gone from where i was...plenty of protein and fat in the diet now with minimal carbs...fat just melts away. I read in an article somewhere, i think it was muscle and fitness, about Leo Ingram. I'm sure ya'll know who he is, he suggested eating a cucumber with every meal and it dramatically increases his fat loss. I have been trying that and sure enough it's working. So i'm gonna stick with that for now. In a sick way i am enjoying this diet because i don't have to think about it, i just do it. I enjoy biding my time until the time is right. Waiting for satisfaction and i definitely believe this show will give it to me.

Made plans already to be in Columbus Ohio for the next Arnold Classic in '10. It's gonna be a hell of a party. The city life in Columbus is outta this world. Ohio State University is where it's at for sure. Looking forward to putting a face to some of the names that i see up here on the forum.

Keep it humble, stay (sic) until next time