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04-28-09, 1:48 am
I sit another night of hell has passed, all others have gone. A pale face peers out from under my hoodie. What the fuck am I still doing here? Today was a short workout in at 9 out by 11, I look up to notice the clock reads 3. Today another marine falls in a war half the people in this country could give a shit about. I guess this is what started this night. Not making since yeah well I'm still trying to calm down. I had just finished my last set of squats, while choking down a post shake i was watching on the news, about our soldiers getting killed. I just said fuck this shit how can i be fucking quiting when i still got gas in the fucking tank.

I cant tell you the reps or weight, I was in a fucking rage of iron. All the emotions of hatred, pain, sacrifice going threw my head. I started with front squats pyramiding up till i couldnt squeeze out a rep. Rep after fucking rep, when my body has given up I drop a plate and continue to march on, brothers by the fucking time im done. I'm glad their wasnt another other crazy mother fucker in the gym this night. Here you have a 220pd man struggling to get one fucking rep with just the bar.

I rack the bar trying to take a step my fuckin legs give out, fuck this shit are you fucking serious. I will not admit defeat I'm a marine for god sakes. I pull myself up using the power cage. Grab some water, crank the ipod up as loud as it will go, pull my hood over my head.

I load 585 on a bar, with down with the sickness by disturbed blaring i pull raw no belt, i lock that shit out. Two more reps, everything is blurry i fall to one knee. I manage to strip 3 plates off each side. Then start knocking rep after rep out of those motherfuckers. After a few minutes I lose count finally stopping at god knows how many. My body is fucking dead, I stare into the mirror. Why the fuck do we do this to ourselves? Tonight it wasn't cause I was stepping on stage, trying to break a power record, or trying to get some bitches number. Tonight was for the pure fucking though of not being a lazy piece of shit, for the thought of knowing that whatever this world throws at us or beats us down. That we can pull ourselves back up, and say fuck you I will never back down. Tonight is my fuckin redemption. A spark that will start a fucking inferno. This will be my journey.

04-28-09, 10:44 am
That was some motivational shit. I look forward to what you got in store.

04-29-09, 12:33 am
Another long fucking day in the trenches, back d

warmup , 3 4min rounds of kickboxing on the bag

wide grip pull-ups target number 40 (as many sets as it takes to reach) today it took 2

low row machine
3x8 200pds

barbell rows

3x8 245

t-bar rows w/ chain and wide grip attachment

3x8 270

3x8 495

partial deads (bout 5 inches off ground)
3x8 585
1x2 675

low row machine
7x11, 30 sec rest in between sets, 20 sec of that isometric hold flexing as hard as i can squeezing, rest 10 sec repeat 6 more times

04-29-09, 12:36 am
Consider me subbed, pretty motivational start off to the journey, good luck.. now time for a shake..


T o m m Y
04-29-09, 12:39 am
Strong Shit In Here!!

04-29-09, 12:17 pm
Strong Shit In Here!!

Verry Strong, Great start dude.

09-06-09, 12:09 am
Life is one fucked up blender, of a forever changing storm. I know some are probably wondering what the fuck happened. Shortly after my first post I was sent to some third world shit hole. A marines job is never done. Another battle, another scar, another fading memory in the war that is our life. I finally return so many ask if im going to take a rest, since coming back from war. Fuck that shit, so many bricks to put back up, to build the fortress that is me. The battlefield , the gym, its not the gunfire nor the cause. Its the mind of the soldier that makes the war. And this my brothers will be my new war. One has emerged from battle victorious. But our war never ends the battles just change for once we have tasted war, we animals belong one place and one place only is in the cold dark, lonely trenches. Where we will face our most horrible enemy everyday ourselves. So let the fucking blood flow, the weight shall be my enemy. My will my rifle. Placed before us at birth is a mountain that we will spend our life climbing only to get thrown back down. No fucking more will i climb, but charge head first through that motherfucker. What lies on the other side another mountian. But that is what makes the iron so fucking great. Its so simple, u either plow through that motherfucker or waste ur time climbing it. What will you do?

09-06-09, 12:45 am
some raw shit up in here bro...I'm in...keep it coming

09-06-09, 1:51 am
im in bro, and i have all the respect in the world for all you guys do.

09-06-09, 1:59 am
subbed bro. along for the ride. marines are a different breed of animal.

09-16-09, 12:58 am
Ahead of me lies a black mass of water. Tied to my arms and feet are the chains that society has placed on me. We must learn to swim with these burdens, the you can't become that, your dreams are stupid, your to skinny? For most of us the chains pull us down everyday is a struggle to keep our head above the water. Barely fucking breathing we slowly drown from the waters of our faith.

So we wade in the shallow end, slowly being forced into the deep. But we as animals are a different breed. We the legion walk to the deepest part and jump the fuck in. For I would rather drown trying to break the damn chains. Then die slowly at the hands of faith. I might be consumed by the dark void of the water. And over time forgotten, a shadow to this world. But rest assured motherfucker one day, I will climb out of that fucking pool. With chains in hand and a smirk on my face and simply ask is that all the fuck you got? If so get out of my damn way.

Faith controls only what we let it control. Genetics, money, supplements, fast matabolism, none of this means shit. To a crazy mother who has the drive, that raw fucking hunger to become a beast.


incline db flyes 3/8
w/u 12 pd
3/8 60pds 15 secs down another 15 secs up taking as far down as can squeezing at top

cable cross overs
3/8 80pds each side

incline db press
3/8 150pd db's

flat benchpress (10 seconds down, 1sec blast up and squeeze)
9reps 135
7reps 225
5reps 275
5reps 315
3reps 455. last rep was a forced with help of spotter

these are a mother fucker think u bench alot try this with ur max

pecdeck 7's ( 7 sets, 11reps, at end of each set squeeze at top of exercise and hold for 30 seconds, drink water rest 10secs, repeat for all 7sets)
7/11 80pds

immediatly after drop do pushups to failure, when cant do anymore use ur knees to push u to the up position and do negatives 10sec down til failure.

so there u have it the first day back in the trenches since my return. a taste of the storm to come, my nutrition and supplements are spot on, drive and rage, beyond ready.

Now comes the fun fucking part to wreak havoc my battles are won , now the war.

09-16-09, 1:02 am
Strong as hell for a military member..Keep up the good work..

09-16-09, 1:02 am
where you a DI at PI or MCRD

09-16-09, 1:35 am
3rd battalion the island, i finished my rotation there about a 2 years ago. recently i was with 3rd battalion, 9th marines scout/sniper platoon al asad iraq.

i just finished my contract 2 weeks ago, not sure it im reupping or not

Ronald A. Strahan
09-16-09, 2:40 am
Good shit here. Subb'd.