View Full Version : Amazing Ground Beef =) !!!!!

05-05-09, 3:36 pm
i unno what to call it, all i know is its fucking amazing and im hungry now!


1 cup ground beef
1 whole egg (if u replace with egg whites..replace ur testicles with ovaries =) )
some garlic powder..not too much
cayenne pepper..i use alot lol

mix it up with ur hands, squish it and get all the inredients mixed nice.

throw this on a grill *george foreman is mine* cook for how u like, i make em crispy..its good! 5- 10 mins about.

break it all up in a bowl and throw some hot peppers on it and mustard...oh man is this good, put it in a pita or put it over pasta/rice...mmmmmmm

05-05-09, 4:16 pm
Looks niceeee

05-05-09, 4:23 pm
Looks great, I'll def. try that sometime

G Diesel
05-05-09, 4:34 pm
Very nice... Ground beef is versatile as hell. Mix some Italian bread crumbs in there too. I've been eating lasagna with lean ground beef and lowfat ricotta and mozarella lately and it is bangin. Great growth food.

Peace, G

05-05-09, 11:48 pm
ill try the bread crumbs out for sure, oh man u gave me a good idea, that beef in lasagna would beee fuuuuckin awsome!

05-06-09, 8:23 am
sounds good, also sounds like my lunch today.

On Letting Go
05-06-09, 8:31 am
I eat something like this on every lift day. Fucking love ground beef.