View Full Version : The Beast within me

05-10-09, 10:18 pm
Ok, ok... I should have been keeping track and started this journal 20 years ago. It's been tough, the Army, Raising kids, and work. You know life.

Although life has been a distraction. I always find myself back in the gym. It's the only place where it's just me and the iron.

At the begining of this year I was 52 out of shape and expanding to about 250. Unfortunately, that's not a good 250.

I've been at it every week since then I've been hitting it hard. Diet, cardio, sups, and Iron. I'm at 214.. lost 4 inhes @ the waist. Everyone notices!

Animal keeps me motivated in body and mind. It's a God send! I can see the other Animals struggle and know I'm not alone. Today, I moved to a new level and with the help of the Animal PAK, and my Brothers of the Iron I will reach new goals and new level.


07-18-09, 5:44 pm
i realize you posted this awhile ago man. but congrats on the progress, keep hittin er hard.

i know what you mean about the army part. not so much about raising the kids tho, but i know 1st hand how much the military life can make training routines all scattered and how field exercises and being on ranges all day makes training that much more tiring and harder to recover from.

once again, congrats!! keep at it