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05-14-09, 11:03 pm
This is my new goal/journey to a 300 bench, 405 squat(ATG all day baby), and 500 deadlift by Oct. 1st.

I benched 215X2, fairly easily today when just last week I only hit 205X2 and it was barely me on the last rep, then 215X0, so that goes to show you the importance of a big breakfast(I just started actually eating breakfast because I used to just get up and go to school without eating and wouldnt eat until lunch, which is 12:12). So, I have 3 more weeks of school and doing the school workout then it's on to westside barbell. I have legs tomorrow, plan to hit some PR's on front and back squat.

05-14-09, 11:21 pm
Breakfast is definately important. I think if you move up to 5 or 6 meals a day you could put on muscle and get bigger for those lifts. I'm not sure if you want to bulk right now, but that might help you with your lifts. If you are cutting you also probably want to go with more small meals becasue then you store less as fat but its up to you.

Three meals, including breakfast is definately a bare minimum.

Good luck on your journey bro, those are nice goals

05-14-09, 11:48 pm
yeah im trying to eat more, over the summer i plan to eat 5-7 big meals and get big as possible

05-15-09, 8:46 pm

High Pulls - 95X6, 6, 135X6 (i really hate these)
Hang Cleans - 135X4,4 155X4 (ok form, just starting clean and jerks)
Front Squat - 155X4

Ran out of time, was helping my buddy with the hang cleans. He's my lifting partner, and is pretty strong for his weight, imo. We're both in 10th grade, he weighs 120 and benches 190, squats 225X4 but his deadlift is lacking, he can clean 135, maybe more as his form gets better. I weigh 180, bench 245, squat around 285-295 ATG, and maybe like 315-325 Parallel, deadlift 405 and clean and jerk (with somewhat ok form) 185

05-21-09, 6:10 pm

Bench - 155X6, 225X1(very easy, could've done 2), 245X1 PR
Push Press - 135X7,4,5
DB Tri Ext - 25X5, 20X10,10
Plate Tri Ext - 45X10,10

Short but sweet. My new max is 245, and by the end of the year(2 more weeks) I'm shooting for 250-255.

05-29-09, 7:37 pm

Deadlift - (sumo) 135X3, 225X3, 275X3, (conv.) 315X3, 365X1, 385X1

RDL - 275X5,5,5,5

Good Morning - 135X5,5,5

Crunch - 45X10,10
SS FCT - 45X5,5

Leg Lifts - BWX15
SS Planks - BWX30 sec

06-02-09, 5:46 pm
Starting Westside this week, I found many different supposed westside routines, so this is the one I'm following:


Anyways, yesterday I did ME Squat/DL


Good Morning - 95X3, 115X3, 135X3, 155X3, 175X3

SLDL - 295X3,3, 315X3,3

Hyperextension - 25X8,8,8

Leg Lifts - BWX20,20
SS Planks - BWX30sec, 30sec

Crunch - 45X10
SS FCT - Bar+45X5 each side

I read somewhere about Louie's 60% rule, where the next day you do 60% of the total volume, I didn't completely understand this, so I just did the same sets/reps with alot lower weight each set.


Good Mornings - 55X3, 70X3, 80X3, 95X3, 105X3

SLDL - 175X3,3 190X3,3

If theres any advice or help you can give me concerning Westside routine, please tell me.

06-05-09, 6:59 pm
Typing from my ps3, if any plays socom confrontation or cod:waw my names are I-OWNsometimes and MikeOcks-hard


6/5/09 DE squat/DL

Box Squat - 135X3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3
3in Elev. SLDL - 225X6
5in Elev. SLDL - 225X3,5,6
Good Morning - 115X6,6
Side Bends - 30X10, 10

06-12-09, 3:58 pm
6/11/09 - ME Bench

Bench - 135X3, 155X3, 185X3, 205X2, 225X1
Rev Grip Bench - 135X5,5
JM Press - 95X8,8
Pulldowns - 90X10,8
Lateral Raises - 15X12,12
Pushdowns - 50X12,6

Rev Grip Bench is killer on my shoulders, not sure if I did it right, but I did feel some burn in my triceps, especially in my sets of JM Press

06-14-09, 8:17 pm
6/14/09 - Speed Bench

Speed Bench - 95X3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3
3-board Press - 135X1, 155X1, 185X1, 205X1, 225X1, 245X1, 265X1
CGBP - 155X6,8,7
Rows - 205X10, 225X6,6
Military Press - 135X2,1