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05-17-09, 4:05 pm
Hello, i cant do a pullup haha. I can do a few chin-ups though...will doing chin-ups help me with doing pullups? I can get almost one pullup but can do 3 or 4 chinups. Will the chin-ups strengthen my lats enough?? Thanks

05-17-09, 4:17 pm
I am far from a pull-up guy, but a good way to strengthen your lats for pull ups would be the lat pulldown machine. Make sure you keep raising the weight and eventually you'll see improvement. It helped me a lot. Chin ups will help too but they're a little more bicep-intensive and generally easier. I'd say mix in both and work you're way up to pull-ups.

But I'm sure there are people here who can really help.

05-17-09, 4:24 pm
t_mh is right bro. doing Cable Pull Downs will help you out a lot on the Pull-ups. but you want to actually try. give it all you have to knock out a few. If you absolutely have to, get someone to spot you on them. Practice makes perfect. I used to not be able to do 1. Now I knock out 3 sets of 15 for a good warm up. You have to do them and you'll see that you'll start getting better at them. you just have to push yourself. Pull Downs and chin ups will help you out big time though. Make sure you're using a fluid motion on the pull downs and start doing chin ups with a wider grip. Grab the pull down bar as wide as you can stand it and pull it down. not in towards your chest, but straight down. hope that helps bro. Good luck.

05-17-09, 5:55 pm
It takes time. I could only a few in high school and now I can bang out 15-20 without breaking a sweat. I have my gf doing a routine right now. She is going to be the only girl doing unassisted pull ups at Gold's haha. She does 5 sets with like 70lbs on the assisted pull ups and we gradually go down in weight over the weeks until shes doing body weight. I have her doing assistance work with lat pull downs.

Also, the more you weigh he harder they are, so if youre a bit over weight, drop some weight and you will have nay easier time.

05-17-09, 5:58 pm
I suck at pullups too bro, can only do about 5-6 with my bodyweight, but I'm half way decent with chins.

All you can do is keep working at them, and over time you'll improve. I remember when I couldn't even do a single chin up and now I can do sets of 10 with my bodyweight and hit up 5 reps with a 25 hanging from me.

These are important, foundational exercises, pay your dues with them and they'll pay you back with back mass.

05-17-09, 6:46 pm
do chins and do fatman pullups pr use the gavitron machine if u have access to one and u'll be good at them in no time, it gets tough when u start adding weight.

05-18-09, 11:40 am
when i couldnt do pullups what helped me the most was doing negatives. jump up and grab the bar then lower yourself slowly. its easier to do the eccentric part of a lift, and your still working out the same muscles. you can use negatives for any lift, but i found they helped alot for pullups. remember to lower yourself sslllllowwwly. good luck

05-18-09, 6:07 pm
I learned to do pull ups by doin a few simple things:

-Use something to get to the top of the motion and use a very slow negative.
-Assisted Chin station
-Have a bro give you a little assistance
-Don't be too proud to do just one pull up a set!

Lat pull downs did next to nothing for my pull up strength. Would not recommend using that as a replacement or way to improve your pull ups.

Once I banged out my first true pull up it got better and better every workout. They're easy to improve if you really work hard.

05-18-09, 9:44 pm
I cant do alot of pull ups so i use a pullup assist machine. i do my chin ups and pull ups on it. the only reason i use a lat pulldown machine is to do a dickerson movement or tricep pressdowns. my back has broadined alot since i gave up the lat pull machine. i do chinups also to warm up for my bicep workout. i alternate 3 weeks high reps and 3 weeks low reps, always giving 100% noo matter the rep range, i consider the pull up a foundation movement

05-18-09, 9:46 pm
do you have access to an assisted pull/chin up machine, those seemed to help me a lot, started off doing 5 or so and now doing sets of 10-12.

05-18-09, 10:39 pm
SINGLE ARM LAT PULLDOWNS. just amazing for the lats and the bi's. this or a horizontal pull up.

05-19-09, 5:35 am
Second the single arm pulldowns, I can do sets of 12-15 now and I used to only be able to do about 5