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05-17-09, 11:33 pm
Alright ya'll... in the mix and ready to rock this. Took my first round of it today (was hoping to get pics today but I'll get them later) and I'm good to go. Groundwork...

Weight - 202
Height - 5'7"
Bf % - Not sure, I'm saying around 17-18

Current stack
Pak, Fish Oil, Ultra Whey, x brand Caesin, Flex, Monohydrate, EAA stack (juicy watermelon for the win), and Project C.

Sun - Legs
Mon - Back
Tues - Chest
Wed - Tri / Bi
Tues - Shoulders

1230pm - Wake and Shake
130 - Project C
200 - Workout (EAA + powdered carb drink) 10 min warmup run to gym, 20 min interval running when done
330 - Whey + 1 TBSP raw honey
700 - 4 to 5oz Turkey / Chicken + 1 cup brown rice
1000 - 3 whole egglands best + 1 piece whole wheat toast
100am - 4 to 5oz Turkey / Chicken + brocolli
400 - 16oz skim milk + 1 scoop caesin
630 - sleep

Cal comes in around 2300-2400. Pro and Cho both are around 230. Fats are low, but I seem to respond better with less fat and more carb. That's just how my body works I guess.

Alright, so that's that. Now then... for day one.

I liked it. I was a bit concerned it might come on too strong, but it was nice and even effect that left me focused instead of jittery. Perhaps I hadn't noticed before or what have you, but today after I did chest (I know, changed day around) I looked in the mirror and said "I look like some pink drink my wife would have".

The blood was there and I was full, but since I've taken shock out of the equation to take Project C pre-w/o I don't feel the pump going on as strong. None the same, I was still quite pleased with the effort I put out today. I was just telling my workout buddy (Shutthefuckup) how I feel like I was just going through the motions last week. Today though, was very good.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off since my wife is having surgery. I'll have some update on how I'm doing Tuesday.

05-17-09, 11:44 pm
Ah hell... I noticed a few things I left out.

There's the cardio pre / post workout, but I've got a bit more. There's also the light cardio of walking around the neighborhood pulling about 70lbs of weight behind me. That would be my boys Blake and Eli in their wagon. Gotta love that kind of cardio. That's about a 30 minute trip between 330 and 7pm.

As Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I'll do 20 minutes of rope work while at work and cooking food (gotta love a full kitchen in the back). Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is ab work time before 100am meal. Varies the type, but it's all floor work since I've got nothing else to use while there. Crunches, twist crunches, planks, etc etc etc.

Mmm.... I can't think of anything else I'm leaving out at this point. Half tempted to up the cals about 100 or 200, but mmm.... on the fence a bit. Let me get some pics up tomorrow or Tuesday and if ya'll are up to it... feedback?

05-18-09, 12:40 pm
Looking good brother. Lets see some pics!!

Little Z
05-18-09, 1:03 pm
On board brother, lets do this!

05-18-09, 1:57 pm
Nice BBB. Good to see this underway.

05-20-09, 4:45 pm
Apologies for not getting these pics up yesterday and then taking so long today. Wife had surgery monday and she's not been handling things oh so very well. None the same, I got my back day in Tuesday and arms in today.

I'm really enjoying using C preworkout honestly. Albeit the occasional reminder of it when I burp is a bit annoying, it's quite tolerable and doesn't burn. That being said, I'm seriously noticing a more balanced energy release instead of an all at one shot dose I would get with Shock. I feel that I have the exact same go at the beginning of my workout as at the end except the fact that my muscles are burnt.

Oddly enough, my wife even commented about my attitude. Usually I'm a bear once I get on cut and she can't stand to be around me. She's been pleased though that I actually seem to be in a better mood and have a bit more energy. Always a good thing.

Alright... pictures, yeah. Did I mention last week was my boys birthday? I fluffed up a little since I knew I had the C coming and lots of extra meat laying around. That also being said, I'm down 5 already (largely water though I know).

Front relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00582.JPG)
Front flexed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00583.JPG)
Side relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00584.JPG)
Side flexed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00585.JPG)
Back relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00586.JPG)
Back double bi (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00587.JPG)
Back spread (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00588.JPG)
And my tiny calves (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00589.JPG)

05-22-09, 12:07 am
Changed things a little today to see if I could work Shock in. I gave the Project C an hour prior to my workout then dropped shock 30 before like usual... and rocked it out. No feel of overload on the stims and I had the same controlled focus as I've been reporting before hand.

Seriously though... I'm bloody curious to see how this is a few weeks down the line. I'm not clear on when it begins to wear off because it "feels" like it's a controlled feed. Maybe that's a mental aspect, but I'm not dragging hours later. That aside...

No drop on the weights used, yet that is to be expected this soon in. I'll keep an eye on the mirror and see what it says.

Mmm... thought. Ya'll want me to snap up some pics each week and post or just give a final set of them when I finish off the can? I've no qualm either way, yet I just noticed I didn't have a date ID on the set of pics I threw up there.

05-22-09, 12:57 am
Seriously though... I'm bloody curious to see how this is a few weeks down the line. I'm not clear on when it begins to wear off because it "feels" like it's a controlled feed. Maybe that's a mental aspect, but I'm not dragging hours later. That aside...

I havent found anything out yet, but im thinkin that maybe some of the ingredients have a cumulative aspect to them. i think thats the right word.

05-25-09, 10:40 pm
Alright... been a slow weekend mainly taking care of the wife on bedrest. As is, I still got my cardio in on the weekend. Honestly... I'm quite happy with the effects of Project C so far. It does quite well pre w/o giving the energy I need to get through it all.

I think the only thing I would change to what I'm doing right now is add Torrent or Storm post instead of dealing with my plain old mono. I'm noticing the difference of not using Shock vascularity wise, so I'd fill in the gap with either or those too... more than likely Storm over Torrent since I've got a decent post w/o shake together and use EAA intra.

I'm probably going to actually mix Shock in before my second cardio. That or I might grab some OTC arginine to get some NO moving through the body. I lean heavily more to the Shock use since that was no difference to what I was doing before Project C.


05-26-09, 3:12 pm
Pic day. It's been what... a week since I posted the initial? Got some pics done up today about 30 minutes after I woke up so I'm pretty groggy and not feeling high on the horse. That's what 4 hours of sleep will do for ya. Anyways...

Scale popped 194.6 at me this morning so I was happy to see that. Nothing much has changed diet wise / cardio wise. All I've been doing is tinkering dosing time of C between immediately waking or shake then pop C. I like the later.

Alright... pics...

Front relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00591.JPG)
Front double bi (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00592.JPG)
Side relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00593.JPG)
Side flex (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00594.JPG)
Side tri flex (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00595.JPG)
Back relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00596.JPG)
Back double bi (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00597.JPG)
Back spread (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00598.JPG)

That's that to that. More pics next week. Thoughts anyone?

05-28-09, 10:46 pm
Alright... so I've been mixing Shock back in for my second round of cardio of the day 30 minutes beforehand. No adverse point whatsoever and definately feel my pumps have returned quite strong. This only confirms to me that I would / will definately run Storm post next time I run C, with C as my pre. Perhaps Torrent, but I'd have to track down some argenine to mix in with it.

All that aside, my timing is locked down and I'm taking it off just fine. Energy is still high and no change in reps / lbs on my sets.

05-28-09, 11:24 pm
solid work in here, blue....count me along for the rest of the ride....hope you like it well as the rest of us!!!

05-31-09, 9:31 am
Last few days have been a whirlwind for me. Wife had some complications from the stiches in her foot, so that's been troubling things here. Had to move my workouts around, but I've got them all in. Okies... that aside.

Definately gotta love C on the preworkout style. I actually had to stop myself from doing cardio.... CARDIO! I looked at the clock and saw I was closing in on 40 minutes. Too much and I was worried I would start tapping into the meat. None the same, I still had tons of energy to burn.

1 week left of C to run here. Time to tighten the belt a little tighter and make the final push.

06-01-09, 12:10 pm
One more week. You got this home boy.

06-01-09, 1:31 pm
So... today's workout is scratched. I'm at the hospital with the wife for surgery number 3. Still dropping my C like I should be, just looks like I'm going to have to throw a two a day in the mix. This gives me a chance to run C for two workouts, which I'm actually now quite curious how the energy shall stay. I'll let you know Thursday as I'll probably work arms and shoulders together.

06-01-09, 1:42 pm
Hey BBB, hope everything goes well with your wife's surgery. Everything ok for her?

06-01-09, 1:45 pm
hope all is well with your wife Big blue, glad ur digging the C, me too.....wishing it wasn't going to end so soon

06-01-09, 6:42 pm
Hey BBB, hope everything goes well with your wife's surgery. Everything ok for her?

hope all is well with your wife Big blue, glad ur digging the C, me too.....wishing it wasn't going to end so soon

Everything seems to have gone ok. Was a bit of infection in there from the last surgery and that's shit you don't mess around with. We're good for now, we'll see how everything goes the next few days.

One way or another, shit's gonna get taken care of here and at the gym. Gotta love family support.

06-03-09, 5:05 am
When it rains, it mother fucking pours don't it? Good news on the C front! It's strong enough to pull you through 44 of 48 hours wide awake. Between being at the hospital taking care of the wife (who's looking to add another 2 more months of bedrest onto her previous 6) and having to work so we can make it, life is a bitch.

C's seems to be keeping the energy level up amazingly enough. But fuck, what horrible shit I'm doing to the body. The sacrifices we make are not only made at the table my friends...

Keep it strong for yourself, because sometimes you gotta carry everyone else.

06-05-09, 1:08 am
Alright... first off, I'd like to apologize for my last post. There was nothing really constructive about Project C or its effect. It was immature and foolish to let myself slip for a moment and tarnish the effort I have put forward.

In other news, Project C is definately a huge boon at this point in time in my life. The energy level I have remains constant through the day as well as keeping me pushing things in the gym. Minus my brief lapse in judgement, my spirits are actually quite high even for lack of sleep. Life... you never know what it's going to throw, but I know there's always someone at the Forvm that's got my back.

So I missed a couple of reps today doing bent over rows. I'm not too worried of it as I'll just chalk it up to sleep. It wasn't for lack energy, I just fatigued that before I got going. Oddly enough though, I felt such a good contraction today doing pullups and bent overs. Perhaps I was just dialing in a bit better than usual.

I think I'm at 3 days left of C. I reckon I'm going to come in 10 lighter as I'm at 193 right now. Not bad for a 3 week stint. We'll see what the pics and the scale say in just a few days.

06-08-09, 11:26 am
Triple B. We all have falters and we all understand my man. No worries and no need to apologize. Times are rough and you have a good head on your shoulders to see that things can be better and will be better. Keep chugging along man, and my best goes out to the family and wife.

06-12-09, 12:04 am
Let me say, thanks man. I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other. Now then...

I'm finished with C for a few days now and will be hitting the Final Comment thread in just a moment. I kind of wanted to feel out how my body would return after cutting off C and so far, I'm not displeased in the least. I'm a little displeased in my final pics, but I believe it's reference the lighting. Who knows... but I promised a full set none the same.

Front relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00599.JPG)
Front flexed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00600.JPG)
Side relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00601.JPG)
Side flexed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00602.JPG)
Side tri's (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00603.JPG)
Back relaxed (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00604.JPG)
Back spread (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00605.JPG)
Tiny calves (https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/bhanshaw/Filemanager_Public_Files/animal/DSC00606.JPG)

As I said, lighting is for shit and I think she got me as I was setting my pose in a few of them. Now then... final tally on weight... 193. Didn't get the full 10, but I'll take 9 on a 3 week run. I usually average 2 when I'm pushing hard on cutting, so an extra pound a week is definately a bonus.

Here's the odd thing and I've talked this over with my workout buddy, I keep wondering if there's nutritional partitioning a bit like Mstak in this? I took measurements before starting this all and I'm second guessing how I put a little under a 1/4 on my arms. Perhaps I was in error when I did my first measure... who knows.

All I know is C is an A in my book.