View Full Version : a question to EVERYONE using Project C...

05-22-09, 10:49 am
how has your sleep been? mine has been crazyyy with my dreams...i wake up thinking my dream actually happened and i remember everything that happened...its a very weird/cool result of project c

05-22-09, 10:50 am
actually with Project C i have been smashing my workouts like crazy. So by the time i get home im so tired i fall deeply asleep. I noticed with Project i have a lot less restless nights. I wake up early to knock out my cardio and im not even tired.

05-22-09, 11:28 am
no problems with sleep, nor any crazy dreams, hopefully your not taking you C, to close to when you sleep.

05-22-09, 11:31 am
First day on this shit and I know I'm gonna pass the fuck out like a baby tonight bro. lol

05-22-09, 12:00 pm
i take my second pak around 4pm...im not complaining, the dreams are crazyyy

05-22-09, 12:23 pm
no sleep problems here either.....actually seem to be sleeping much better....

Little Z
05-23-09, 6:06 pm
no sleeping issues or dreams that were different than normal..

with my diet and routines now, im passin out earlier than ever before and waking up fully refreshed..

05-23-09, 6:13 pm
No troubles here. Heck... I dropped a pack probably 2 hours before bed the other day (schedule is a bit screwy reference family problems) and didn't have much trouble getting sleep.