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06-05-09, 11:59 am
This is a placeholder for all alpha testers who were on Project C. In this thread, please post your starting weight and your weight as soon as you finished Project C. Please write all of your final comments and feedback that you have in this thread. Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thanks.

06-05-09, 12:00 pm
Definitely looking to see how you guys all liked it!

Hola Bola
06-05-09, 8:14 pm
Definitely looking to see how you guys all liked it!

x2... I'm subbed.

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06-08-09, 12:05 am
When i started i was sitting right 220lbs, and as of my last weigh in on 6/4 i was down to 210. Overall C works great as a diuretic, I never urinated so much in my life, not even taking Cuts, as well as sweating in the gym. I am sued to being covered in sweat, but this was like having to other people drip sweat on me while i was working out. It was nuts. I liked spacing my doses out more over the day, the first day I tried them 4 hours apart, but felt a bit overloaded. After that i eased them back to roughly 9 am and 7pm, and taking it on an empty stomach/roughly 1 hour after eating/30 minutes before eating worked best for me. it even helped to curb the carb craving crankiness that occurs when you decide to stop eating breads/starches.
I didn't have a lagging day in the gym really, even when i couldn't work overhead presses for shoulders, i was still able to keep the focus and drive up to hit em hard with other exercises and not get sidetracked or discouraged.

I am definitely going to use this product again once it hits the shelves.

If i left anything out, or want something specific answered I will do my best to accommodate.

Thanks for this opportunity!

06-08-09, 12:16 am
Final Review

Starting Weight: 206.5
Ending Weight: 200.5

First and foremost, Thank You J-Dawg and the rest of you guys at Animal who made this alpha test possible. I definitely felt privileged and honored to be able to test out this product.

Weight Loss: a 6 lb loss over a 3 week period is not bad at all. That's 2lbs per week, and I feel like that's a safe weight loss. Anything over 2lbs per week at my current stage of dieting would be problematic, as I would probably be losing muscle.

Energy: Overall, the energy wasn't real intense. It was a nice smooth and controlled boost. Real low key. I mean I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if I wasn't looking for it.

Mood: Although I often feel that this is solely dependent upon having your mind right when you walk in the gym, I think that this product definitely helps you focus to a degree. I know I was definitely able to turn things up a notch with C.

Appetite: Didn't really notice any appetite suppression. However, this product did make me extremely thirsty. I usually drink 2-3 34oz containers of unsweetened iced tea while i'm at work (depending on how long i'm there); I ended up having to throw down an additional 1-2 34oz of water. That also doesn't include the increase in water that I would drink while working out, which I would have to say I increased from 32oz to 64oz.

Workouts: Workouts were great. Really intense. I feel like I would never stop sweating while on this product.

Timing: I feel like the best time to take this is 20 mins pre-workout, followed by the 2nd pack in the middle/end of your workout. I've taken one C pre-AM cardio and pre-PM cardio, and every time I felt that C worked much better both pre and intra workout.

Negative Sides: None that I can think of, just an increased thirst and lots of sweating during my workouts.

Overall Score: I'd have to say an 8/10. I would have like to have had more of a boost and wish that I would have seen more of a benefit during my sessions of cardio (in the event I took C pre-cardio). Oh some better appetite suppression would have been cool too. Other than that, it's a great product and I think this could be great stacked with Cuts. I think if one ramped into using both products, you'd see some real excellent results. Looking forward to seeing this product hit the market.

And as a shameless plug, i'd like to encourage those of you that followed this log to jump onto my regular scheduled journey =p

06-08-09, 9:32 am
I still have a 3 more packs to take, but i want to share my thoughts on project C...I started on this 3 week cycle at 206lbs and dropped down to 188 as of this morning....now i know i cant give all the credit to C, my cardio was increased to 45 min. per day that is from 10-15 a day if im lucky...i went from eating everything in sight to having a pretty solid cutting diet, I think C helped me stay away from my cravings..now i have always had a pretty solid metabolism so dropping a few lbs is never a difficult task for me, but dropping 18lbs in 3 weeks is pretty sweet....seems like a lot i know, but it is 100% true. I am sure i lost a little in the way of muscle mass, but my abs appear much sharper and cut and eventhough i did lose a little muscle mass, i think since i look cut, my arms appear bigger. Now with anything i do, i gave it 110%, i did not miss a cardio session sometimes went once in the morning and once in the evening, some mornings i ran 5 miles and then lifted in the evening. There was no sudden burst of energy like on shock or anything, but i did notice that i never got burnt out, always felt as though i had a little something left in the tank. I did sweat like a pig though at the gym, but i normally do sweat anyway, so a little more was no big deal. I did not really notice urinating more, i normally pee 100 times a day anyway so a few more times was no big deal. I would def. recommend this product when it hits the shelves...and when it does i think i will run one or two more before the summer is over. I would like to thank Animal for allowing me to be a tester for this product, and if i failed to mention anything else please let me know so i can. By the way my bf% when i started was at 19.5, now it is at 12%. thanks again.

06-08-09, 3:33 pm
Staring Weight: 285
Final Weight: 279

Net loss of six pounds in three weeks. Not bad at all.

Final Thoughts:
(Copied mostly from Project C log, as my thoughts haven't changed since last week).

I loved project C!

About 20-30 minutes after taking it, I found myself getting an energy boost which lasted for an hour or two, sometimes a little more. This boost in energy would wear off gradually, without any kind of crash or rapid change in energy level, which is definitely a plus.

With Project C I had more energy for my workouts, which meant I could hit it harder. I lift pretty much right after I wake up, so Project C helped me to shake off any lethargy I might be feeling on any given morning. Previously, there were some days where I would find myself still feeling tired until I was several sets into my workout. With Project C, I was hitting the gym ready to kill it.

I also noticed a warm sensation that occured in conjunction with the energy boost, and lasted for roughly the same amount of time. Basically, I just felt warmer, but not in any kind of negative way. It felt good.

While working out, whether it be lifting or cardio, I also was sweating more than I normally would be. I started sweating sooner than I normally would have, and I was sweating more than usual in terms of volume. This was with my normal level of intensity, wearing the same clothes as usual, and with the gym being at the same relative temperature.

I experienced zero side effects from Project C.

Like I said, I really liked this stuff, and I can't wait for it to hit the shelves. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to slim down or get cut.

06-09-09, 12:29 am
weighed tonight for shits and giggles, i'm down 2 more pounds. 12 lbs in 3 weeks with very little strength loss.

06-09-09, 10:51 pm
First of, I would like to thank Animal for this unique opportunity to be an Alpha Tester for Project C. It was an honor and a privilege to take part in this.

Now on to the good stuff.....

Starting Weight: 255.5
Ending Weight: 246*

I had a very solid run of 2 1/2 weeks of project C. Last Wednesday I woke up with a headache that I couldn't shake. I went to the gym on Thursday and toughed it out, but the workout plain SUCKED. Had some family issues come up late Friday and that threw off my entire weekend. Regardless, I was still able to lose 9+ pounds in 2 weeks. I also had to since in the belt another notch so I know I lost some inches around the waist as well.

Pros: I could feel the energy and the focus rise gradually til it peaked and it stayed for several hours. This was not like other things I have tried in the past where it hit all at once and then an hour later it is gone and you crash. There was no crash with this product at all. Training intensity with this product went through the roof. I have had some of the most intense training sessions while on this product. It also had to do with the workout routine that Rage set me up with as well. Between that routine and this product and the diet, it has set the stage for some great changes over these next 8 weeks.

Cons: I had no side affects during this test, so I do not have any cons to list. Other than it is over already!!!!

Other Observations: Two things I will warn everyone about is the amount of water intake and the amount of sweating! My water intake went from a gallon a day to over 2 gallons on most days. The only days that it was just under 2 gallons was Saturday and Sunday when there were no workouts. But even on these days, I was about 40 ounces shy of 2 gallons. The sweating during training was unreal. I would usually take at least 2 extra shirts when I hit the gym. One to wear while training and one to wear on the way home. I am not kidding when I say you could wring out my shirt after I was done.

Final Thoughts: So, in ending, I would like to say that this was a very eye opening test for me. The last time I cut weight, I did it 100% wrong. With the help of Rage and Animal, I now know how to do things the right way and I have learned how valuable a cutting supplement can be. I would recommend this product to ANYONE that wants to drop weight just to lean out or is getting ready for a show. If it is in my budget, I WILL be getting another can or two of this when it hits the market.

I would also like to thank Rage for the offer of help and taking the time to answer my dozen or so PM's when this started. I will be taking some after shots in the next few days and I will post them here for you to see....I still have a lot of work to do, but this was definitely a great way to start things off.

Thanks Animal!!

06-09-09, 11:53 pm
Finished up Project C this morning... I somehow got 22 days.. plus an extra pack from the day I only took one. Anyway...

Starting weight - 268.5
Ending weight - 260.5

8 pound loss...

While I did up my cardio and tighten my diet up the last few weeks, I had already been cutting out the fried and sweet foods from my diet for the last month. I mention this so it doesn't seem like it was the quick few pounds that everyone drops their first week or two on a diet. C works.. and I would definately recommend it.

Like it's been stated before the increased sweating and urination was definately noticable. And the one day I didn't keep my fluids up I ended up with one hell of a head ache. I also noticed the increase focus in my workouts... no real energy boost.. but definately felt more locked in... concentrated on things.

I took my first pack as soon as I rolled out of bed, and the second when I got to the gym or sometime between lunch and dinner. I would suggest drinking at least a half bottle of water with each dose or you'll get a heart burn from the thermogenics.

I've gotten several comments about my increased cuts, and loss of bodyfat... so I know the results I've seen are not just in my head. :)

Project C is a winner. Thanks again Animal / Universal for letting me take C for a test. I'll definately pick this one up when it hits the market!

06-12-09, 12:30 am
It's done and in the books... and honestly, it's been for a little bit. I kind of felt the need to feel out how C did my body and how I felt after coming down off it for a few days. So beyond that... let's get to the real of it.

Start Weight - 202
End Weight - 193

9 down in 3 weeks. Pretty damn respectable in my mind.

Project 'C' thoughts -

Definately a strong energy rush off this. It's not an in your face, hits you all at once kind of thing either. The energy pulled off C is a nice even release that keeps you going strong 30 minutes after taking it as well as 4 hours afterwards.

Personally I used it preworkout for my first dose and my second dose came in before my cardio, roughly 4 to 5 hours later. This stuff really pushed me through a sluggish point in my workouts. Hell... I actually even had to stop myself from doing too much cardio cause I had so much left in the tank.

Beyond the gym though, I felt a bit more at ease for the most part. Life has been throwing me curveballs left and right (wife in and out of the hospital, taking care of kids, etc) but my wife definately mentioned my mood was a lot better than I am when I'm usually cutting. Only a pair of days tripped me up, but again... those were events beyond my control (hospital).

Ending thoughts of it all though, I was decently pleased. I waited a few days to see how things went and to see how much water might creep back in. Honestly I filled in one more pound back up to 194. That being water, I can accept that easily.

Now... if I was going to run C again personally I would definately build a stack using Project C for pre use (and later cardio), Intra-Aid for intra use, and Torrent for post. I know a lot of people avoid Torrent for the cals and carbs... but I'm a firm believer in Torrent at any and all times.

Seeing how Keto is such a popular diet for a lot of people, I could definately see running Project C pre (and cardio), Nitro, and Storm. That would make a nice marketable stack and be quite economical at that.

Bottom line... this is solid. I'm definately snagging a few more cans for when I'm ready to cut it back down this fall. The energy alone is amazing, but it doesn't stop there. Ya'll gonna like what you see, that I promise.

06-12-09, 9:24 am
Hey guys, if you could get us your final tallies and comments by this coming Wednesday, it'd be appreciated, as we're gonna work on the main alpha testing article and get this project all squared away. Thanks.

06-12-09, 11:05 am
First I wanna say thank you for allowing me to be one of the testers for this kick ass supp. By far ANIMAL has out done them selves again.

Starting Weight: 194
Ending Weight: 183

Now I started this diet being on a Keto Diet from Rage. So for the first two weeks I must say was hell but Project C kept my focus in the gym. I was going nuts on Keto. I had tremendous headaches and hunger pains from Keto. But once my body adjusted to the diet man I was off and running.

Pros: It helped me maintain my focus with the “in the zone” feeling. I was able to cut my rest time down a whole lot. I was able to increase the intensity of my workouts and not feel fully fatigued. It gave me that extra drive for all those extra reps and cardio I was doing. At the end of my workouts I still had energy to burn. I didnt loose my strength. I kept it all and even went up in some areas and hit new PR's.

Cons(I wouldn’t call them cons but couldn’t think of another name): I did notice I did sweat a lot more then I usually would have. Could it have been because I upped my intensity? It might have been or it could have been “C” but who knows. I noticed my thirst did increase like some other testers. Also I noticed that my sleep pattern was tweaked a lil bit. At first I was able to run on 6hrs of sleep and be perfectly fine. After about 2 ½ weeks I noticed if I didn’t get my full 8 I was a lil sluggish. Again don’t know if this was “C” causing this. Also I had a lil bit of dry mouth. Could it have been because of the excess sweating, maybe. But a piece of gum during my workouts took care of that.

Conclusion: With project c being a “fat burner” supplement. By far this supp exceeds my expectations and IMO blows Cuts out of the water. With cuts I was always feeling sick to my stomach and because of that I didn’t want to eat for the fear of throwing it all up. Not with “C” I had no stomach issues what so ever. My workouts were beyond compare to what they have been before this test run. I drop’d weight quickly, with the right diet and training this supplement will help out so many with there goals of getting ripp’d and shredded. Im sure if I had another can of “c” the results would have been that much more phenomenal. So I will wrap this up…On a scale of 1-10 I will give this supp an 11. Once this supp hits the shelves I would recommend it to all the ANIMALS and all BB’ers and fitness enthusiasts a like.

THANKS ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-12-09, 12:32 pm
It's finally over and I want more.

Starting Weight : 254
Ending Weight : 238.5

I know what works well with my body (Thank you TONI!) and I just adjusted that diet to this new cutting supplement. I found that it did wonders during my cardio and my lifting to help shed some unwanted water weight, and definitely helped spike my metabolism (if possible - maybe a thyroid inducer)? Of course, like all cutting supplements you need to increase your water intake - but this one is a whole new breed. I was drinking near 2.5 gallons of water a day, not including what I would drink in the gym during my workout.

My diet was pretty simplistic, carb rotation with high protein and fiber intake. That's as simple as I can get it.

The only thing I did notice (comparing to Animal Cuts) is that Project C (for me) didn't do as good of a job as shredding the water as I thought it would. I was never getting above 50 carbs on my high days, so I don't see why I would've been storing the extra water?

Overall I had great success on my weight loss, and didn't lose any lbs on any of my lifts.

Thanks for the ride boys - now let's put this shit into mass production and ship it here. :)

Universal Rep
06-12-09, 12:34 pm

Might be a stupid question but, are the Alpha Testers all measuring the same things?

06-12-09, 3:43 pm

Might be a stupid question but, are the Alpha Testers all measuring the same things?

I just used the scale and the mirror as my measuring tool.

06-12-09, 7:11 pm

Might be a stupid question but, are the Alpha Testers all measuring the same things?

I'll measure whatever you want U Rep ;)


06-12-09, 7:20 pm
I'll measure whatever you want U Rep ;)


That can be taken so many ways. LMAO AHAHAHA =D

Hola Bola
06-12-09, 8:49 pm
Results posted so far are impressive!

06-13-09, 11:02 am
Hey everyone. Sorry for being like the last one to post, but I have been sick for a week and didn't feel like typing anything. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Animal for letting me be an alpha tester for Project C. This was by far one of the best cutting agents I have ever used. The energy was steady and consistant with no crashes. My starting weight was 300lbs and my final weight was down to 286lbs. The thing I noticed most while using it was the amount of focus it brought to my training sessions and I was sweating a little more than usual and I sweat like crazy on a normal basis. A couple of days on it were a little deviated from plan because I was starting to get sick and then ended up with the flu and all I wanted to do was sleep and that I did because I wouldn't be able to function at work all night long for 13hrs being that sick with no sleep.

Energy: 8/10
Weight loss: 10/10
Focus: 10/10
Appetite Suppression: 5/10- I don't know if there was anything in it for appetite supression, but I really didn't have one and I think that was more of my diet and eating frequency than the Project C.
Side Effects: None Noted.

This product is going to fly off the shelves when it gets released to the rest of the world. I would recommend this product to anyone!

B Con
06-13-09, 11:35 am
Damn insanely good feedback! Great job everyone... Project C looks SOLID.

06-13-09, 1:14 pm

Might be a stupid question but, are the Alpha Testers all measuring the same things?

I just used the scale and the mirror as my measuring tool.

yup, all i had was the scale and the mirror. 12 pounds in 3 weeks is great for me, especially considering my strength didnt really falter much.

06-13-09, 5:27 pm
That can be taken so many ways. LMAO AHAHAHA =D

hahahahahahahaha. You got it Inkd :-P

Little Z
06-13-09, 6:16 pm

sorry for being MIA yet again, things have been crazy yet again, had to reschedule some court dates and blah blah blah..

ok.. back to business..

Project C

Starting Weight: 335lbs
Ending Weight: 317lbs
Total Weight Loss: 18lbs

My thoughts of Project C..
I am always willing to give something a shot, I go at it with an open mind.. When it came to Project C, I was very excited to give it
a shot. My approach to Project C was keeping it simple, I ran Animal Pak, Whey Protein, and Project C. I wanted to see real results..

My diet was created by Rage, and was very simple.. and did its job.. I did at least 45 mins of cardio 6 days a week, none on Leg day..

My first day on Project C blew me away, I had a solid shot of energy, felt great, no jitters, and it was consistent. It did not just come at me full speed.
That feeling continued throughout the entire can all the way to the final pack. I had solid workouts, my weight was going down, my energy
was through the roof, and my lifts were going up and up every week. I can honestly say I have never worked harder, been more focused,
or been as determined.. Project C is the real deal. I can not wait for its release, there is nothing that compares to it in my book.

I honestly miss the feeling of Project C runnin through the veins already.. I enjoyed every minute of this Alpha Test..

I want to thank everyone at Animal and Corp for this opportunity of a lifetime, and I look forward to adding this great product to my arsenal.

06-13-09, 7:50 pm
WHoly crap way to go Z u blew that shit out of the water. close to 20lbs weight loss. thats freak'n awesome. way to kick ass bro!!

Little Z
06-13-09, 8:01 pm
WHoly crap way to go Z u blew that shit out of the water. close to 20lbs weight loss. thats freak'n awesome. way to kick ass bro!!

this was the wake up call I needed, im goin in to the 2010 Cage bigger and stronger than ever..

06-13-09, 8:02 pm
You and me both bro.

this was the wake up call I needed, im goin in to the 2010 Cage bigger and stronger than ever..

06-14-09, 9:53 pm
Alright here it is.

Starting Weight: 221.0
Ending Weight: 212.2
Total Loss: 8.8 pounds

Many thanks go out to J-Dawg and the guys for putting this together. On a personally note I give all the respect and thanks in the world to Rage for putting my diet in check for me and letting project C and my determination do the rest. I was hoping to get a shot with this product so I could see how it would benefit the athletes on the animal boards and I'm very thankful to have been chosen.

My diet was the following:

Wake Up-Project C
Meal 1 8 oz top sirloin and 1 cup oatmeal w Pak, 2 Uni-Liver
Meal 2 8 oz Talapia and 8 oz yam, 2 Uni-Liver
Meal 3 8 oz Talapia and 1/3 cup of brown rice, 2 Uni-Liver
Meal 4 8 oz Chicken breast and salad (dry or with oil and vinegar only) w Flex, 2 Uni-Liver
Meal 5 8 oz Chicken breast and salad (dry or with oil and vinegar only) w Omega, 2 Uni-Liver
Meal 6 was always postworkout with 50 grams of whey protein and 10 grams of glutamine.
Preworkout was Pump
Intra workout was Eaa Stack
Zma before bed.

Workouts were on MWF followed by some sprint/agility drills at night after a 6 hour workday and 5 hours of grad school classes. On TRS I would wake up and hit the road for 45 minutes of cardio done via, road running, treadmill incline or bike. I would end with 10 minute of stretching in a sauna after cardio to say limber.

Weight Loss: Worked out to just about 3 pounds a week which I was very happy with. In combination with the off-season lifting regime that I was on, I think its safe to say had I lost any more weight than that it would have been muscle mass.

Energy: Normally I'm pretty resistant to stims. First week or so first dosing with pump was a big kick up. The next two weeks I defiantly felt a longer more sustained alertness and focus. I would call it a more channeled energy the last two weeks, the first one more so just an explosion of it, great either way. I'm not a morning person and waking up early to go running I needed the boost.

Appetite: I was just as hungry before I started it as I was during. I think the diet that Rage had locked down or me had a lot to do with that. I was hungry every 3rd hour after feeding like clockwork. I did feel more thirsty throughout the day though. I normally drink about a gallon and a half of water over the course of the day and with this I probably bumped up to 2 while on it.

Workouts: I had plenty of energy left for sprints 3 days a week after doing a nice tough workout. Kept me moving and the heart pumping until it was time to hit the shower. Would love to try this again with more of an endurance workout in mind, will definitely get around to that once the fall Rugby Season is over.

Timing: I popped one as soon as I turned my alarm off. By the time I was 5 or so minutes into cardio I could feel my eyes widen and the energy kick in. I would take the 2nd one about 30-45 min before a workout then Pump with some Eaa Stack as I started stretching on the lifting days.

Negative Sides: Just wish I could run another 3 weeks ,haha. Overall I don't have any negatives to report on. I will note that I normally started working at 730pm the earliest on MWF so for those that are very susceptible to stims I would be wary popping one of these around nighttime. I didn't have a problem sleeping but like I said, normally stims don't keep me up.

Overall Score: I'm giving it a 9 out of 10. I was really happy with how it got my heart rate up to the 120-140 range and kept me focused throughout my cardio on TRS and workout + Sprints MWF. Having tried Cuts in the past I can say I probably like this about even if not slightly ahead of Cuts. Dunno what the ingredient differences are but I'll take another run with Project C to put a final peg into the decision between it and Cuts.

Thanks again Animal. Just when I think I've got all I need to continue to be successful in the weight room and on the pitch, you go and give me something something else to help me succeed. Just another reason I will stay with the Universal brand products til my time here is done.


06-15-09, 3:10 pm
Sorry it took me til now to post but I been having computer issues and its all fixed now.. Moving on...

Thank You J-Dawg and the rest of you guys at Animal for choosing me. I definitely didnt think Id get an opportunity to do this but I have been cutting since February when I started at 295. I was stuck at 275 pounds and project C put me over the top. I feel honored to have been able to test out this product.

Weight Loss: I started at 273, ended at 265, 8 pound loss. What is more impressive is the change in body composition.

Energy: Overall, the energy wasn't real intense. It was a nice smooth and controlled boost. I had to use black coffee to get me the extra energy sometimes but thats fine with me. We are talkin fat loss, not energy here.

Mood: I feel great. Even my family noticed it. I was always happy while on it. Especially during cutting, now thats hard! lol

Appetite: I see people posting things like they didnt see any appetite suppression. Well I did. There were times i didnt even wanna eat and i love that feeling. It made me choose smart foods easily and keep my diet in line without wanting to cheat.

Workouts: Workouts were as well as can be expected while low calorie, low carb. Had to drag myself some days but I expect nothing less..Project C gave me the extra boost to get thru em. I feel like I would never stop sweating while working out tho. Took me a week to realize it was from the project C.

Negative Sides: None that I can think of, just an increased thirst and lots of sweating during my workouts.

Overall Score: I'd have to say an 9/10. I dont see any reason why I wouldnt buy this in stores. Zero negative effects, yet growing energy, appetite suppression and weight loss. If you want hardcore, this is it. Im animal for life now.



06-15-09, 9:24 pm
Well they say all good things must come to an end and my run with Project C has done so. I must first say thanks to J-Dawg and the entire Universal crew for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this great product. I must also thank the fellow testers for their support and Rage for a great eating plan. Here is the review:


Energy: I had good energy for my workouts when using Project C. I would take them right before a training session and within 10 minutes I was good to go. I was doing two daily cardio sessions and was able to get through with no issues.

Workouts: I was on a 1 on/1 off system hitting chest, back, shoulders, arms. I did not do legs as I was coming off an injury. My workouts were right around 60-70 minutes.

Appetite: No change in appetite as I feel the diet Rage hooked me up with was good to go and keeping me solid.

I would give this product a 9/10 only because I ran out:) I would have no problem recommending to anyone. If you are afraid of taking a product like this because you feel the jitters may get you this is the one that keeps your energy level with no rush or crash.

06-17-09, 11:14 am
Well, my weight today was 128.0, for a total weight loss of exactly 11 pounds. This is actually very big for me, as I normally have not responded well to products like this. Even more surprising, was that this occurred with the monthly issue being in the middle of this. I would highly recommend this to anyone, and look forward to when they put this out on the market.

Energy was constant throughout, and not the jittery type that is normally occuring with this type of product. 10/10

I didn't notice much in the way of appetite changes, but my husband said that I didn't really eat as much as before. ?/10

As far as the weight loss/thermogenic 10/10 this was extremely important for me. 10+/10

06-18-09, 10:41 am
Will there be a summary of the Project C Alpha Testers?

06-18-09, 10:46 am
Will there be a summary of the Project C Alpha Testers?

I hear something is in the works.

06-18-09, 10:47 am
I hear something is in the works.

I don't suppose you can tell us, based on the results, whether or not Project C will be tweaked for the final version? Or the ETA of Project C?

06-18-09, 10:52 am
I don't suppose you can tell us, based on the results, whether or not Project C will be tweaked for the final version? Or the ETA of Project C?

A couple of tweaks will be made and once finalized, we'll be able to give an ETA.

06-18-09, 11:03 am
A couple of tweaks will be made and once finalized, we'll be able to give an ETA.

Thanks. Will Project C's name be announced before the ETA?

06-18-09, 6:48 pm
it looks like "at a glance" that everyone lost an average of 10lbs in 3 weeks. I think the first 5-7 can be attributed to water, the rest is actual fat. I cant wait to get my hands on some more later down the road when i get "stuck".

06-19-09, 8:59 am
Thanks. Will Project C's name be announced before the ETA?

We will announce it before the ETA.

06-19-09, 9:00 am
it looks like "at a glance" that everyone lost an average of 10lbs in 3 weeks. I think the first 5-7 can be attributed to water, the rest is actual fat. I cant wait to get my hands on some more later down the road when i get "stuck".

The results are very promising w/ Project C. From its array of potent ingredients, we knew it would be effective, but ~10lb in three weeks is exciting to see.

06-22-09, 10:40 am
~taking Project C I Have Lost~
-13.5 Inches
I Have Much Better Definition In My Calves And Triceps

(note, I Suffered A Pull Back Muscle, And Was On My Period On Week 2)

Energy- My Energy On Project C Was Amazing! I Felt Much More Alert Than Usual.much More Focused. I Loved That It Did Not Give Me Jitters!!!

Work Outs- I Had Much More Stamina And Made Regular Gains In All Of My Lifts. You Sweat Constantly With C. No Nausea, No Nervous Feeling.

Appetite- C Worked As A Appetite Superssant For Me. I Had To Remind Myself It Was Time To Eat More Times Than Not. Would Be Very Full After Small Amounts Of Food.

Down Side- Often Got Heart Burn After Doses. Left A Slight Burning Sensation In My Throat For Up To 10 Minutes. Went Away With Lots Of Water. Held Much More Water On My Menstrual Cycle.

Overall- I Love The Product And Would Recommend It To Anyone! It Is Far Superior To Any Fat Burner I Have Ever Taken Before.

Thank You Animalpak And Universal For Allowing Me This Opportunity. It Truly Is A Honor..


"Pain is not my enemy. Its my call to greatness" ~Henry Rollins~


Bella's Journey- http://forum.animalpak.com/showthrea...751#post680751

FOLLOW ME ON MY PROJECT C LOG-http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=25410

I am sorry it has taken me so long to re post this from my log. I just checked my email today..

12-16-10, 8:38 am
What does this Alpha testing program is all about and I have seen some of good feedback about this thread, so please post some information about this thread so it could be beneficial to new users too.