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06-08-09, 3:06 am
Currently i weigh 180 and continue to get stronger but the weight doesnt seem to come. i gain about 5 pounds a month or so but i dont think thats enough. i am training to play college football and need to bulk up in order to get that starting spot. the school each player their training program and i just want some opinions about it and some suggestions on what i should change or whats good.

They have 3 Phases of this workout program which lasts 12 weeks. The first 6 weeks are broken up into 3 Phases

Hypertrophy Phase(3x10)
Strength Phase(4x6/5x5)
Power Phase(5x3)

each phase lasting two weeks

Lower Back Ext.
Weighted Sit-up
One Legged Squat
Calve Raises
Bicep of Choice

Flat Bench
Supline Row
DB Oblique Crunch
DB Incline Flies
Upright Row
Tricep of Choice


Power Clean
Leg Curl
Single Leg Split Squat
Weighted Leg Raises
Calve Raises
Bicep of Choice

Incline Bench
Pull Ups
Push Jerks
DB Bench
DB Rows
Weighted Dips
Russian Twists

just tell me what you think

06-08-09, 4:08 am
Your routine isn't going to help you for football, it's more of a bodybuilding routine with a couple of strength lifts thrown in. Try this instead:

06-08-09, 4:15 am
Also, eat alot of food.

06-08-09, 12:00 pm
And, if you wanna grow, change your training routine...don't let your body adapt to the routine.
Keep your muscles guessing and they will be forced to grow!!!

06-08-09, 12:11 pm
Dude check out performance enhancement stuff. check out defranco and skelkow and some of those guys that specialize in sports performance. You should be trying to get faster and more powerful, working on explosion and speed if you want to play football not trying to get huge overall with a regiment like that.

06-08-09, 5:07 pm
Hi im also playing football and one of my friends is trying out to go the way, he got a lot of great results of Westsideskinnybastard programe. you pack on muscle but its more alethic (going on power, speed, size and skill training), just out of curiosaty what position are you playing? more what you are going for.

06-08-09, 5:13 pm
he is trying out at wide receiver

06-08-09, 7:31 pm
if that is what the school sent you , from my experience i would stick to it . Im more than sure that position drills ,plyometrics and a conditioning packet accompanied your lifting packet. More than likely you will be tested on several of those lifts .

Also , I always spent the summers with the team training and taking the schools supplement (getting big on their money) is this not a possibility for you .
Also im sure your SC coaches number is available to you, give him a call.